Mothers appeal turbine approval

mum march12Grimsby Lincoln News, Amanda Moore
WEST LINCOLN — Despite government approval, a group of West Lincoln resident continues to fight impending industrial wind turbines. Earlier this month the provincial government gave the green light to a wind farm planned by Niagara Region Wind Corp. The company plans to erect 77 wind turbines with the majority located in the township. Mothers Against Wind Turbines Inc. is doing anything but accepting the approval and has filed an appeal the project.

The appellants allege they have several grounds to prove the proposed project will cause “serious and irreversible harm to plants, animals and the natural environment” — which is what the tribunal can make decisions based on. MAWT alleges the project could harm butterflies and an endangered tree species within the project study area. They say that studies on both by the proponent are incomplete and that site surveys for several natural features were not conducted.

The group also alleges the project will harm human health, alleging that more than 600 people will be experience negative health effects from the turbines and that the project is a violation of rights granted to all Canadians under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Read article

3 thoughts on “Mothers appeal turbine approval

  1. Right now the poll is running about 2/3 in favour of IWTs. Some of the comments on this article are so far removed from reality about IWTs that it is pathetic.

    If this project is not appealed then the later the government can say you had the chance to appeal which then becomes blame the victims.

    Background information on the developers was done awhile back but probably no one copied this information for future use.

  2. Some leaseholders don’t reside on lands being leased.Leaseholders who host turbines and actually live there are permitting turbines closer to their homes at less than the inadequate provincial setback standard of 550 m for profit with no regard for themselves or the children.

    Children harmed at home are usually taken in by the Children’s Aid.

    The province created this mess and should be dealing with it by not allowing setback exemption to happen.

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