DOWN WIND – Full Documentary now available to watch (free!)

Down Wind is the explosive documentary that examines Ontario’s controversial rush into wind farm development. Produced by Surge Media, Down Wind exposes how this Canadian provinces’ green energy dream turned into a nightmare for rural residents forced to live among the towering 50 storey turbines. We hear searing, personal stories of people experiencing mysterious health problems, insomnia, depression, even thoughts of suicide; their lives turned upside down by the constant noise and vibrations given off by the massive wind turbines. The documentary also reveals the staggering economic costs of these wind farms to taxpayers with huge subsidies going to big wind corporations. And how inside connections have made some government cronies wealthy, while rural communities suffer. The film aired on Canada’s Sun News Network. Media write up here:….
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7 thoughts on “DOWN WIND – Full Documentary now available to watch (free!)

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    • Tye, even though the issue of hydraulic fracking could become another serious assault to people in rural Ontario, our focus must remain on industrial wind turbines and the Green Energy Act right now.
      We will set a precedent with this issue that will be loud and clear on behalf of rural people in Ontario.
      Ruining our lives with another ill conceived ‘experiment’ won’t even be considered, as they face the massive fallout from industrial wind turbines.

  2. Foo ken sad place. It seems so foo ken phucked up. How could this gotten so out of hand?
    who pays? Where do these people hide after the fall out? How do people regain what they lost in this lab test?
    Hope something can punish all those that profit on our backs and had us tortured by these towers.

    • Watching this again will strengthen our resolve to continue to work on all of the various facets of this massive injustice until justice is served in this province; to all who refused to listen; to those who listened with utter disrespect for the victims and those threatened relentlessly, and for the media who were complicit in not giving rural people a voice.

      This documentary may even have a healing effect in our communities.

      Thank you again Rebecca Thompson and all who participated in making it!

  3. Falmouth Massachusetts – Vestas was aware of the noise from Vestas V 82 Type 1.65 Megawatt turbines in 2010
    August 3, 2010
    Mr. Gerald Potamis
    WasteWater Superintendent
    Town of Falmouth Public Works
    59 Town Hall Square
    Falmouth, MA 02540
    RE: Falmouth WWTF Wind Energy Facility II “Wind II”, Falmouth, MA
    Contract No. #3297
    Dear Mr. Potamis,
    Due to the sound concerns regarding the first wind turbine installed at the wastewater treatment facility, the manufacturer of the turbines, Vestas, is keen for the Town of Falmouth to understand the possible noise and other risks associated with the installation of the second wind turbine.
    The Town has previously been provided with the Octave Band Data / Sound performance for the V82 turbine. This shows that the turbine normally operates at 103.2dB but the manufacturer has also stated that it may produce up to 110dB under certain circumstances. These measurements are based on IEC standards for sound measurement which is calculated at a height of 10m above of the base of the turbine.
    We understand that a sound study is being performed to determine what, if any, Impacts the second turbine will have to the nearest residences. Please be advised that should noise concerns arise with this turbine, the only option to mitigate normal operating sound from the V82 is to shut down the machine at certain wind speeds and directions. Naturally this would detrimentally affect power production.
    The manufacturer also needs confirmation that the Town of Falmouth understands they are fully responsible for the site selection of the turbine and bear all responsibilities to address any mitigation needs of the neighbors.
    Finally, the manufacturer has raised the possibility of ice throw concerns. Since Route 28 is relatively close to the turbine, precautions should be taken in weather that may cause icing.
    To date on this project we have been unable to move forward with signing the contract with Vestas. The inability to release the turbine for shipment to the project site has caused significant [SIC] delays in our project schedule. In order to move forward the manufacturer requires your understanding and acknowledgement of these risks. We kindly request for this acknowledgement to be sent to us by August 4, 2010, as we have scheduled a coordination meeting with Vestas to discuss the project schedule and steps forward for completion of the project.
    Please sign in the space provided below to indicate your understanding and acknowledgement of this letter. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me.
    (Bruce Mabbott’s signature)
    Bruce Mabbott Gerald Potamis
    Project Manager Town of Falmouth
    CC: Sumul Shah, Lumus Construction, Inc.
    (Town of Falmouth’s Wind-1 and Wind-2 Construction contractor)
    Stephen Wiehe, Weston & Sampson
    (Town of Falmouth’s contract engineers)
    Brian Hopkins, Vestas
    (Wind-1, Wind-2’s turbine manufacturer, and also Webb/NOTUS turbine)

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