‘Sizzling’ noise from Samsung wind turbine transmission line a concern for council

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Some Haldimand council members are concerned about a “sizzling” noise coming from Samsung Renewable Energy’s transmission line. Ward 1 Coun. Leroy Barlett said he witnessed an usual noise along Haldimand Road 20 where the transmission line runs. “It’s a sizzling of those lines up ahead,” he told council at the Jan. 13 committee meeting.

Bartlett said he feels this is one of a number of “significant issues” related to Samsung’s transmission project. “We have towers that I think are put in the wrong spot,” Bartlett said. “Now, we have these concerns from residents about the sizzling or crackling of the lines.” He suggested council send letters to the province and Samsung about these issues, and added that he feels residents “shouldn’t have to live through” this.

Bartlett’s concerns were backed up by other councillors at the meeting when Ward 2 Coun. Fred Morison said he also heard the noises as well. Morison described the transmission line noise as “bacon frying.”

“If you got these things making noise then there’s obviously a lot of power getting out that shouldn’t be at all,” Coun. Craig Grice added. “Maybe I’m right. Maybe I’m wrong, but I think we should find that out.” Read article

26 thoughts on “‘Sizzling’ noise from Samsung wind turbine transmission line a concern for council

  1. Mr. Bartlet,
    This has been going on in the Norfolk County development for YEARS! How much was the vibrancy fund received by Haldimand?? Buzzing, sizzling, cracking, it’s all the same. Don’t worry about the people, it only harms some of them, and not seriously. Shoulda llistened to the voices of residents of Norfolk prior to your development.
    Haldimand really didn’t care about neighboring Norfolk and their concerns living with the turbines; until the turbines were built in their own back yards. :-/
    Should I call the whaaaaambulance?

  2. “If you shut up truth and bury it under the ground, it will but grow, and gather to itself such explosive power that the day it bursts through it will blow up everything in it’s way.”
    Emile Zola

  3. High Voltage Laboratory

    ‘Audible noise from high voltage overhead transmission lines (CONOR)

    Foul weather (rain,fog, snow and frost) can lead to discharges on high voltage transmission lines. These corona discharges result in a broadband crackling noise.

    And this noise can cause particular annoyance.

    Article is accessed through:


    Select the article title.

    Background information that confirms residents complaints.

  4. Local government should be accountable and responsible.

    Everyday stupidity:
    ‘[excerpt] Some Haldimand council members are concerned…..’

    Okay – then……..
    – therefore citizens should be asking,

    p.s. the mayor and CAO must be ‘exasperated’ – eh?
    p.p.s. I suppose it’s the thought that counts

    Wait – what really counts?

  5. Corona is quite normal for anyone used to working in a high voltage electrical enviroment. However, the location of these poles has brought that phenomina closer to the general public who are not used to the effect. As has been point out above, its degree is sensitive to voltage, humidity in the air (particularly during fog in spring and fall), the sharp ends of conductors or stand off insulators. In the days of tall ships corona was called St. Emo’s fire. That same blue light can’t be seen around corona points during dark hours in the right conditions.
    How can you fix it? A better insulator design to reduce corona would have been a better choice, however, that wouldn’t likely have eliminated the effect, just reduced it.
    As i mentioned, this is a normal occurance in a high voltage electrical enviroment.

  6. ……..a correction to the my above submission. I sometimes type too fast. The bluish haze of corona or St. Elmo’s fire CAN be seen in dark hours i the right conditions.

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