Big Wind (TVO Preview)

Exploring the conflict over the controversial development of industrial wind turbines that threaten to irreversibly transform the landscape of Ontario.

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  1. This criminal liberal government is willing to destroy the beauty, heritage and wildlife of rural Ontario for their own personal gain. This is the most disgusting thing that any government of this province has ever done.
    Every voter in Ontario that has helped to elect these people will share responsibly if we continue to let this happen!

    • Given that Ontario does not use even a third of the energy generated from green technologies like wind turbines, but sells it to the states at a discount, makes the situation involving the families in dispute with this government and the turbine companies who are pushing for this technology, an absolute travesty.

      WHEN will the people who voted for this corrupt liberal government, WAKEUP and realize that they are being played, big time. All of you who are responsible for re-electing Kathleen Wynne and her liberals, bear full responsibility for the slow but sure demise of this once great province.

  2. I have a problem when they talk about the *global warming / climate change* scenario. The two should remain completely separate, as global warming/ climate change is a HOAX, where these wind turbines and the Green Energy Act are very real and hurting many.

    • Right! IWTs won’t effect climate change one way or the other.

      These issues are brought in to frighten and confuse the general public.

      You have a big tall pinwheel spinning in the wind and how does this effect climate change? And the backup power needed still emits CO2.

    • I agree that the unsettled science issue needs to be thoroughly examined.

      The Federal Court ruled that Canada’s breach of the Kyoto Protocol Implementation Act, a Canadian statute, was not justiciable, because climate change is too complex.

      • Kyoto Protocol aka
        Sustainable Development aka
        Smart Growth aka
        Agenda 21

        Stephen Harper called it a communist plan.

        But – you can still embrace it –
        @ the local level of government.

        Bill C-288 (Historical)
        Kyoto Protocol Implementation Act
        An Act to ensure Canada meets its global climate change obligations under the Kyoto Protocol

        This bill was last introduced in the 39th Parliament, 1st Session, which ended in October 2007.

        Sponsor – Pablo Rodriguez Liberal

        Introduced as a private member’s bill.

        p.s. the bill with no teeth
        finds a home
        @ the local level of government.

        The teeth:
        Some citizens report seeing ‘climate change’ –
        in their own backyard.

  3. Ken’s comment about people opposing Wind Turbines not caring about cleaning the Air is way off base and misleading. There is not one iota of proof that Wind Turbines have offset Co2 emissions from even one lump of coal. Coal fired electricity has been replaced 100% by new gas plants and Nuclear production. The dirty secret behind the Wind Turbine Industry is all about Money and Perception. It’s questionable whether a Wind Turbine can even offset the CO2 emitted in the manufacture of all it’s parts and no one wants to talk about the pollution caused from the mining of the rare minerals needed for the magnets in each and every Turbine generator. The Toxic sludge ponds created in China where most of this mining is taking place is a disgrace and not one of the so called Environmentalists supporting the Wind Industry will even touch the subject. As someone who has been active in the Labor Movement all his life I’m ashamed that my fellow activists have such Blinders on when it comes to this issue. It’s become Politically divisive instead of being revealed for the Corporate Scam that it really is.

    • Exactly, I am not involved in labour, but have been “left learning” all my life.
      It saddens me that many of my former “friends” refuse ot face this issue.
      They are serioulsy brainwashed. They go on to call it a “religous” issue (whether you believe in climate change). That is rubbish. It is an Engineering issue. Even if you wanted to reduce C02, Wind turbines are not doing anything.

      • Finanly, denying health impacts is unethical. What happened to Dcotors and Engineers who both have a legal obligation to human health. Seems this is ignored when Green Energy is concerned.

      • Maybe some of the publications from the Ontario Family Physicians should be looked at?

        For many proponents of IWTs these are financial opportunities and they don’t care about the engineering issues. This is a chance to make big money.

        When people can’t afford electricity anymore or the lights go off then the public will wake up.

        In the meantime, rural Ontarians are expected to bear the brunt of this folly.

        Ontario farm land is worth a lot of money right now. So don’t see why some farmers need IWT money.

        Farmers with million dollar farms need IWT money?

      • CFP/Canadian Family Physician, May 2013

        “Climate Change: Should family physicians and family medicine organizations pay attention”

        “In 2007, Val Rachlis, then President of the Ontario College of Family Physicians, challenged organization members in his biweekly communication to consider climate change as a health issue that deserved the attention of Canadian family physicians.”


        Google: Environmental Threats To Health Environmental Committee …

        CHHRN Library:
        Journal of Canadian Family Physicians, 2000, Vol.46, p.149

        “Worsening air pollution and climate change were catalysts for an innovative public health initiative by the Ontario College of FamilyPhysicians (OCFP) and the David Suzuki Foundation.”

        Google search reveals more articles on this subject.

      • “Adapting to Climate Change in Ontario”

        “The Expert Panel on Climate Change Adaptation”
        Report to The Minister of The Environment, November 2009

        Appendix B

        May 26-27, 2008
        Addressing the Health Effects of Climate Change, P.84
        Jan Kasperski, CEO of OCFP/Ontario College of Family Physicians
        Dr. Val Rachlis, Past Pres. of OCFP
        Dr. Alan Abelshon, OCFP
        Dr. David Rosen, OCFP

        January 21-22, 2009
        Overview of Environmental Approval, P.87
        Doris Dumais, Director of Approvals, Operations Division, Ministry of The Environment

        Feb.19-20, 209
        Environmental Commissioner of Ontario, P.87
        Gord Miller

      • A while back I noticed something not right –
        @ the hospital.
        Then – I happened upon a pharmacist
        …….that had the answer.

        The Liberals offered up a good deal;
        and, the doctors took it.
        Now they sit in bondage!

        Forget the oath!

      • Ontario College of Family Physicians/OCFP

        Public Policy Documents
        Scroll down to: Environment and Health

        There are three policy papers beginning in 2008 to 2011 and 2012

        “Health Effects of Climate-Change”, Pub.2011

        Addressing the Health Impacts of Climate Change: Family Physicians Are Key”, Pub.2008

        “Addressing the Health Effects of Climate-Change: Family Physicians Are Key”, Pub. 2012

      • Okay!
        Re: Doctors
        [and, just for fun] – the issue of climate change.

        What’s their legal duty?

      • Don’t know why policy issues involving the OCFP were not brought up prior to this time? Or did I miss something?

      • CMAJ Today, Canadian Medical Association Journal, Nov.22, 1999

        “Ontario family doctors speak out on air pollution”

        “Air pollution can be deadly for some, and all of us are affected by even very low levels of pollution, said Dr. David Mathies president- elect of the Ontario College of Family Physicians as he launched the public awareness campaign in collaboration with the David Suzuki Foundation.”

        Can go back to Nov.,1999 for collaboration with the David Suzuki Foundation.

      • Yes, CAPE & the Premier.

        Parkhurst Exchange, Oct.23, 2014

        Practice Management

        “MDs warming to environmentalism”, March 2009

        Brief history of CAPE which also mentions parties associated with CAPE.

    • Some recklessly negligent but still practising doctors and engineers bring shame to all professionals?
      The College of Physicians & Surgeons of Ontario, and Professional Engineers of Ontario don’t care?

  4. TVO is accepting donations like Sun Media did for their documentary.
    Things I have remembered since about 5 years ago when industrial wind turbines were first built in Ontario
    1 An NDP MPP mocking the Queens Park gallery when a “small” group of us occupied the gallery; and he waved at us pretending to be a wind turbine. Victims of infra sound were in that gallery.
    2. That same day, a conservative MPP told us that a health problem not recognized as a health problem by the government (Liberal), doesn’t exist. I knew then that this was a David and Goliath battle with the government of the day.
    3. Protesting the Toronto convention centre with about 1000 people whom many were bused in, an informal not organized bunch as shown in this preview. Right outside of CBC, not a mention. Later that week, Occupy movement protest of about 200, all over CBC news
    4. Sitting in the audience of Aeolian hall in London Ontario when the Pembina Institute invited a Calgarian woman to talk about her “Wind Farm”. She mentioned how the kill rate of the bats was reduced 40%, the audience groaned in alarm and the hired “SSSSSHHHH” team of young University of Western students went about trying to quiet dissent. Hopefully that makes this documentary.
    5. Steve Paiken after airing a show about rural affairs in Ontario, admitting that many people wrote in wanting more air time to cover the issue of industrial wind turbines, and him declaring it not important. TV ONTARIO!!
    6. The ombudsman, this month, finally replying to many years request that the Green Energy Act be examined for superseding its Ministries mandates, for the ERT hearings accepting forged documents, for allowing a bald eagles nest to be destroyed in Haldimand Co. (still no media! check it out on Youtube under Nextera Bald Eagle) etc….

    I am happy to see this video made. Lets hope the Dalton McGuinty legacy of declaring citizens of this Province a NIMBY is done. Ontario needs to honour all its citizens, even the sick ones it created under their poor legislation. Or…… Next It Might Be You. (NIMBY)

    I wrote this in honour of Stephana Johnson, who has been in this fight since the beginning. I’ll never forget her for having the bravery to stand up in unfamiliar territory to speak. She stated how she ran for the Green Party of Ontario, she was for Industrial Wind Turbines and she was “Greener than Green”. She became sick form infra sound, and spoke throughout Ontario.
    To David Colling who is in this preview. He had signed a turbine lease, saw how poorly people were treated in Ripley due to stray electrical pollution and also spoke throughout this Province. He will be remembered.
    To many members of this Province who still suffer, and to those who will be added, as we and our Media have failed to “recognize” such rampant industrialization of our farmed and natural lands in Ontario.

    • This North American electrical grid integration goal has required government policy in order to achieve desired outcomes regarding electricity infrastructure projects. This is why the Green Energy Act was written and approved.
      Was one of the ‘desired outcomes’, not mentioned in this paper, ruining/ threatening the quality of life of rural residents/landowners?
      Is this why K2 Wind was allowed to surround one of the loveliest residential/recreationally zoned neighbourhoods, including and adjoining hundreds of acres of Heritage bush, with turbines?
      Or is this just a case of very poor decision making on the part of the people at K2 Wind who allowed leases for farmers who were desperate for guaranteed annual income?

      • Sommer – you say,

        ‘[excerpt] Or is this just a case of very poor decision making on the part of the people at K2 Wind who allowed leases for farmers who were desperate for guaranteed annual income?’

        I’m trying to take this in……….
        …….without freaking out!

  5. “Big Wind” explores the conflict over the controversial development of industrial wind turbines that threaten to irreversibly transform the landscape of Ontario. It is a divisive issue pitting neighbour against neighbour, residents against corporations, and the people against their government. Ordinary citizens have become part of a growing revolution of people in rural communities across Ontario fighting ‘Big Wind’ to defend their homes, their way of life and the environment.
    – Daryl Hemingway,
    Writer and Associate Producer
    Creator of the Big Wind film about Wind in Ontario

    The film will be shown soon on TVO.

    • Did Dr. Arlene King testify for the Drennans? Why not?

      • Dr.King is not the only party involved in IWT issues. People do some digging on the internet.

      • Watch just to see who the guests are. Can be a useful source of information.

    • “Scott Petrie– what the heck?!?”
      (c. 2005)

      ‘[excerpt] “We’re confident in our science,” AIMPowerGen president and CEO Michael Crawley said last night.’

      ‘[excerpt] Letter to the editor […] Given the inadequacies of AIM PowerGen’s environmental assessment […] Scott Petrie, PhD, wildlife biology”

      • There’s a name for this.

        Liberal ‘cronyism’ – a corrupt system;
        supported by
        ‘radical environmentalists’;
        and, further supported by –
        a larger point……..the
        Chamber of Commerce – lobbyists.

        It’s so complicated – and, boring!

    • If you want “sensation” —
      visit Clear Creek!, Norfolk County, Ontario,

      MOE Field Officers report sound sensations!!!

      DATE: October 14, 2010 – 2:36 PM
      FROM : Citizen of Clear Creek, Ontario
      Hi Tim,
      Could you please describe, in your words, the
      vibrations that you sensed at our house last week
      at Clear Creek.
      I was trying to describe those vibrations
      to friends last weekend
      in my words.
      The noise/vibrations were not present
      last weekend.

      DATE: October 14, 2010 – 16:10
      TO: Citizen of Clear Creek, Ontario
      I would describe it as a sensation
      that was neither a discernable sound
      nor a detectable vibration,
      but somewhere between the two.
      Definitely more felt than heard.
      If I concentrated very hard,
      I could sense something
      below the hearing threshold, but
      above what can be felt as a vibration.
      I have to say, though, that it takes
      an unusual amount of concentration
      to even notice it.
      Tim Webb
      Provincial Officer #125
      Hamilton District Office
      Ontario Ministry of the Environment’

  6. To anyone who denies health impacts, shame on them. The truth will come out.

    To anyone who claims that Turbines are reducing omissions, please tell them this. Engineering reports are on the public record…

    The irony of this is that Ontario for all its money spent on subsidies for renewable energy, is not even reducing C02 emissions. We have been sold a bill of goods by our government, and by the environmental movement in general. Neither wants to admit that this scheme has been a huge failure.

    OSPE (Ontario Society of Professional Engineers) have written a number of reports that show the difficulty integrating intermittent wind energy into the electrical grid. For details look at the document “Engineering Expertise Vital to Success of Ontario’s Electricity System: OSPE”, Jan 16, 2013.

    Engineers’ reports are significant because they are legally bound to report success (or failure) or their projects. Reading the reports you’ll see what we have suspected all along. Engineers must follow government mandate (move to Green energy), but they cannot show a reduction in C02.

  7. CTV News, Aug.11, 2013

    “Electrical grid faces new threats, 10 years after record blackout”

    “The U.S. electrical grid is better managed and more reliable a decade after its largest blackout but remains vulnerable to increasing extreme weather, cyber security threats, and stress caused by shifts in where and how power is produced.”

    Shifts in where and how power is produced like wind and solar?
    Long transmission lines are required for wind and solar farm power production and lines vulnerable to severe weather conditions.

  8. What happens to rural Ontarians is not even taken into consideration in this request to approve these interconnections to the U.S. grid. It’s as if no one even lives in rural Ontario.

    At least some of the parties engaged in this activity are now known.

      • Government of Canada, News Release

        Sept.9, 2014 Ottawa Natural Resources Canada

        Minister Rickford and Secretary Moniz to Hold Third Bi-lateral Meeting in Ottawa

        On-going dialogue since the G 7 meeting in May 2014.

        “Minister Rickford, Secretary Moniz and senior officials will also hold a workshop on September 19 to hear from industry, academia, and think tanks regarding Canadian interactions with the United States’ energy transmission, distribution and storage infrastructure.”

        Rural Ontarians are not considered to be stakeholders in this energy situation.

      • Prosperity Saskatchewan, Reprint from Globe and Mail, Sept.19, 2014

        Moniz: “On Friday he is scheduled to meet with leaders from the Canadian energy sector-including TransCanada Corp, and Calgary-based environmental group, Pembina Institute-to get their input into a major energy policy review that he is heading.”

        “In a submission to Mr.Moniz’s energy review, the Canadian Electricity Association-which represents producers-urged-the Department of Energy to reduce the time it takes to approve new transmission lines, and to ensure the EPA regulations explicitly allow states to import power from Canada to meet their needs.”

    • The writer left out the concrete base (50 truckloads of concrete per base in class 1 farmland) supporting the entire tower that is representative of huge corporate media who have squelched reporters and investigators from reporting the truth, even as the evidence sits on their desks and in their inbox as is with all level of government, politicians, and environmental group leaders.
      The urban population cannot learn what is happening without participation of the media.
      How would they know?
      They have frightening control as we have all witnessed.

      • Financial Post, April 6, 2012

        “Peter Foster: Onto the sustainable scrap heap”

        “Sustainable Development Technology Canada is another, much more expensive, boondoggle. It purports to take good ideas about alternative energy and climate mitigation over the alleged funding ‘Valley of Death’ between the lab and the market.”

        “SDTC is mixed up with the great unworkable mess of Canadian R&D policy.”

      • Mowat CENTRE

        Featured research: Getting the Green Light, June 28, 2013
        “The Path To Public Support for Ontario’s Power Plans”

        “Only through improved processes can Ontario secure the social licence necessary to move forward with ambitious electricity plans.”

        Ontario government needs SOCIAL LICENCE to move forward with its electricity plans!

        There are more Mowat energy reports on this website.

      • Just scanned that report. This is the most obvious connection of natural gas to so-called “green energy” that I have seen yet. Noone seems to be bothered by this?

      • Too many people don’t look behind the story for the REST OF THE STORY.

  9. Please vote on October 27th

    Do your homework – and, if that fails you
    – because the ‘good talkers’ –
    have you confused……………

    Use the ‘Golden Rule’
    – your SIXTH SENSE
    Listen to your ‘gut feeling’ –
    and, you will make the right decision.

    Good Luck –
    and, God Bless Ontario!

    • Ministry of Energy

      IESO, Phone surveys & focus groups used.
      MOE, Contracts to influence school children.
      MOE, Use of thinktanks.

      • Seems that it was only a matter of time before a dreadful event like this took place at Parliament.

        There are a few among us who are filled with hatred and soaked in violence and willing to perform dreadful deeds.

      • Just look at the wanton or reckless disregard demonstrated by Mike Crawley..

        with [criminally negligent]
        industrial wind energy projects.

  10. NAV Canada Corp., founded 1996

    Scroll down to: 2008-2009 Recession

    Nav Canada was invested in ABCPs which are short term commercial paper/notes which investors purchase and some of which became insolvent at that time. Nav Canada was stuck with insolvent notes.
    See footnotes: 8,9,10 and 11 for more information.


    POLICY. ca, Aug.17,2006, Article Summary

    “Nav Canada: A Model for Commercializing Public Enterprises”

    “As the author’s note, the nature of air traffic control does not lend itself to a competitive business model, rather it is a government -controlled monopoly. This does not, however, preclude government commercializing air traffic control corporations.

    NAV Canada is a public-private enterprise.

  11. Parliament of Canada, Standing Committee On Transport And Government Operations, Minutes Nov.1, 2001

    1102: Nav Canada purchased from federal government Nov.1,1996 for $1.5 billion.
    Nav Canada is a private non-share capital company that operates the air navigation system.
    Nav Canada’s core mandate & only real product is safety and safety performance is regulated at arms-length by Transport Canada.

    1105: As a private company Nav Canada has two main sources of funds. Capital investments are from public debt markets and operating funds are from services charges to airlines and aircraft owners. Service charges replaced the former air transportation tax on passenger tickets.

    Money for Nav Canada capital investments is raised from the public debt market.

    • OpenParliament. ca

      Transport Committee, May 31, 2012

      Page 6, 9:40 AM

      Mike Sullivan, NDP:
      “Is there a requirement by NAV Canada from regulators dealing with wind turbines? We heard about that some time ago, that radar can’t see through a wind turbine.”

      John Crichton, Nav Canada
      “Wind turbines can cause primary radar to detect false targets or mask a target.. We’er quite concerned about it in those areas where it could impact our primary radars. We have been trying to work with the wind farm proponents to mitigate this. As I understand it, there are not any federal regulations to prohibit these installations from interfering with aeronautics and, quite frankly, I wish there were.”

      Mike Sullivan, NDP
      “We got the same message earlier, so that’s we should look at.”, go to page 6

      Radar/IWT situation was known at the federal level prior to May 31, 2012.

      Nav Canada was working with wind farm proponents.

      NAV Canada financial information is at SEDAR.

      • NAV Canada operates the second largest air navigation system in the world.

        Radar interference could be a significant issue.

  12. German police investigating former Vestas employees for FRAUD
    The Copenhagen Post – Ray Weaver – October 22, 2014

    The former executives are accused, among other charges, of using their positions at the company to make private side-deals in the wind turbine business, which is in direct violation of Vestas’s corporate policy and Danish and German law.

    Executives suspected of using their positions for personal gain

    Some former senior executives of Vestas’s German subsidiary, Vestas Deutschland GmbH, are suspected of helping themselves to inflated wages and kickbacks for personal gain.

    Following a six-year-long investigation, German police have brought fraud charges against six people.

    “The prosecutor’s office in Kiel has launched a criminal investigation of suspected fraud and aiding and abetting fraud against Vestas Deutschland by former senior executives and business owners,” prosecutor Manfred Schulze-Ziffer told Finans. “We have searched eight locations in Schleswig-Holstein and Berlin.”

    Private deals

    The searches were conducted in September. These are the first charges that have been filed against former Vestas executives.

    The former executives are accused, among other charges, of using their positions at the company to make private side-deals in the wind turbine business, which is in direct violation of Vestas’s corporate policy and Danish and German law.

    Sources speculated that the accused were involved in suspicious transactions worth as much as 6.4 million kroner. Vestas has stated publicly in the past that the shady deals were conducted during the watch of European sales director Hans Jørn Rieks, who currently holds a senior management position at Vestas competitor Siemens Wind Power.

    No charges in Denmark … yet

    Rieks refused to answer any questions about the case, including whether or not he has been charged. Kiel also declined to name names. Similar charges are being investigated in Denmark, but Danish fraud investigators have yet to bring charges.

    Vestas declined to comment further on the case.

    • Proponents of IWTs, for the most part, are acting in their own self -interests. Dialogue with them won’t change their minds.

      Self -interest is something that is very, very strong.

  13. Hi Barbara,
    Every single doctor ,nurse or Vet I have encountered in Ontario and Nova Scotia knows that IWT’s are a health hazard.
    Just that the PRESS can not say what they know also..

    Sad day……….
    The conservatives in Ontario threw the election,because they knew that the C Feds had Ok ed the whole thing..

    Just leave……and find a new and exciting place.

  14. Spencerforhire:
    Luka Magnotta – ‘without the physical part’

    Scroll down to comments.

    Spencerforhire writes (2 days ago):
    “From “Farmers Forum” :Farmers Forum surveyed a big chunk of Wolfe Island residents and found that 75 per cent approve of or are indifferent toward the 86 wind turbines they’ve been living with for five years.
    You would think that those ACTUALLY living with turbines are more up on the topic than those that don’t.
    It’s always the Anti Wind groups that cause the harm.”

    • A remarkable message from ‘Farmers Forum’ –
      Build your dream – Take the money!

      • Should anyone be surprised by some of the comments about this article?

        Afterall it is the home territory of Queens University and SWITCH.

      • Canadians For Clean Prosperity, Toronto
        Scroll down to: Board and Advisors

        Advisors include:
        Don Drummond

        Board includes:
        Lisa Asbreuk, Also on Board of SWITCH, Kingston
        Greg Kiessling, Bullfrog Power
        Bruce Lourie, OPA & Ivey Foundation
        John Ruffolo, CEO OMERS Ventures

      • Brookfield Power Gosfield and Comber Wind Energy Projects, Essex, Co.

        Newsletter/July and Aug., 2010

        Scroll down to P.2, Medical and health groups campaign for wind power

        “The Ontario College of Family Physicians, the Registered Nurse’s Association of Ontario, the Asthma Society of Canada and the Ontario Lung Association are sponsoring an advertising campaign to support wind and solar power.”

        “The theme of their campaign: Ontario doctors, nurses, and other health professionals support energy conservation, combined with wind and solar power, to help us move away from coal.” Said Gideon Forman of the Canadian Association of physicians for the Environment.

      • No one has made a video of the shadow flicker at Port Elgin?

    • How can you poll people that have gag orders not to say anything negative about IWTs?

      Honest polling can’t be done there? Farmers Forum must think that people are stupid?

  15. Hi Barb! I am hoping that you can help me!! – I have not rec’d any emails from this website in some time!??? any reason why???

    • Don’t know why. Contact the website administrator. Best bet is to check out OWR everyday for any new information.

  16. The information is in the OWR archives but is in bits and pieces which might be difficult to sort out.
    Some of this archive information goes back about 4 years now.

    Might try starting with the latest information and work backwards.

    • OMERS is part of the OP wind projects is it not?

      The OP wind project requires government permits does it not?

    • Ontario Power Authority/OPA Advisory Committee includes:

      Tim Gray, Executive Director, Environmental Defence
      David Timm, V.P. Sussex Strategy Group
      Brenda Marshall, V.P. Marketing, TransAlta
      Valerie Helbronner, Partner, Torys LLP

      The Stakeholder Committee is made up of 17 people with significant expertise in Ontario’s electricity sector.

      Expertise in Ontario electricity sector?

      • in the case of board members you need to look up any other organizations board members are affiliated with.

        Most people won’t take the time to do this.

  17. Norfolk Council Meeting Minutes for July 13, 2010:

    ‘[excerpt] “Mr. David Timm, International Power Canada Inc. Re: Update on Norfolk Wind Farms
    Mr. David Timm, International Power Canada Inc., appeared before Committee to update Council on the Norfolk County Frogmore, Cultus and Clear Creek Wind Farms. Mr. Timm noted that International Power was formerly Aim PowerGen.
    He explained that there were issues raised in the summer of 2009 regarding noise levels. The Ministry of Environment did an on-site investigation and determined that the noise levels were within the limits of the Certificate of Approval. The other issue was low frequency noise particularly in the Clear Creek area. He stated that the MOE is currently determining guidelines to assess infrasound and hopefully will have something ready to begin testing over the next couple of months.
    Mr. Timm addressed health issues related to wind farms and stated that the Chief Medical Officer of Health for Ontario has done the analysis and presented a report stating there is no direct link between wind turbines and health effects. He stated that all complaints are taken very seriously. “

    • Sept. 30, 2009 letter from Bill Bardswick, Director, West Central Region, Ministry of the Environment:

      ‘[excerpt] Thank you for your email dated September 17, 2009 to the Minister of the Environment in which you express concerns regarding ministry activities at wind farms in Norfolk County […]
      There is currently no scientifically accepted field methodology to measure wind turbine noise to determine compliance or to determine non compliance with a Certificate of Approval limits.’

    • There was “no scientifically accepted field methodology to measure wind turbine noise to determine compliance or to determine non compliance with a Certificate of Approval limits,”
      but Mr. Timm reported:
      “The Ministry of Environment did an on-site investigation and determined that the noise levels were within the limits of the Certificate of Approval.” ???

      Another misrepresentation?
      Mr. Timm has “conflicts of interests”? should go to jail?

      • Medical publications were not delved into to determine who the medical parties are/ were that are involved in supporting IWTs in Ontario.

        MSM was looked at but not medical publications or did I miss something?

      • Mr. Timm talks out of both sides of his mouth. That is what Mr. Crawley pays him for.

  18. ‘[excerpt] The Oct. 18, 2010 document, drafted by consulting firm Sussex Strategy Group., lays out a plan — complete with a $300,000 initial budget — to change the channel on the current green energy debate, which is largely focused on cost.

    Sussex notes that green energy is likely to be a “wedge issue” in the upcoming election, with the Conservatives supporting a move away from renewable energy.

    It also advises that it will be “critical to ‘confuse’ the issue” of renewable energy, for the public and media, in an attempt to shift the focus away from price to include things like jobs and clean air.’


    • Selling confusion –
      Ontario citizens should ignore their energy bills!

      We look forward to Premier Social Justice coming back from
      communist China – with news of her trip.

    • “If you can’t ‘convince’ them, ‘confuse’ them.”

      “Divide and conquer”…

      The next “strategy” is…

      These guys aren’t rocket scientists.

  19. “Did you think we were NOT “complaining”?”

    Police shouldn’t have to wait for formal complaint to start investigations
    By Joe Warmington, Toronto Sun | Oct. 30, 2014

    ‘[excerpt] TORONTO – Just how many alleged victims do police need before they will investigate the growing Jian Ghomeshi case?

    What are police waiting for to launch a criminal probe into the public allegations from women against the prominent fired CBC radio star?

    “We need a complainant,” Chief Bill Blair explained at police headquarters Thursday. “We need someone to come forward and say, ‘This is what’s happened to me.’”

    The fact is an abundance of women have come forward and said what has (they allege) happened to them.

    Nine alleged victims and counting is where it is currently at.

    Eight came forward via the Toronto Star and CBC. One on the Huffington Post.

    Two woman have used their names.

    But somehow police are rendered immobile and useless in a story that has shocked the country? Somehow they have thrown up their hands and said the onus is on the victim?

    “We are quite prepared to conduct a criminal investigation should they come forward with complaints,” said Blair.

    Who knew the police need to be invited into a chorus of allegations which include women who alleged they were “punched and choked” by the former radio host.

    Of course the whole notion is ludicrous. They don’t need to be invited in to probe any case. They certainty didn’t wait for one when it came to investigating Mayor Rob Ford’s late night escapades.

    Sometimes what is needed is a little bit out-of-the-box thinking and skill on thin ice.

    “People may be reluctant to report their victimization and to participate in a criminal invitation or the criminal justice system,” Blair said. “Out first priority is their safety and recovery.”

    He also said police will treat any complainant with sensitivity.

    All well meaning but the chief doesn’t seem prepared to actively have his sexual assault detectives talk to the victims on their own — at least in cases where the woman alleges she was attacked here in Toronto.

    “One of the things we will not do is force them to do something they do not want to do,” explained Blair.

    The notion is absurd. These women already believe they have been victimized and many have spoken to both mainstream and social media — in essence bypassing police.

    Social media is investigating, prosecuting judging this case while police are on the sidelines not even involved. Even Ghomeshi has taken to social media in a pre-emptive strike with his Facebook post explaining his participation in consensual “rough” sex with “safe words.”

    The world of reporting alleged criminal activity has clearly changed before our eyes and the police have been left right out of loop.

    That someone needs to complain seems nonsensical — particularly in historical sexual assault cases.

    It would certainly make their job easier to have someone come in with a shoebox full of quality evidence but that would be unusual.

    The public or potential victims do not want to hear what the police can’t do but what they can do. I spoke with several former Canadian police chiefs Thursday and they all told me no police service is hampered by waiting for a perfect witness to come forward. Sometimes you have to wear out a little shoe leather.

    Former OPP Commissioner Chris Lewis, now an analyst with CTV sent out a series of tweets Thursday night saying when a “police force that becomes aware of the identity of an alleged victim that … may have been victimized in their jurisdiction (they) should sensitively reach out to that person and open the door to them.”

    He also tweeted, “If they don’t accept the offer to chat, that’s their prerogative. But the police should at least open that door to them.”

    Lewis tweeted: “I fully understand why victims of sexual or physical assault are reticent to report such crimes. The process can be humiliating. But if formal complaints aren’t made it is tough for police to conduct a ‘victimless’ investigation. Police services should encourage the yet unidentified alleged victims to come forward and caring/sensitive and professional investigators will hear them out and conduct thorough and unbiased investigations, while treating them with respect.”

    The bottom line is police can be proactive and don’t have to sit on their hands and wait for the next shoe to drop.

    It seems like the whole country is waiting for what is to come next.

    The police, too.’

    • How many dates –
      did it take to figure out Mr. Ghomeshi – was a wacko?

      Now this has to be investigated?


    • There’s no denying – Liberals have serious issues
      …….but, they are not scandals…..ugh!

      [excerpt] Word that University of Toronto professor Ben Levin had been arrested on child-pornography charges rocked Queen’s Park this week.

      A highly respected educator and a former senior bureaucrat, Levin was a member of Premier Kathleen Wynne’s transition team, a trusted and influential adviser.

      MORE: Former Wynne staffer charged with making child porn

      I’m told Wynne is “shocked and upset” by the charges. Levin is charged with two counts of distributing child pornography and one count each of making child pornography, counselling to commit an indictable office and agreeing to or arranging for a sexual offence against a child under 16.

      Levin walked with Wynne, former federal Liberal leader Bob Rae and current leader Justin Trudeau at the recent Gay Pride Parade, so this is a person with political connections.

      It’s always difficult at times like this to draw conclusions. First, we must remember these are only charges; Levin’s been convicted of nothing. That’s up to a judge. But it does raise disturbing questions in general about the way education policy is formulated and who has input.]

  20. Hey guys it is Tye again and I am doing a survey for my project on wind turbines and there are some questions about the electricity system in general. Here is the link to the survey and please tell anyone else interested to fill it out.



  21. Communities Around Renewable Energy Projects

    ‘[excerpt] Fieldwork in Ontario and Nova Scotia
    On 8 October 2014 by admin

    Over the summer, Chad [Walker] spent 6 weeks in Nova Scotia conducting interviews with a variety of stakeholders across the province. A total of 21 interviews were completed with local residents, large and small-scale developers, and municipal councilors/staff involved in wind turbine siting. Chad travelled to and spoke with people from Chester (South Canoe), Mabou (South Cape Mabou), Canso (Sable Wind), Truro (Greenfield), Antigonish (Fairmont), and Watt Section (Watts Wind). This fall, we will be inviting people for interviews in the Niagara region and Adelaide-Metcalfe area in Ontario. Specifically, we are interested in speaking with people who live within 2km of a turbine in Wainfleet, ON or Adelaide-Metcalfe, ON. Analysis of the interviews will continue in the months ahead looking towards the development and distribution of a survey on best practices and alternative community engagement for wind energy development which will be distributed sometime in 2015.

    Over the last few months, Emmanuel [Songsore] has completed a media analysis of approximately 2000 newspaper articles on wind energy development in Ontario. Articles were sampled from national, metropolitan and local newspapers circulated within the province. Drawing from key themes which emerged in the media analysis, Emmanuel is also in the process of conducting interviews with wind energy development organizations within Ontario.’

    ‘[excerpt] About Us

    COAREP is a group interested in contributing to sound community planning and sustainable alternative energy policies through innovative social scientific research. It is funded by the Western University in Ontario, Canada and the Metcalf Foundation, the latter through their Green Prosperity Challenge.’

    Our Team
    Jamie Baxter
    Isaac Luginaah
    Chad Walker
    Michael Buzzelli
    Emmanuel Songsore’

    No information available about ethics or legal duties of care owed.

      • Deception!
        – sets a new hope – if you’re a dope!

        If you don’t like it – it doesn’t mean – you don’t like it.
        Get it?

      • “innovative social scientific research”
        is their “innovative” way of describing–

        tags: criminal negligence, fraud, Jamie Baxter, Helen Connell

      • This sure provides a way around doing any real medical research!

    • Alumni Gazette, University of Western Ontario
      “Western’s Alumni Magazine since 1939”
      Winter 2013

      pages 18 & 19

      “Stopping your own global warming” by David Scott

      ‘[excerpt] Bradley J. Dibble, MD’90, is concerned about the
      cardiovascular health of a very large patient: planet
      Like many, the Barrie-area cardiologist, who lives and
      practises in Midhurst, took a deeper interest in global
      warming and environmental issues following the release of Al
      film “An Inconvenient Truth” in 2006.
      “I was very impressed with all of that. I was frustrated that
      governments and societies didn’t seem to be coming on
      board. I thought there has to be more to this story.”
      Dibble undertook a massive self-education, reading as
      many books and articles as he could find on environmental
      issues affecting not only Canada but the entire planet.
      What he found when he tried discussing the topic with others
      was that most people’s knowledge on the issue was limited
      to media sound bytes and many didn’t bother digging any
      “What I found was there wasn’t really a good book that
      took people who were open-minded and wanted to know the
      facts and broaden their horizons on this so they could make
      their own informed, intelligent decisions.”
      So, he solved the problem by writing the book he couldn’t
      Comprehending the Climate Crisis: Everything You Need
      to Know about Global Warming and How to Stop It
      (2011,iUniverse). The book is structured into three sections: the
      background science, the problem of global warming, and the
      solutions available to us all.
      “I wanted to fill a niche that I thought was missing… I’ve
      always loved all sorts of science, so that’s why geology and
      evolutionary biology and astronomy and cosmology were
      interests of mine anyways.”
      In August 2012, Dibble was selected, following an involved
      application process, to receive training from Gore, the former
      U.S. vice president and Nobel Laureate, as part of the Climate
      Reality Project. “He will be providing me with some valuable
      education and tools that will allow me to provide a version of
      his climate talk for Canadians,” reported Dibble on his blog.
      “There will be more than 1,000 people from more than 20
      countries attending this event. Canada will be represented by
      115 individuals, and I’m thrilled to be one of them.”
      Dibble’s new book, which is widely available through
      Chapters and Amazon, is gaining the attention and support
      of fellow physicians, including Western alumnus, Dr. Marc
      Lewin, MD’90.
      “I’ve just finished this book and I’ve got to say that it’s
      incredible. It really ought to be required reading for all 9th
      graders in social studies classes,” Lewin says. “The way he
      explains the science… makes it real, understandable and
      He also has the endorsement of the Canadian Association
      of Physicians for the Environment.
      “Dr. Dibble’s book is an
      excellent overview of climate change. He sets out practical
      solutions—like ending coal-fired power and ramping up solar
      and wind energy—that in relatively short order could bring
      great improvement,” says Gideon Forman, executive director.
      Dibble encounters many people who say: “even if I believe
      in global warming and even if I believe it’s man-made, the
      market will sort it out.” He doesn’t buy that.
      “I think the market in most part is driven by selfish
      motives, and not for ones that are going to have long term
      benefits. In fact, a lot of what society has to face is ‘do we do
      what’s right for today’s economy – or do we do what’s right
      for tomorrow’s environment?’ ”
      As far as environmental concerns, nothing draws public
      and media attention like the Oil Sands of Alberta, both north
      and south of Canada’s border. Even with a contentious
      energy source like the Oil Sands, Dibble still likes to view all
      sides of the argument for the complete picture.
      “You know it’s the dirtiest oil on the planet. It creates a
      lot of jobs in Canada. And we’re sitting on 13 per cent of the
      world’s source of bitumen (the heaviest, thickest form of
      petroleum). So, do we just deny that when the whole world
      wants it?”
      He admits that although “it’s environmentally awful”
      what’s happening in Alberta, that it does help Canada’s
      economy. The Oil Sands continue to be developed but he
      asks: “Does every decision have to be made for today’s
      The cardiologist thinks a major problem with our political
      system is that it is not designed for long term planning.
      “They think no more than four years because that’s the
      next election and they can’t do a decision that’s going to help
      20 years from now because it usually won’t be so helpful in
      the next four years.”
      So, if the federal government eventually introduces a tax
      (or a less controversial political term) on carbon, electricity
      and natural gas, heating is going to cost more and in turn
      encourage Canadians to move towards renewable energy,
      reasons Dibble. But then, it’s also going to create a lot of
      opposition and resistance.
      “People start to look for cheaper alternatives and if they’re
      do-able and they’re cheaper, they’ll go to them. But people
      will hate that group (of politicians) and they’ll vote them out
      next time… We almost have to have a long-range committee
      for the planet.”
      In the mantra of short-term pain for long-term gain, Dibble
      admits: “You’re going to have to expend the energy of today
      (to develop green energy). But then the energy of tomorrow
      will be green and we won’t have that problem ongoing but it’s
      going to be a problem in the short term.” ‘

      • page 4
        Western Alumni Gazette
        Winter 2013 (ISSN 1189-6272)
        Publisher: Helen Connell, MBA’96
        Guest Contributors
        Helen Connell, MBA’96’

    • Alumni Gazette, Winter 2013
      pages 26 & 27
      “Who is watching the police?” by Sheldon Gordon

      ‘[excerpt] Ian D. Scott, LLB’81, has the thankless
      but essential job of policing the police. As
      director for the past four years of Ontario’s
      Special Investigations Unit (SIU), he oversees
      probes into police actions that have ended in
      death, serious injury, or allegations of sexual
      assault (Alberta is the only other province
      with an independent investigative unit).
      The SIU investigates incidents across Ontario,
      involving any of the 28,000 municipal, regional and
      provincial police officers. Scott’s role in the process
      of police accountability hasn’t won him many friends
      in blue, but he says his mission is to “develop public
      confidence in the civilian oversight of the police. I’m
      not here to be buddy-buddy with the police.” Instead,
      he has pushed for “independence, thoroughness and
      transparency” at the SIU.
      In 2010-11, the last fiscal year for which data are
      available, the SIU conducted 291 investigations, and
      laid 12 charges against officers. Almost half of the
      investigations were of deaths or injuries suffered in
      police custody. Despite a growing number of probes,
      however, Scott and his staff of 87 investigators are
      sometimes thwarted by police refusal to co-operate.
      “I’ve advocated for changes in the legislation
      that would give the SIU more power,” says Scott.
      Currently, the unit can compel interviews with
      officers who witnessed an incident, but not with
      the officers being investigated, he says. “We cannot
      compel them to give us a statement or their notes.”
      He would like uncooperative officers to be subject to
      disciplinary measures, including possible dismissal
      from the force.
      While the provincial government hasn’t acted
      on this recommendation, Scott has overcome
      resistance from officials within the Ministry of the
      Attorney General (from which he is seconded)
      in order to make the Unit’s investigations more
      transparent. He now issues a detailed public annual
      report as well as news releases following fatal
      incidents and when charges are brought.
      When he has issued releases citing lack of cop co-
      operation, “it has caused great consternation within
      the police community,” Scott says. “But if we could
      not do a thorough investigation, I’m going to report
      to the public on that.”
      The Western alumnus is not related to the late
      Ian Scott, the former Ontario Attorney-General, or
      to Iain Scott, the current Dean of Western Law, or to
      any of the Ian Scotts in private law practice. But he
      brings not only a respected name but also the right
      legal background to the SIU leadership.
      He earned his LLB at Western in 1981.
      A career highlight was his successful prosecution
      in 1997 of a former Ontario Provincial Police officer
      for the shooting death of aboriginal protester
      Dudley George during the land dispute at Ipperwash
      Provincial Park. Scott left the Attorney General’s
      office soon afterward “for a new challenge,” starting
      his own practice as a criminal defence lawyer. But
      in 2001, when the A-G’s Ministry “made me an offer
      that I couldn’t refuse,” he returned to do appeal work.
      Will he return to the Ministry when his term at
      the SIU ends in 2013? Or would he accept a second
      term? “Five years here might be enough,” he says.
      ”I will have been the director of the SIU longer than
      anyone else has. Frankly, you don’t make a lot of
      friends here.”’

  22. To the passionate contributors, thank you for your enlightening discussions. I have learned a great deal by reading your comments and appreciate your relentless commitment to discovering all things wind. It is a conflicting issue because I think we cannot argue we would all like to leave our planet a better place for our children. This means finding “better ways” to use our resources.

    I want to point out a technology that is working to eliminate the issues of large wind. SheerWind in Minnesota USA has found a way to funnel wind to ground based turbine/generators. Noise/vibration can be eliminated, (apparently the inventor is a noise vibration specialist and came up with concept when posed with solving n/v issues on large turbines) and will not harm flying creatures! This could be the answer to all that has plagued the wind industry to date.

    It would be wonderful to see some of the “energy” your group has focus on a positive. This is not my idea however:
    “I was once asked why I don’t participate in anti-war demonstrations. I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I’ll be there.” Mother Teresa

    • It doesn’t matter which type of wind turbine is used when it comes to the issue of ENERGY DENSITY.

      Wind is a very poor source of energy to begin with and this is the reason so many wind turbines are needed to even begin to produce enough usable electric power.

      If the wind doesn’t blow not any kind of wind turbine will work.

    • Hey Skeet,

      You say,
      ‘[excerpt] It is a conflicting issue because I think we cannot argue we would all like to leave our planet a better place for our children. This means finding “better ways” to use our resources.’

      On the topic of resources:
      Send Al Gore 5 bucks – he is saving the planet.
      At the end of the day – you will have contributed to his bottom line.

      Seeking guidance on more resources?

  23. Barbara, I am surprised you are not doing your research.

    Wind is everywhere and is perhaps our most abundant renewable resource, and will never stop unless the world stops rotating. (In which case we are all screwed.) There is always at least one place on earth that wind is not blowing and Doldrums along the equator but that does not last forever.

    If you look the SheerWind system brilliantly increasing the speed of wind, allowing it to be harvested in many places that it could not before. +3 turbines in one tower. I do not understand objection to potentially solving some of our planets energy issues in a new, safe way.

    Yes Friegeist suck up!
    “It is wrong always, everywhere, and for anyone, to believe anything upon insufficient evidence.” William Kingdon Clifford

    Ask Bob Dylan.

    • True, the wind does blow somewhere in the world at any given time.

      However, the wind does need to blow when and where it is needed and on a sustained basis which it does not.

      The Achilles heel is in the extensive amount of long distance transmission lines needed for wind turbines which are exposed to sever weather events which no one can prevent.

      North America does have some of the most severe weather events in the world which of course does includes Ontario.

    • skeet,

      Do you remember the severe Quebec ice storm of c. January 1998 which took out the big Quebec transmission lines?

      Happen to know that it’s very costly to maintain the power lines in the Michigan thumb area due to the big storms that roll thru there and these same storm systems roll across Lake Huron and slam into Ontario.

      • Barb, hitting on your comment here. From a good friend of mine, memo crossing the desk of higher ups in DTE, ” Should we have an fierce storm in the thumb, we could see outages, lasting months”. Not days, not weeks, months !!

        On another note, Thankfully we will retain Mr. Synder as Gov. ( We would have been totally doomed if Shauer (sp ?) took office, as far as IWT’s are concerned ).

  24. Again, not to cram new technology down throats BUT the cool thing about this SheerWind idea is it can safely be installed close to the end user and it can produce at low wind speeds (because it speeds up wind).

    Imagine a water tower like structure on the edge of a town that produces energy. So no huge transmission lines needed. Only local ones that can be buried (which should be done everywhere anyway because of the negative effects they are potentially causing to all creatures, but that is a whole different issue).
    In a storm the turbines can be removed because they are at ground level (good for maintenance as well) and the wind will go through the structure much like a parking ramp.

    The huge power lines won’t go away unless we stop needing them.

  25. At approximately 11am on Sunday, November 2, 2014,
    CFPL-FM, “A Corus Entertainment Company”
    95.9 on the FM dial, “London’s Best Rock, FM96”
    aired an advertisement from
    “the Canadian Electricity Association”
    which stated,
    “Ontarians get electricity for less than the cost of what they spend on tv, phone and internet per day.”
    and went on to describe Ontario’s electricity sector as being “reliable”, comprised of “hundreds of experts” and “thousands of kilometres of lines.”
    also encouraged to visit

    FM96 has also been airing advertisements for “Ontario Doctors” recently.

    • Power For The Future website leads to:
      Energy Council of Canada and The World Energy Council

      Executive Committee includes:
      Colin andersen, Chair.
      Bill Smith, Siemens Canada

      Board includes:
      Colin Andersen, OPA
      Rob Bennett, Emera Inc.
      aAan Kupcis, Brookfield Energy Partners
      John Maniawski, Enbridge Inc.

      One can just go around in circles from organization to organization and find either the same people or the same companies or the same organizations involved.

      This makes it appear that many organizations are involved which is true but the same parties are involved in these organizations.

    • University of Waterloo/Science

      Dean’s Advisory Council includes:

      Graham R. Campbell, now with Energy Council Canada
      Roy E. Clement, Sr. Research Scientist, Ontario Ministry of the Environment
      John A. Coburn, also member of Sustainable Development Technology Canada Investment Committee > About Science > Dean’s Advisory Committee > Proflies

      Just so this is on one page.

    • CBC currently has an add airing before Breaking News for ethical investments featuring industrial wind turbines in the image.
      You can contact this ethical investment agent and let them know how unethical wind turbines are as an investment.

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