Huge crane collapses at K2 Wind Project

[… or should I have titled it “More stuff happens” after yesterday?]

Scott Miller CTV News
Crane collapses at site of K2 wind farm near Lucknow. No injuries reported as crane toppled over as it moved from one turbine site to another. Work stopped on all 140 turbines as crews dismantle multi-million dollar crane. Ministry of Labour investigating. See more pictures here.

crane collapse

7 thoughts on “Huge crane collapses at K2 Wind Project

  1. Nice to know that the Labour ministry is “investigating” this second incident in a few days. A glance at the size of that behemoth gives some idea of the difficulty moving it along township roads; it requires special temporary corners constructed to get around intersections. No doubt this is covered in the special road agreement signed with ACW.

    So the site is ordered shut down for a few days. Samsung and partners will not like that, already alarms will be buzzing in the Premiers office and around Queens Park about the need to complete the agenda on time! Sadly, I believe only loss of life in one of these “stuff happens” would attract any serious attention at QP, and that is a shame.

    • Loss of life might get QPs attention but would not stop any projects.

      Construction accidents happen all of the time but don’t stop projects from being built. Just blame the worker or machinery or something else and continue on.

      Project fatal accident to a non-participant of a project could stop a project.

      • Yes they dismantle them to move, otherwise they would topple over like this one did crossing a field. Still, note the width between the tracks. The enlarged corners are necessary for other components like the turbine blades. The point being township roads are not built to accomodate the excesses of such giant equipment.

  2. It appears a K2 employee named Mathieu Campeau made the following comments on Scott Miller’s CTV News facebook page regarding karma and non-participating landowners:

    “….i work at k 2 and seen the crane tople …..” “I hope karma hits theym back! Theyrs already a tone of turbines in that ally wtf does it matter if theyr an other 140 i found the only ones bitching abouth it are the ones that sayd no and see they neigbore pocketing the 20 g per turbine a year… theyr are the same poeple that come and sabotage our site and shoot at our trucks”

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