Road use agreement to be proposed for Suncor wind project

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Lambton County’s public works department is gathering comments from residents about power lines Suncor Energy plans to build near or on county road allowances as part of its 46-turbine Cedar Point Wind energy project. Lambton residents have until Feb. 3 to submit comments to Jason Cole, the county’s manager of public works, by e-mail at, or by phone at 519-845-0801, ext. 5370.

“We’re try to address any of the concerns we can within the construct of the road use agreement, or will respond accordingly as to why those issues can’t be dealt within this agreement,” Cole said. “It’s a valuable process that we’ve initiated to make sure everyone is aware of what we can and cannot deal with, and how this project will impact the county roads.”

Transmission lines for the wind project are expected to be built close to county roadways, while collection lines from the turbines to a transmission station are expected to be buried within county road allowances, Cole said. “Those two aspects have a very large impact on the county road allowance and we want to make sure we protect its long-term viability.” The proposed agreement will also lay out responsibilities for any damage to the road allowance during construction, he added. Read article

4 thoughts on “Road use agreement to be proposed for Suncor wind project

  1. Simple solutions to the dilemma….. Just get the affected municipalities to capitulate to the developers and allow the steel towers to be erected on the road allowance and then place “guard rails” around them so that vehicles, during an accident, will simply “bounce off” these “guard rails” rather than directly impacting upon the poles, or their concrete foundations, themselves. Give these same developers carte blanche to crush the ends of any and all culverts that drain into these roadside ditches and, as a further act of cooperation, cancel half-load season and allow the roads, in these municipalities, to be damaged to the point of being virtually impassable to regular traffic. Your “Road Use Agreement” will prevent any such unforeseen impacts from arising! It all worked so well in Haldimand County! Come take a look!

    • wow… that’s exactly what happened in Middlesex County too with poles and guardrail. But then the ERT just says you have to prove that a specific person will hit a specific pole on a said date, otherwise the poles aren’t safety hazards. Looking back, we should have found an Expert Fortune Teller for the tribunal hearing. Why does the province even bother having a roadside safety manual if nobody has to follow it in construction?

  2. Everyone needs to become familiar with the tactics being used to manipulate us. This piece of writing is out of the U.S. but not irrelevant, in my opinion.
    These manipulative tactics are of great interest to the Investigator at the Office of the Ombudsman for Ontario.

    • Saskachewan’s Environmental Champions

      Elizabeth Dowdeswell

      Utah State University – Behavioural Sciences

      Dowdeswell: “Where we need to put our real effort is in understanding how to bring about attitudinal and behavioural change on the part of individuals and institutions.”

      And she is now Lieutenant Governor of Ontario and long time associate of Maurice Strong.

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