K2 Wind Developer Threatens Farmer Over Spreading Manure

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A Lucknow farmer is looking for answers, and compensation.
In a letter addressed to Jay Shukin of K-2 Wind, George Alton describes a threatening document received from the power company. In the letter from K-2, it is suggested the spreading of manure on his farm constitutes a health hazard to construction workers, and an impediment to construction.

Alton goes on to describe the necessity for manure, and the work needed to ensure it is used efficiently. The farmer goes on to cite several issues with the turbine construction, including ditch reconstruction, open pits, harvest delays, loss of farmable land, and trespassing. Read article

29 thoughts on “K2 Wind Developer Threatens Farmer Over Spreading Manure

  1. G. Alton is receiving compensation for the use of his land and K-2 will have to temporarily tolerate the manure odor. There is no Free Lunch! That is a prime example of married life; 50/50, get over it.

  2. Have the IWT workers get tetanus shots and this should take care of that situation.

    How can this fellow complain about disruptions to his farming when he is receiving compensation for same? Another fellow who didn’t look before signing a contract?

  3. The fact that these workers have to smell a little poop for a short time is nothing compared to this community that will have to endure the health effects from these turbines for years to come. To all the turbine construction workers out there — wake up and smell the manure. Get over it – at least your problem is only temporary and the worst that can happen is you need to shower and launder your clothing.

  4. George Alton is NOT a leaseholder. Apparently, K2 doesn’t like the smell of manure on adjacent land.

  5. Did he sign a lease? Is this turbine being built on his land or next to him? It doesn’t say in the article…

  6. Alton is not a leaseholder and not receiving compensation. It did not say in the article and appears a couple of the people making comments were ignorant of this fact when commenting. if K2 did not want to smell manure, they should not have built them near farms. K2 originally promised that non-leaseholders would be minimally affected. However, K2 has proven to be terrible tenants to the entire township.

  7. K-2 – in lock step with the FDA’s Manure Proposal

    ‘[excerpt] …….it is suggested spreading of manure on his farm constitutes a health hazard…’

    Sustainable Farming!
    ….coming to a community near you – real soon.

    Didn’t Premier Social Justice – tell the farmers?

  8. We are not privy to the whole story from this news source; but Mr Alton and K2 have a long relationship, and it is not mutually beneficial.
    Alton is definitely not a lessor and not a supporter of the K2 development in any manner.
    The whole story remains to be reported on.

    • The press release from Siemens Can refers to the Armow and Cedar Point projects; presumably the “100,000 homes” claim is in additition to the 100,000 homes to be powered by the K2 turbines. Really, one wonders if the “100,000 homes” quote is just picked out of the air for gullible news rooms to repeat as gospel. Similarly to the x number of jobs to be created by Siemens.
      Best advised to be dubious of any press releases from Wind companies.

  9. Municipalities want to privatize some of their services to get rid of future legacy costs such as pensions which they no longer can afford to pay.

    This gets rid of future tax/rate burdens for the rate payers.

  10. Get Rid of Harry Reid – election!

    Battle for the Senate

    Democrats Abroad

    Oh look!
    ‘[excerpt] Also, mark your calendars for Nov. 27th, our Annual Thanksgiving Dinner – a new venue and great menu – watch for details soon.
    Hope to see you on the 4th!
    Best regards,
    Your Democrats Abroad Toronto Chapter Board’

    • Wind interests and proponents have poured a lot of money and time into Michigan to get Democrats elected.
      If they succeed then Michigan could go to 30% renewables.

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