Wind turbines blowing Ontario taxpayers’ money: Report

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Toronto Sun, Antonella Artuso
TORONTO — Wind turbines are sucking money out of Ontarians’ wallets, a new report says. What Goes Upa Fraser Institute report by Ross McKitrick and Tom Adams to be released Thursday, makes a number of controversial recommendations to ease the upward pressure on electricity bills.

The Ontario government should announce an immediate moratorium on new wind and solar power facilities, and revisit existing contracts that commit Ontarians to paying well above market rates for renewable electricity, the authors conclude.

“Wind and solar power systems provide less than 4% of Ontario’s power but account for 20% of the cost paid by Ontarians, yet the government wants to triple the number of wind and solar generators,” energy analyst Adams said in a statement. “That’s a good deal for wind and solar producers but a raw deal for consumers.” Read article

2 thoughts on “Wind turbines blowing Ontario taxpayers’ money: Report

  1. This is only news to the ignorant. How many billions of dollars of taxpayers money has been wasted already on renewable energy, and whose pocket did it go into??
    More serious issue is the negative impact industrial wind turbines cause to health. “Industrial wind turbines are declared a human health hazard for all people (residents, workers, visitors, and passersby) who are exposed to infrasound/low frequency noise and other emissions potentially harmful to human health.” in reference to Brown County Wisconsin Australia, Code 38.01, in the Brown County Ordinances, chapter 38 relating to Public Health Nuisance (section (b) Human Health Hazard).

    “Human Health Hazard” means a substance, activity or condition that is known to have the potential to cause acute or chronic illness or death if exposure to the substance, activity or condition is not abated.”

    How is it that humans are different on the other side of the world?!?

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