Wind Action Groups respond to Health Canada Study


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    The good news about the Canada Health Study is that Toronto can now declare itself a willing host. And so can Peterborough, Ottawa, Hamilton, etc. City parks can have a turbine – several in the case of the large parks – and people can even have them in their large back yards. For example, there is plenty of land available in the affluent areas.

    Certainly Kathleen Wynne, the social justice Premier, can host a turbine on her property without fear that there will harmful health effects for her grandchildren.

    And there is room at Queen’s Park for at least three – maybe even five.

    Muskoka can also have a few wind farms now that Torontonians, including wind developers, with cottages there no longer have to be concerned about the health effects of shadow flicker, infra sound and stray voltage. The Muskoka lakes could be filled with them!

    Torontonians, with turbines proliferating at home in the City as well as throughout “cottage country”, may experience some “annoyance”, but that is a small price to pay. After all, these wind farms are saving our planet.

    And with all the good will – not to mention good health – generated by the presence of wind turbines in cities, urban property values will continue to skyrocket.

    Oh – and the really big turbines can go along the Toronto waterfront. They will totally interfere with Porter flights, but downtown Torontonians don’t want the island airport to expand, so it all works out.

    Win win! Thanks, Health Canada!

  2. ‘[excerpt] Detailed information on Health Canada’s Wind Turbine Noise and Health Study methodology, including the 60-day public consultation and peer review process is available on the Health Canada website. The detailed methodology for the study is also available in the peer reviewed literature (Michaud et al., Noise News International, 21(4): 14-23, 2013).’

    ‘[excerpt] Health Canada has released a summary of the results of the study. Results should only be considered final following peer review and publication in the scientific literature. The results of this study contribute to the body of peer-reviewed scientific research on wind turbine noise, but do not provide definitive answers on their own.’

  3. It often takes a considerable amount of time to prove or establish causality for medical conditions.

    Dr. Lynn has pointed this out but many don’t hear or want to hear what she says.

    This not an issue, for example, where you can use a microscope or electron microscope to discover/establish causality.

  4. It’s not that the Feds under Harper have been innocent bystanders.

    Lest we forget…during WPPI days, these developments were subject to the Federal Environmental Assessment Act (CEAA). Federal bureaucracies involved (under Harper government) didn’t acknowledge that “annoyance” due to proximity to IWTs was an “adverse effect” that had to be considered when doing an environmental assessment. NR Can’s website said something about farm tractors making noise too. People started crying foul and the Feds changed how the IWTs were being subsidized (replaced WPPI with a tax credit) so that the IWT developments were no longer subject to the CEAA. Problem solved!!!!

    So this study should be no surprise…esp. once you come to understand the purpose of government.

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