Wind company leaves Dawn-Euphemia township

ontario_cannot_afford_to_bet_its_future_on_windpower goSarnia Observer, Paul Morden
One of the first wind turbine project proposals in Lambton County appears to have pulled up stakes and left. Michael Schnare, administrator-clerk of Dawn-Euphemia Township, said landowners who had signed leases with the Sydenham Wind Energy Centre received letters recently from the developer saying the project is not going ahead.

“Mainsteam is no longer an active proponent here,” Schnare said. “They’re gone.” While the township hasn’t received official word from the company, landowners who signed leases allowing turbines to be built by Mainstream on their property received letters saying “they don’t think they could make a viable application under the new rules for energy procurement,” he said. Those landowners include Mayor Bill Bilton, who signed a lease several years ago.

Bilton said the letter he received a few weeks ago from the company said “they were terminating the project” and releasing landowners from their leases. “Wind mills have gotten to be such a controversial subject, it doesn’t really disappoint me,” the mayor said. Read article

18 thoughts on “Wind company leaves Dawn-Euphemia township

  1. “wind mills have gotten tosuch a controversial subject…” Industrial wind turbines have always been a controversial subject. Disregarding the politics and money behind town councils; tell me one community in Ontario that would gladly host a turbine development.
    Goliath has come to realize David is winning. Goliath is cutting off the legs of David, too late.
    Let’s now focus on the harm the existing turbines have brought to the people of Ontario.

    • It is time that a real focus on the harm that IWTs do to Ontarians and who the health professionals are who are supporting IWTs in Ontario.

      One comment about this news article referred to Health Psycology and the American Psycological Association.

      This Ontario information had to be traced back thru medical publications to discover what has taken place in Ontario.

      Don’t know why this wasn’t done prior to this time. Maybe some are afraid of stepping on the wrong toes or don’t stir the pot up?

      If this information was known then why wasn’t this brought to the public’s attention?

      Some seem to think that Dr. King is the only person involved in this situation.

  2. I feel very optimistic for the communities who are still facing the threat of wind companies whose contracts were already approved.
    There is understandable rage that is being directed with persistent determination toward finding ways to prevent these projects from going forward as well as a determination to bring justice to all who have been made victims in rural Ontario.We must continue to use proper protocol to expose the violations.
    These companies did not expect us to stand up for our rights. They expected that people in rural Ontario would passively accept these violations or leave. Our communities have leaders in this struggle who deserve a lot of credit. There’s a kind of intelligence and courage being demonstrated in the real leaders out here that will never be forgotten.

  3. Hi Barbara!! do you know of any reason why I am NOT receiving any emails from the Wind Resistance website?? – how can I get back on it! I have NO idea why I am not receiving any info!!!!!!! Thanks Lyn

      • Why are you telling her that?
        I like my suggestion (posted below) better.
        Go for it!

      • Sorry, meant to say that I don’t use the OWR email but instead rely on checking out the website which Lyn can do if she can’t get the email link to work.

        Either way is good. As you say try signing in again.

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