Niagara Wind Project approval appealed

democracy liberty freedomBy Dan Dakin, Welland Tribune
The company planning to build one of Canada’s largest industrial wind turbine farms in Niagara has been given the approval to move forward.   Niagara Region Wind Corp. said Wednesday it is on track to build its 77-turbine wind farm in Niagara region and Haldimand county, after the Ministry of the Environment issued its Renewable Energy Approval last week.

The turbines being installed — the majority to be located in West Lincoln — are some of the largest available at three megawatts each. The total development has a capacity of 230 MW, enough to power 70,000 homes and make it the fifth-largest wind farm in North America. “The is confirmation of all the work we’ve done over the past seven and a half years,” said Merv Croghan, CEO of NRWC.

But while the REA is one big hurdle, the private company is still a number of steps away from being able to start construction. “We’re moving forward with our very detailed construction design plans,” Croghan said. “We’re getting into the real micro detailing of the project.” Read article

26 thoughts on “Niagara Wind Project approval appealed

  1. What a disaster! Ontario Liberals destroying this province and Canada. Would be the fifth largest? This is something to be proud of? Nothing short of a civil war will stop this madness. God can not help us. Ontario will soon be broke as more and more major companies move out and shut their doors because of high price of electricity. Health Canada has opened the doors wider for massive development to proceed! So gullible, people that allowed this scam to get this far! We need to fight with closed fists. We have been too tolerate. All the money and time wasted on appeals did not even buy us time! I partly blame the PCs for running such a weak campaign where Hudat was more concerned about getting his honest message out about job cuts, that they shot themselves instead of running with the GEA scam and it’s cost period! What do we do now?

  2. The stages of this threat needs to be documented. It takes a toll on anyone who was planning to live in rural Ontario for the rest of their lives and now must consider that their family, their friends and their animals might suffer adverse health effects if a neighbour gets to put turbines too close to their home and they are powerless to stop this from happening, as has been the case so far for many people. As the reality unfolds and turbines are constructed, the imposition of these monstrous turbines on their immediate environment and the likelihood of losing their property value starts to weigh heavily.
    When a person realizes, after doing some research, that this is in fact happening to others in the province, the psychological realities of the threat become damaging to a sense of security.
    Document the whole experience for the class action lawsuit in case the threat becomes a reality.

    • Where have you been Sommer?! This has been happening for years in Ontario. This has taken it’s toll on many already. Peoples lives, their health, are in shambles. On top of that, these victims have been humiliated BEYOND belief.

  3. Does anyone know what the Status is of the Gunn Hill wind farm is in Woodstock ontario? Smaller development company so I’m finding it tought to find the particulars on it / timeline.


  4. Thank you for all that information Barbara,

    Just was wondering as this project has been in the works for the longest time but you never hear anything about it, nor do you see any of the wind resistance signs or news articles as you do around grand bend and used to in haldimand.

  5. Ah Nevermind, I see they are still awaiting their REA approval: Wind Oxford County
    Southwest Name: Gunn’s Hill Windfarm
    Proponent: Prowind Canada Inc.
    10 turbines with total generation capacity of 25MW Under Technical Review

    • People can’t raise objections to something they don’t know about.

      Look for who has money on the table and where.

      Now, according to their website, Bullfrog Power is investing in Gunn’s Hill Wind project.

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