K2 Wind Company threatens to sue farmer for spreading manure

bullshit1Barb McKay, Kincardine Independent
A Lucknow farmer has received what he calls a threatening letter from legal counsel for K2 Wind, advising him that he must stop spreading manure on his fields or face a lawsuit.

George Alton owns a farming operation, which includes 300 acres of cash crop and 2,000 head of beef cattle, within the K2 Wind project in Ashfield-Colbourne-Wawanosh Township. He has been corresponding with the wind energy development company since the summer over concerns about potential impacts to his farming operation during construction and once the project is operational, including shadow flicker from turbines.

Alton shared a letter he received in September from Davies, Ward, Phillips and Vineberg, attorneys for K2 Wind, with The Independent accusing him of deliberately interfering with construction of the project by parking his tractor on a public road allowance entrance to the field where construction is taking place. The firm also informed him that spreading manure on his fields “presents a health risk to workers in the area and is a substantial impediment to construction.” Read article

7 thoughts on “K2 Wind Company threatens to sue farmer for spreading manure

  1. What’s next? Is Wynne going to ban farming in Ontario, import all of our food and put wind turbines on every farm in Ontario. K2, originally promised, that surrounding farms would be minimally affected by the construction. One lie after another.

  2. Free thoughts for the victims of K2 and the “Joint Venture” between AMEC and Black & McDonald:
    Here is some information you will want to collect. Easier done now while any cover-up is still fresh:

    Who is the project manager of the Amec/Black & Mac Joint Venture? Where is s/he from?
    Who is representing the owner during construction?
    What union and local are the construction workers from?
    Who is the site manager?
    Do you have a copy of the Quality Control checklists being used?
    What drawings are being relied on during construction? Who prepared and signed the drawings? What are the dates and technical titles of the drawings?

    Information like this can sometimes be located in construction trailers or trucks. Photographs of the evidence can be useful if physical copies cannot be obtained.
    Be alert for fabrications and forgeries.

  3. Why didn’t the developer inform the workers that there are potential health risks working in agricultural/rural areas ? And always have been. Then let the workers decide if they want to take the risks or provide them with protective covers.

    • Send ‘nose plugs’ – to
      Davies, Ward, Phillips and Vineberg, attorneys for K2 Wind

  4. Good job well done Keep the manure spreading. If all the farmers did this-it would help the stop of these turbines that will cause blowing snow to become white outs on roads causing accidents-Health problems HBP-heart-migraines which the farmers wont admit that are receiving money for having turbines on their property-Towers spinning out of control-going on fire-without a fire truck with the height capacity to put the fire out so the tower burns-parts that cant be replaced for over a year at a time-Cows that wont produce milk-Good agriculture land ruined-due to the fact for each turbine they have to dig a hole and put 6 tons of cement as a base for the turbine-If they are built near plants the toxic fumes from the plants will be blown out further into the country causing more cancer etc-It is dangerous for expectant mothers and small children-due to the noise on the brain-They will never produce enough energy to offset the cost-I have talked to scientists in Norway-Australia-England who agree with me-as well as other people-In the north my grandfathers instuctions were to turn the windmill on to fill the trough with water for the cattle before rounding up the cattle for the coral. The cows would not give milk if they were there when the windmill was running.
    Maggie Peters

  5. Wynne will completely bankrupt Ontario with these turbines-Now she wants sex education in public schools-This is a parents job

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