Huron East Council’s Reconsideration of Vibrancy Fund Draws Ire of HEAT

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Huron East Against Turbines (HEAT) is encouraging Huron East Council to go with its gut and not change its mind on a vibrancy fund offered by St. Columban Wind Energy that council rejected last year. Jeanne Melady of HEAT spoke to council at its Jan. 20 meeting, saying that the stance of the wind turbine opposition group has not changed since the issue was first up for consideration over one year ago. The group still has many concerns with the proposed agreement, none of which have been addressed in the last year.
MacLellan suggested raising the issue once again late last year at the first meeting of the new council after the October election. He said he felt the time was right to revisit the issue.

Melady told council that she felt “common sense” was required when considering the issue, specifically the rights council would be “giving up” by agreeing to enter into such a contract. First, she said, members of the group resented becoming the “sacrificial lamb” that was being seen as standing in between the municipality and some revenue.

Some Huron East residents, she said, have made negative comments towards the group, saying it’s keeping the municipality from the money. Melady suggests that one thing is not related to the other and the group shouldn’t be demonized for its stance against wind turbines, just because there is money on the other side of the scale. Read article

10 thoughts on “Huron East Council’s Reconsideration of Vibrancy Fund Draws Ire of HEAT

  1. Don’t take the money! Let’s face it, if turbines are as wonderful as these people say they are, why do they have to offer you money. Kind of reminds me of strangers and candy!

  2. If the council agrees to accept money, for allowing their rural citizens to be harmed, they are complicit in the travesty! Why should one group of people, benefit financially, while the other group loses value in their home and property, and suffers the noise, infrasound, light flicker, and even the ruined view, it will NOT be the view that they chose when they moved to a rural location. Disgusting that the council, would even consider it!

  3. St. Columban Wind Energy – works its artistry!

    ‘[excerpt] MacLellan suggested raising the issue once again late last year at the first meeting of the new council after the October election. He said he felt the time was right to revisit the issue.’

    ‘[excerpt] In an interview after the meeting, Huron East Mayor Bernie MacLellan stated that no timeline has been set for the discussion pertaining to revisiting the fund. He says that whenever council wants to have that discussion, he would encourage it, but it still remains to be seen if St. Columban Wind Energy would even offer the fund again if council were to return over one year after rejecting it.’

    p.s. He already knows – part of the process
    is – taking the money!

    Especially now – after the municipal election.

  4. much like in Southgate Township; with most of the council new, at the very first council meeting one of the incumbents (who was one of the few of the previous council that voted against becoming an unwilling host) made a motion to reverse the unwilling host status for industrial wind turbines. He was so eager to get this on the table the clerk had to tell him he was out of order and to wait until the proper time in the agenda. Unfortunately Southgate foolishly agreed to become a willing host to solar projects, before they had even negotiated a deal.

    As for Huron East expecting any monies for a vibrancy fund, good luck with collecting that. They might want to look into the proponents’ fiscal activities. Capstone et al, the proponents for several projects in Dufferin, Grey & Simcoe counties, have several smaller companies that own subsidiary companies (it’s like tracing the genealogy for French royalty) trading for pennies on the TSX yet have huge liabilities and long term debts, selling projects to get funds in order to qualify for loans to purchase more lucrative projects, in other words Ponzi at its best.

  5. Politicians + ‘Free’ cash = how soon can we screw our own voters and accept this offer?

    I think NRWC were offering a around a $2m ‘Bribrancy’ Fund to West Lincoln and when West Lincoln Council rejected it NRWC threatened to find their own supporters in the municipality to give it to! I don’t know if this has happened?

    First, in the scheme of things, $2m over 20 years is pretty much ‘chump’ change from a 20 year contract with more than 70 Industrial Wind Machines. And that’s if they actually honour it!
    (The 5 smaller HAF machines already infecting West Lincoln will be paying somewhere around $70m+ under their FIT contract. Do the math………… 🙂 )

    Second, and even more insane. How can any Council with a grain of integrity or intelligence think it’s OK to accept a bribe which is guaranteed by the tax payers and no one else?
    Do they honestly believe that this wind scam is at all dependent on any wind energy company actually ‘investing’ their own dollars?
    Andrew Watts

  6. When the oil and other U.S. corporations offered “sweeteners” in order to get the business from middle east companies/governments they were prosecuted for bribery — they should have called these “vibrancy funds”. What’s in a name?

  7. Some local councils don’t know or don’t want to know where the money for wind and solar projects is coming form or where the money is going.

    Developers wave a few dollars in front of them and go for it without thinking things through.

  8. Kudos to HEAT and West Lincoln Council for sticking up for the residents.

    In Haldimand County, council declared a moratorium in March of 2011 then did an about-face in Sept. and signed a Community Bribrancy Fund agreement with NextEra, Capital Power, Samsung and NRWC for about 1.9 million/yr for 20 years despite the standing room only and 40 enraged speakers at council til midnight that night against it. Then if council didn’t decide to borrow on that 37.9 million to get 80% of the community projects completed by 2016 and the remaining 20% used by 2018 reducing the total amount to 24 million net at present. Taken from The Sachem newspaper: “Mayor Ken Hewitt stated that this term of council had to deal with the negative comments that stemmed from the agreement, and he didn’t want to see another term reap the rewards from it.” “We want to make sure that we get the funds [and the projects] on the ground as quickly as possible,” said Mayor Ken Hewitt. “I would like to see the councillors that have been involved benefit from that, and I would like to see myself benefit from that – benefit from the perspective of pride.” Barf, barf.
    The two projects running for a year did pay their yearly allotment of the fund last year.

    Then, in business, you’re never given something for nothing. Stated in the CV Fund, “the County shall withdraw any objections related to the Wind Project as proposed by the Proponent, including any objections made by the County to the Ontario Energy Board.” So council withdrew as intervenors on Samsung’s application for the 19 km 230 kV transmission line after they signed the fund agreement. In their intervenor request letter the county had been concerned about the closeness of poles to travelled lanes but had to withdraw shortly after that. The OEB commented that even though the county was an approved intervenor and owner of the road right of way, the county had asked no questions and made no submissions about the route of the line or use of the right of way. The Road Use Agreement also gave Samsung use of the ROW. Now that’s all coming back at them as residents and council members alike are concerned for public safety with the installed poles so close to the road. Some poles are so close they require guard rails which are not up yet. Cement barricades for now.

    • Hey country girl,

      Mayor Ken Hewitt – has a financial business – and I’m assuming
      people pay him – for financial advice.

      Or does he work for free?

      And still the mayor – imagine that.

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