Queen’s University professor disputes wind turbine report

Professor (Emeritus) Ph.D. (Leeds)

Professor (Emeritus) Ph.D. (Leeds)

Elliot Ferguson, Kingston Whig-Standard
KINGSTON, Ont. – One of the key experts backing opposition to a wind energy development on Amherst Island said a recent Health Canada study is more politics than science. John Harrison, a Queen’s University professor emeritus in physics and a member of the Association to Protect Amherst Island, located near Kingston, Ont., said the report contradicts itself and was not peer reviewed.

In a report released last week, Health Canada said there is no link between noise from wind turbines and adverse health effects. Health Canada scientists looked at communities that host wind farms. Two dozen government, academic and industry experts contributed to the study. Researchers examined 1,200 participants living within 2 km of wind turbines in Ontario and P.E.I.

Scientists found that while some residents living near wind turbines noted some indicators of stress — sleep disruption, headaches — there was nothing to indicate those stressors were the result of the wind turbines. Harrison pointed out that the report later states that annoyance caused by the noise from wind turbines is linked to sleep problems, illness, stress and quality of life. Read article

3 thoughts on “Queen’s University professor disputes wind turbine report

  1. Here’s an excellent comment made by Richard Mann to this article. This information from the Engineer’s report which he is referring to, needs to be a serious part of this conversation. Perhaps we need an ‘Engineers for CO2 Reduction Due to IWT’s Truth’ group to come forth.

    Richard Mann • 21 hours ago
    News from Ontario.

    The irony of this is that Ontario for all its money spent on subsidies for renewable energy, is not even reducing C02 emissions. We have been sold a bill of goods by our government, and by the environmental movement in general. Neither wants to admit that this scheme has been a huge failure.

    OSPE (Ontario Society of Professional Engineers) have written a number of reports that show the difficulty integrating intermittent wind energy into the electrical grid.For details look at the document “Engineering Expertise Vital to Success of Ontario’s Electricity System: OSPE”, Jan 16, 2013.

    Engineers’ reports are significant because they are legally bound to report success (or failure) of their projects. Reading the reports you’ll see what we have suspected all along. Engineers must follow government mandate (move to Green energy), but they cannot show a reduction in C02.

    • There can be all kinds of computer programs developed to try to manage the renewable energy grid but mother nature can wipe out transmission lines in a matter of minutes.

      And no one can prevent this from happening. So it is a huge mistake to install all these needed transmission lines in Ontario for renewable energy.

      Like to hear from any engineer who thinks this will work in the real world. Just about anything works on paper.

  2. And what about all those
    Negligent Professional Engineers of Ontario for Wind Turbines?
    A new organization called nPEO?

    Stamps the documents,
    So-and-so, nP.Eng.

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