Tom Adams on OFA: Turkeys Voting for Thanksgiving

mccabeTom Adams Energy
Yesterday, the Ontario Federation of Agriculture membership elected Don McCabe as president. Mr. McCabe was one of the architects of Ontario’s Green Energy and Green Economy Act, the main driver of the rampant price increases now hitting Ontario electricity consumers, including farmers.

In 2011, the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association awarded its Rural Community Power Leader Award to Mr. McCabe. The award recognized McCabe for the role he played in the Ontario Green Energy Act Alliance, the organizing body of the lobbyist campaign behind the creation of the Green Energy Act.

Here is an example of Mr. McCabe endorsing the Green Energy Act.

Here is an example of Mr. McCabe getting an earful from farmers and other rural folks who think McCabe’s advocacy for the Ontario Liberal government’s energy energy policies was a mistake. Read article

2 thoughts on “Tom Adams on OFA: Turkeys Voting for Thanksgiving

  1. McCabe’s position is nothing more than political pandering by someone who is emotionally wedded to the idea that green energy is a solution to AGW/Climate change/Extreme weather events, or whatever is the latest spin on the idea that we must stop the use of fossil fuels. Farmers need to withdraw their memberships and send a signal to OFA that their lobbying efforts is ignoring the needs of the farming community when it comes to the promotion of so called “green” energy like wind and solar.

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