Health Canada Study flawed: Statement by Order of Canada physician Dr McMurtry supporting critique by Denise Wolfe


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41 thoughts on “Health Canada Study flawed: Statement by Order of Canada physician Dr McMurtry supporting critique by Denise Wolfe

  1. Brought you by the carring folks that fluoridate your water and push vaccinations. At this point it’s all suspect.

    • You should read some medical history to learn what used to happen to children before there were vaccinations to save their lives.

  2. It seems a lot of Dr. Wolfe’s comments are based on sound measurements using instruments. And she plays with those numbers to refute the government study.

    I think the researchers have to accept that there is another element here that cannot be measured with instruments. People are saying they are having headaches and insomnia that occurs when the turbines are active.

    If a guy breaks out in hives from something he ate, we don’t deny that he has hives because we don’t understand the cause. We accept that he has hives because he reported it.

    The people who are susceptible to turbine noise might very well be susceptible to other noises such as airplanes or road noise. That is how they are.

    I think the doctors should acknowledge these people have problems and try to help them. There may be therapies for getting used to the vibrations and the infra sound. But we won’t develop the therapies until we recognize the problem.

    • Mike, you don’t understand infrasound and cyclical noise. Road noise and airplane noise are smooth and linear, decrease at night. Airplanes pass over. These turbines are emitting pulsing noise (audible and inaudible) that increases at night and infrasound vibration that penetrates homes and the human body. It makes the body sick and sleep deprived. By body I include pets and livestock.
      Harking back to 2008ish – “you don’t get used to it”.
      It is like being bombarded by – I borrow the phrase – “acoustical artillery”. You cannot medicate it away as the emissions are still pummeling whether they are on medication or not. The only way to return to a healthy state is to get away from it and that is precisely why people abandon their homes.

      This has been known for decades we now know. Early studies have been uncovered on this issue. Even the acousticians working on behalf of our halfwit government and developers know and admit the complaints are valid.Not every home is affected, some more so that others depending on the location of the turbines and substations and many do not make the connection as to why their health has taken a turn for the worse.

      It is our negligent government who lost all control to moneyed industry and jumped on board handing out millions (I’m sure billions) at the beginning of the fraud and tied them into it. They should have admitted they made a mistake the minute it happened but thought that dumb rural folk wouldn’t fight back they way they have.
      Amazing people dumb rural folk are. AAAmazing 🙂

      • I still think we need to know more about it. As I understand Dr. Wolfe, less than 10% of the people are effected by this. You can have 2 people living in the same house and one is effected and the other isn’t. Do you agree with me on this?

        Some people are allergic to peanut butter and some aren’t.

        You point about road noise and aircraft noise is good. And I agree with your point about “accoustical artillery”.

        But these points are not coming out in the reports because instead of talking to the people who are suffering, they take hair samples and wave db measuring instruments around in the room.

        Its like they don’t want to know what is really going on.

        They make a passing reference to “nuisance” like its a minor problem when it is the central problem.

        I am about 15 miles from Underwood and from what I can gather, not one of the adversely effected people were interviewed. These people have already been interviewed and documented (see ) but from what I can gather Health Canada did not read this report or interview any of these people.

        I still have not located the source material for the Health Canada study. If we could look at the source material we could determine if people in our area were contacted.

      • A couple of comments: there are some people who have been intensely exposed to infrasound. When they move away, the headaches, nausea, etc. subsides; but there are more serious issues relating to tissue and bone damage that are permanent. What are these people to expect in the future in terms of illness? How many years will they have lost in their life span?
        Then there are those who didn’t make it: those who succumbed to heart disease, diabetes, mental illness, suicide…But oh, wait a minute, “These people would have gotten sick anyways without the turbines” that’s always one of my favorite responses I hear..out of my good ear!

        My next comment: the government knew exactly what it was doing, with the “subsidies”, “”throwing good money after bad” because it was going into the pockets of the likes of Mike Crawley, CEO of AimPowergen, shareholder of GDFSuez, recent past president of the Federal Liberal Party. Ahem…have these guys skipped the country yet? I’m sure the money has long gone – off shore. Imagine the shape we’d be in if they had to give it back? Many people have become sick, some have died; lives and families have been completely destroyed because of the greed and corruption of the government. Lock them up, forever, and surround the prison with Iwts; an eye for an eye.

        Oh…., I haven’t even touched on the humiliation and mental anguish the turbine victims have suffered…outrageous, unacceptable. Any other country – these guys would have been taken out long ago. Those complacent Ontarians…

      • One thing I can say is I saw some of the Leadership Mike Crawley gave to the National Liberal Party and he was pretty close to useless. If he is CEO of Aim Power Gen it is only because of his political connections.

        Yes, I agree with you about the cherry picking. Health Canada did not interview those people who moved away, they just interviewed those who stuck around and maybe then they only interviewed those who were being paid $20,000 per year per turbine who spent 6 months of the year in Florida.

  3. Was not aware Denise Wolfe is a doctor. What is she a doctor of?
    I agree that is being reported. It may have something to do with the intensity the location is being hit with. Might have to do with if one of the residents is away to work all day and the other is at home. Maybe pre-existing conditions add to the issue. This is related to dose – strength and length of time. Sure, some people may be able to tolerate it a bit longer than another but in the big picture there have been thousands of complaints lodged. And they are identical globally. People do not leave their homes willingly. It is a heartbreaking, upsetting decision and they have no choice.
    Regardless, no one who lived without issue before the start up, and have impacts after start up should be held up to a microscope to find out what is wrong with them. It is not them, it is the emissions.
    That alone should warrant full investigation but the government is more enthused with pushing their renewable goals through than administering to the harmed. Very serious breach of ethics and trust with very serious consequences.
    The Health Canada study was not an authentic desire to find answers. The study group had people on it who have been tied to the wind industry for years.
    Bias has no place when investigating such a tragic situation.
    They also would not accept offers of help from those who have been researching it. And as you mentioned did not interview those who have been complaining.
    It is so obvious it hurts.

    • I think you are right. She does not seem to be a Doctor. If fact she does not seem to have any credentials at all except another person CV McMurtry is vouching for her. He has lots of initials behind his name.

      She is trying to downgrade the study but I don’t like the way she is going about it,

      I agree with you that they should not be putting the burden of proof on the effected people and saying “prove you are sick”. If a person says they are sick, then they are sick. They are not going to lie about this.

      Health Canada uses the word “nuisance” at the end of the report which conveys their attitude toward this problem. But they do acknowledge that the “nuisance” requires more study.

      Lets say it it takes 3 years to start up and complete a study on the “nuisance”, that means Ontario can keep approving these 150 MW wind farms for the next 3 years while someone looks at the “nuisance”.

      We can only hope and pray that a reasonably level headed person like Christine Elliott gets the leadership of the Ontario Conservative government and wins the next election before we are completely broke.

    • Well said Snowball. As I have said before: a state of emergency needs to be declared and the victims compensated, immediately.

  4. Rural Ontarians don’t have three years to wait for more medical studies and another election.

    Economic issues and business deals involving IWTs should be looked into. Things can be proven in both of these areas.

    • No they do not. By that time Liberals IWT network will largely be in place.
      In any case, this Is the medical study. No others will be forthcoming certainly not from Ont, they have realized everything they wished for with this one.

      Once the wind plants are up, no study of any conceivable nature is going to result in tearing them down. Resistors must really look at other other topics and methods in the fight against development.

      • Right Martin! And also right to debunk as much of the Health Canada study as possible.

        For too long people have put their full trust that health studies would work in the short term. And they will work in the future but this will be too late.

        Both people in Canada and the U.S. are going to have to look for other measures that will work.

  5. ‘[excerpt] Detailed information on Health Canada’s Wind Turbine Noise and Health Study methodology, including the 60-day public consultation and peer review process is available on the Health Canada website. The detailed methodology for the study is also available in the peer reviewed literature (Michaud et al., Noise News International, 21(4): 14-23, 2013).’

    ‘[excerpt] Health Canada has released a summary of the results of the study. Results should only be considered final following peer review and publication in the scientific literature. The results of this study contribute to the body of peer-reviewed scientific research on wind turbine noise, but do not provide definitive answers on their own.’

    Health Canada: The results of this study contribute to the body of peer-reviewed scientific research on wind turbine noise, but do not provide definitive answers on their own.’

    I guess Big Green – is pissed off……..hahahahahahaha

    • Premier Social Justice –
      and her corrupt government
      already know there is no science
      to support the Green Energy Act

      But this should put the Liberals on notice!

      Statement by Order of Canada physician Dr McMurtry supporting critique by Denise Wolfe:

      ‘[excerpt] It is interesting to note that the only value (Annoyance) that included an analysis linked to distance from turbines is the only value that resulted in statistical association health concerns with increasing levels of WTN. This is not a spurious or unimportant observation, and it suggests reporter bias by the authors of this paper. The following was found to be statistically associated with increasing levels of WTN:

      Annoyance towards several wind turbine features (i.e. noise, shadow flicker, blinking lights, vibrations, and visual impacts)’

      My conclusion:
      Annoyance and Nuisance issues – are actionable in court

      p.s. Ontario citizens cannot – wait out – a science based fight!

      • Hasn’t anyone even noticed how many OCs are involved in renewable energy in Ontario and indeed Canada?

        Proponents of wind energy know how long it can take to establish medical causality so they take full advantage of this situation.

      • Love of money – a funny thing –
        no common sense involved.

      • Then there are other Ontario Medical Officers of Health who endorse IWTs.
        So you end up with a “he-says-she-says” discussion of the health effects of IWTs.

        Free Thinker, you even helped to uncover some of this information awhile back.

  6. Well – if investigators are muzzled to report, and,
    Premier Social Justice promises to do something about it
    …… in Ontario

    Let’s see if this helps……
    ……afterall – there could be some spillage over the border

    ‘[excerpt] The explosive 92-page study released last week, entitled “The Chain of Environmental Command: How a Club of Billionaires and Their Foundations Control the Environmental Movement and Obama’s EPA,” has been virtually ignored by the increasingly discredited establishment press — much of which willingly serves as a propaganda mouthpiece for the very same outfits exposed in the Senate report. However, the investigation has caused a stir in the alternative media, and critics are now calling for formal investigations and accountability. Lawmakers are upset, too.

    “There is an unbelievable amount of money behind the environmental movement and far too much collusion between far-left environmental groups and the Obama EPA,” said Sen. David Vitter (R-La.), the senior Republican on the Senate committee who oversaw the investigation. “This report really gets to the core of tracking the money and exposing the collusion.” While he stopped short of saying a criminal conspiracy was afoot, Vitter said the operations of the Billionaires Club were clearly designed to remain in the shadows.’

    Get Rid of the OPA
    $2.5 billion – advertising budget for conservation efforts
    to help Ontario citizens live in the dark and cold.

    • Then there is another 33 page report that was posted last week.

      “Investigative Report of Steve Black”
      Office of the Inspector General, U.S., Nov.7, 2014

      About how pressure tactics were used on U.S. Government employees involving renewable energy projects in the Western U.S. by a company that is also installing IWTs in Ontario.

      Follow the link to the complete report.

    • If Senator Vitter decides to continue this inquiry then this will become a Senate Majority report which could be a much more extensive inquiry.

      • Seems people don’t understand what this Inspector General’s report reveals and can relate to Ontario.

        This is an official U.S. government document.

  7. Barbara, could you explain how this official U.S. government document relates to our situation in Ontario? Your detective work is crucial. The trick is to piece it all together and get the full picture of the background to this debacle.

  8. Health Canada document:
    “Summary of Wind Turbine Noise Propagation below 100 Hz”
    no date
    no authour

    ‘[excerpt] With three blades spinning at 16 RPM, a blade passes the mast 48 times per minute, or once every 0.8 second (i.e. 0.8 Hz). Measurements of wind turbine noise showed a peak in the spectrum at 0.8 Hz with additional peaks at 1.6 Hz, 2.4 Hz, 3.2 Hz, 4.0 Hz, 4.8 Hz, 5.6 Hz, 6.4 Hz, 7.2 Hz, and 8.0 Hz. The presence of a peak at 0.8Hz and the associated harmonics of this frequency in field measurements confirms that the measured sound is (at least partially) resulting from wind turbine operations.’

    ‘[excerpt] Thus, taking into account wind speed and direction, infrasonic frequencies from wind turbines are likely be measuredfairly often at distances up to10 km, and even beyond.
    In conclusion, measuring wind turbine noise below 100 Hz requires special equipment.’

  9. More from the Health Canada health study:

    “Analysis, Modeling, and Prediction of Infrasound
    and Low Frequency Noise from
    Wind Turbine Installation
    Phase 2: Southern Ontario Site
    Final Report”
    Please note that, in accordance with the provisions of the Access to Information and Privacy Act these documents have been redacted to protect confidential business information and the identity of study participants.
    MG Acoustics
    IPF M-50
    1200 Montreal Road
    Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0R6
    February 2014
    MG-HC 4

    ‘[excerpt] This data will be correlated with calculated wind turbine noise so that any potential relationship to reported health symptoms can be reliably determined.

    The calculation of wind turbine noise over long distances presents a challenge.’
    Most engineering methods to predict the propagation of sound, such as those found in commercial software packages, were essentially developed for industrial noise, road and rail traffic noise. This puts into question the use of commercial software to predict the propagation of infrasonic frequencies. For example, ISO 9613-2 is based on empirical corrections to inverse square law that are valid only down to 63 Hz; as well, ISO 9613-2 cannot accommodate specific sound speed profiles. More recent engineering methods such as the Nord2000 and the Harmonoise P2P models (implemented in commercial packages such as SoundPlan and CadnaA) are more powerful and can accommodate a number of simplified sound speed profiles. However, as part of an effort to reduce computational time, approximations are made – these approximation works at higher frequencies but their validity below 25 Hz has not been established. Wind turbines are known to radiate significant noise at very low frequencies, down to the “blade passage frequency” (typically 0.5-0.7 Hz). The use of commercial software to calculate noise propagation at these frequencies must be validated
    MG Acoustics has carried out the analysis, modeling, and prediction of infrasound and low frequency noise from wind turbines at two different sites, as part of the Health Canada study.
    This work has been divided into two parts, Phase 1 and Phase 2, associated with a Prince Edward Island site and a Southern Ontario site, respectively. There are several overall objectives:
    •investigate the use of Harmonoise/Nord2000 weather classes with Environment Canadaweather data to predict sound speed profiles
    2 MG Acoustics
    •investigate methods to separate low-frequency wind turbine noise from other sources ofnoise
    •investigate the directivity of wind turbine noise sources at infrasonic frequencies
    •compute wind turbine noise sound pressure levels at long range using state-of-the-artmethods [e.g., Parabolic Equation (PE) and Fast Field Program (FFP)], to guide HealthCanada in their use of Harmonoise P2P for predicting wind turbine noise propagation
    The work has been completed in two phases:
    1st Phase – Analysis of infrasound and low frequency noise measurements and analysis of meteorological data will be completed including the generation of theoretical predictions at the PEI site. This phase of the project has been described in the report “Analysis, Modeling, and Prediction of Infrasound and Low Frequency Noise from Wind Turbine Installation. Final Report (revised). Phase 1: PEI Site”, submitted in February 2014.
    2nd Phase – Modeling has been carried out and applied to wind turbines sites in southern Ontario.
    The procedures and results for this part of the study are discussed in this current report.
    For this second phase, Health Canada chose not to specify a specific location of study. Instead, a generic site is considered. There are two main reasons for this approach. First, there was insufficient meteorological information available for some of the specific locations that might have been of particular interest. Second, the goal of this second phase is to enable a direct comparison of computational techniques (i.e., our state-of-the-art methods, PE and FFP, versus Health Canada’s use of Harmonoise P2P) and this is best accomplished assuming a generic site with well-defined terrain characteristics and prescribed meteorological conditions.
    This current Phase 2 report, then, summarizes sound propagation calculations for a generic Southern Ontario site. The full-wave solutions are generated using the FFP approach and provide baseline targets that can be used in assessing the applicability and accuracy of commercial software packages that Health Canada is planning to use.
    A. Location of Southern Ontario Wind Turbines
    Health Canada chose not to specify a specific wind turbine site for study. Rather, a generic site with well-defined topological and meteorological characteristics would be adopted. It was agreed during discussions between MG Acoustics and Health Canada that a single wind turbine on flat ground would be assumed. Flat ground is also representative of large areas of agricultural land in Southern Ontario. Various “worst case” meteorological situations will be considered. It was agreed that MG Acoustics would compute color plots showing the noise radiation over a 10 km × 10 km grid.
    If commercial software is going to be used to predict infrasound propagation then it is imperative that their low-frequency predictions be validated against calculations using either the PE or FFP methods. In this report, the FFP method was used to generate propagation results for a well-defined generic test site under specific meteorological conditions. This will permit Health Canada to perform comparable calculations using their commercial software and, hence, enable a comparison.
    It was agreed that MG Acoustics would perform calculations for the “worst case” meteorological situations (i.e. conditions that are expected to lead to highest sound levels) and for frequencies below 100 Hz and down to the infrasonic frequencies. These “worst case” meteorological conditions occur during inversion or inversion plus downwind propagation conditions and correspond to weather classes W1/S4, W2/S4, W3/S4, W1/S5, W2/S5, W3/S5 and W4/S5.
    Note that these seven weather classes occurred about 45% of the time (or 3942 hours out of 8760 hours) in 2013 in the area. However, a statistical analysis of levels around a wind turbine farm must also take the prevailing wind direction into account.
    During the summer, farm land will be covered with crops or tall grass. During a good part of the spring and fall, large portions of farm land will be uncultivated. During the winter, the ground will be frozen or partially frozen and often covered with a layer of snow. The snow cover can range from fresh snow to wind swept mature snow and also includes wet granular snow and ground only partially covered with snow (dry, wet or ice covered).
    The calculations revealed that only a fresh cover or a mature never-melted snow cover produced lower sound levels at the larger distance. For all other ground cover, the calculated levels were essentially the same.
    The calculations also revealed that the average levels for each frequency were comparable at the larger distance for all seven weather classes considered. There are systematic differences in the fine detail due to the interference between the large number of rays present during downward refraction. It is unlikely that this fine detail could be systematically resolved experimentally. However, fluctuations in levels are always observed during outdoor measurements. Variation in the fine detail over time also explains the spread in the measured levels shown in the Phase 1 report during the various inversion conditions between June and September.
    Finally, it must be cautioned that the profiles generated from the stability classes are generally only valid up to heights of 100 to 200 m. On other hand, reliable prediction sound levels at larger distances (> 2 km) generally requires profiles up to about 1 km. For larger distances it is best to use meteorological data obtained from weather balloons, sodar, etc.’

  10. How stupid can a communist be?

    Social Justice – the Premier of Ontario
    knows Canada is in an ‘election year’ –
    and, ‘mobilizing people to vote’
    for more ‘Social Justice’
    @ the federal level – [be it liberal, NDP, Green]
    will complete the picture of ‘communism’;
    and, billionaire communists will save the planet…..
    with confidence.

    Can you guess how many bicycles a household will be
    allowed to have?

    ‘[excerpt] “Catalist is all about mobilizing people to vote, and Tides is bringing to the table all their nonprofit friends,” Glynn said.

    And Tides is growing. In addition to its main nonprofit entity, Tides has expanded to include a Canadian counterpart to nurture new nonprofits for a 9 percent cut, and a real estate holdings company. Its latest tax documents show combined net assets of $215,755,973.

    “The Tides Foundation’s primary exempt purpose is grant-making,” its 2011 tax return said. “We empower individuals and institutions to move money efficiently and effectively towards positive social change.”

    That grant-making function helps explain Tides’ critical role, not just on the Left but in the White House. It has become a kind of banking operation of the Left.

    Indeed, when asked why some of its donors require anonymity, Tides spokesperson Byrne said, “Transparency comes in many forms … The only area where we choose not to disclose information is that of our anonymous donors. In this effort we stand with many longstanding institutions in our field such as RPA, Schwab, Fidelity, etc.”

    The analogy is telling: RPA is a marketing firm, of course. Schwab and Fidelity are investment and banking firms.

    “The Tides conglomerate is an octopus………’

    p.s. …but, it will be transparent!

    Go Falconer!…….he walks with you!
    God Bless!

  11. I have a graduate degree in Epidemiology and can say Denise Wolfe’s critique is sound. The study is of poor quality, it is not rigoroous and it cannot sustain any of the claims Health Canada is making. We need science-based policy not policy-based science. More rigorous scientific work, with unbiased scientific panel and players, is required.

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