Appeal denied relating to Dufferin Wind’s utility pole sealing work

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The Ontario Environmental Review Tribunal (ERT) has dismissed an appeal centred around the remedial utility pole sealing program completed by Dufferin Wind Power Inc. along its transmission line.

Earlier this fall, local resident Karren Wallace claimed the Ministry of the Environment (MOE) had made an amendment to Dufferin Wind’s Renewable Energy Approval (REA) license without properly consulting the public.

After holding a preliminary hearing on the matter earlier this month, the ERT dismissed Wallace’s appeal on Monday (Dec. 22). The ERT meeting scheduled to be heard in Shelburne on Jan. 5 was cancelled as well.

“DWPI does not see the dismissal of Ms. Wallace’s appeal as a victory; rather it was the only outcome that could be expected,” Dufferin Wind said in a statement released to the media. “That being said, it is important to stress to the community that DWPI is acting in everyone’s best interests in terms of the pole capping mitigation measures that were voluntarily put in place to protect the aquifers.” Read article

2 thoughts on “Appeal denied relating to Dufferin Wind’s utility pole sealing work

  1. Hello Ontario,
    It has been quite obvious that the government has an agenda; and will continue to bully and steamroll Ontario. They are up to their eyeballs in alligators, and have no other option than to move forward with their corrupt activity stealing Ontarions blind. Don’t underestimate the government, they have everything to lose.
    Our only salvation is to kick the Liberals to the curb. Give them some of their own medicine, fast and dirty.

  2. Perhaps when there is missing or incomplete information associated with obtaining a government contract this could be attempting to defraud the government?

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