Province gives greenlight to North America’s largest wind turbines in Niagara (West Lincoln)

Grimsby Lincoln News, Amanda Moore
The largest turbines in North America will soon rise over West Lincoln
. On Thursday, the provincial government announced it had approved Niagara Region Wind Corporation’s renewable energy application to operate a 77-wind turbine project in the West Lincoln area. The announcement was made the same day that Health Canada released results of its study into the impacts on human health from industrial wind turbines which concluded with the findings of Ontario’s chief medical officer of health, Dr. Arlene King, in 2010.

Towering TurbineHealth Canada’s assurances however do little to calm the fears of those living in the project’s vicinity. “The real problem is the health issues for the people in the footprint of the project,” said Catherine Mitchell, who herself lived in the project area before moving to Welland. She is a board member with Mothers Against Wind Turbines which will hold an emergency meeting as it now has 14 days to launch an appeal. Read article

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  1. The fact that this study chose to not talk with families that abandoned their homes is proof in the pudding that this study was a scam from the get go. Another more recent study by qualified acousticians found unacceptable and dangerous levels of Infra Sound , (low frequency sound ) in homes as far as 10 klm. away! Dangerous? Yes, Infra sound travels long distances. At first these symptoms disappear when you leave the area but return again when you return. Over time, exposure to high levels of LFS leads to VAD, Vibro Acoustic Disease. This is very serious and can lead to death. That is why families have had to abandon their homes. The symptoms reported around the world are dizziness ( Vertigo ) , headaches, nausea and hypertension, an increased heart rate. Lack of deep sleep and the related stress are responsible for more serious illness.

    This government study was pro wind going into the study. They only measured audible sound waves not LFS! The government has too much money invested in so called green energy , too many cronies on the take from the public purse. Large pension funds etc . to back down now.

    Therefore the people who have had this hideous impact forced on them are considered expendable. These families that chose to live in a rural setting have been industrialized in their very beds.

    Notice that this Health Canada Study did not talk to farmers that had signed leases for 20 years and are making money from the turbines on their own land yet some have come forward and broken their gagged contract and are speaking out! Also, note that there is a farmer now that is being threatened with a law suit because he spread manure on his farm! The wind company claims that he is endangering the crew constructing the wind factory ! Gee, farmers are exposed to manure everyday as part of their job of raising livestock but I guess the white hats on the construction site don’t like the fumes!!! Well we country folk do not like the fumes of this liberal government or the federal health study. The study should have been done by a party with no horse in the race.

  2. Health Canada – ‘preliminary results’…………
    as translated by Amanda Moore

    ‘[excerpt] The announcement was made the same day that Health Canada released results of its study into the impacts on human health from industrial wind turbines which concluded with the findings of Ontario’s chief medical officer of health, Dr. Arlene King, in 2010.

    Amanda Moore reporting the whole truth……..and, the argument is over!

  3. Just spoke with a retired teacher/accountant who stated, “I heard there was some news from the Supreme Court.”

    Imagine confusing the Supreme Court of Canada with the Government of Canada!

    I explained how careless media are causing a lot of confusion. And reiterated that nobody would want their family and friends to be the victims of criminal negligence and fraud. I explained how this escalates the issues.

    I wonder if David Michaud is concerned he will be charged with fraud?

  4. When we are all looking at the downfalls of wind power and focusing on that, we are not looking at the $13 Billion being spent to upgrade Darlington power plant. The Liberal Government has decided that it is better to spend $13B to upgrade than spend $10B for a new plant. We are paying $.055 per KW for atomic energy as apposed to $.85 per KW for wind generation.

    I think if you follow the money it will all become clear as to why we are all being led down the garden path.

  5. Ontario, do you understand how our elected government, is using our money to lead the sheep to the slaughter? We are involved in a type of war uncommon to us; many do not even realize this! We are in the process of being taken over. Denial and ignorance by the people of Ontario is not the answer.
    The rural people of Ontario are complacent people with values and integrity. That is why we have been trusting, patient; hoping/expecting our government would carry on with the levels of values expected of them, serving the people of Ontario with due diligence.
    People are dying from illness and disease caused by exposure to infrasound; heart related, diabetes, heart disease, cancer. This cannot continue. It must STOP. It’s time we get this show on the road. To wait around trusting and thinking our government will do what is right for the people of Ontario is stupid. We must take a different approach. Any ideas?

  6. People like Michaud: have you ever met him? He is a clown! I question his credentials, seriously. Concerned about being charged with fraud? Not likely, he is “one of them”, they protect their own.
    People like him should be concerned, watching their backs. There are people of Ontario who have abandoned their homes, have lost everything including their health because of the government and green energy program. At this point they have nothing to lose. What they can do is turn things around, get the government back on the right track. Sooner or later it will happen; it will happen because we care about the welfare of our families and future generations. In the end, it will not be the team with money that will prevail.

    • This U.S. Inspector General’s Report and “Down Wind” should help to explain the situation in rural Ontario.

  7. FAA Daily, Nov.8,2014

    Follow the link to the San Antonio Express-News

    “Wind towers catch crop duster off guard”

    Crop dusting requires flying low.
    Emergency helicopters often fly at 1,000 feet or less.

    For Ontario:
    Photos of wind towers are needed
    Colours these wind towers are painted is needed.
    What kinds of lighting are on wind towers.
    Approx. height of any wind towers is needed.

    Maybe the rural public can just do without emergency air service along with any crop dusting?

    • Now this is a novel approach to the situation!

      Keep it up and learn more about how to do investigative reporting.

  8. “Encor! Encor!” nonetheless, she complained.

    ‘[excerpt] Barbara says:
    07/26/2014 at 22:21

    BluEarth Renewables Inc., Calgary, founded 2010
    Board includes:
    Zvi Orvitz, portfolio manager, Teachers’ Private Capital, Toronto
    Darren Smart, portfolio manager, Teachers’ Private Capital, Toronto

    Teachers’ Private Capital is a subsidiary of Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan/OTPP’

    • If you can get a big name investor attached to any investment project this carries a lot of weight with other potential investors.

  9. ‘[excerpt] Barbara says:
    05/07/2014 at 19:45

    Street Insider
    “Notable Holders of Suncor Energy Inc.(SU)” include:
    Royal Bank of Canada, 66,544,957 shares
    CIBC World Markets, 23,763,778 shares
    TD Bank, 18,111,893 shares
    OTPP, 4,001,128 shares.
    And others are listed here.
    Barbara says:
    05/07/2014 at 20:52

    Street Insider
    “Notable Holders of Enbridge, Inc. (ENB)”
    TD Asset Management, Inc., 29,214,054 shares
    BMO Financial Corp., 20,431,707 shares
    TD Bank, 17,156,812 shares
    CIBC World Markets Inc., 12,384,536 shares
    CIBC Global Asset Management, 5,678,318 shares
    OTPP, 2,257,398 shares

    Just for general information.’

    “WAIT-PW seeking $300,000 to hire Julian Falconer”
    Posted on 05/06/2014

    OTPP = Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan

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