Proposed Mattawa wind project opposed by locals

Can you feel the wind of change? When it comes to the proposed industrial wind turbine farm for the Mattawa area, many concerned residents cannot.

Innergex Renewable Energy, the Quebec-based company proposing the industrial turbine system, held a public consultation meeting at the Mattawa Senior Citizens Club on Monday night, where a capacity crowd seemed to vehemently oppose what is being put forward. With Innergex project developers on hand and multiple displays outlining the company’s plans, local representatives took to the microphone and rallied the hundreds in attendance.

The Nodinosi Project, which translates into “spirit of the wind” in the Algonquin language, calls for the installation of 50-60 wind turbines on Crown Land in the Olrig and Mattawan Townships just North of the Mattawa River. Those turbines, expected to range anywhere between 80-120 metres in height, are anticipated to have the capacity of 150 megawatts. But the development has catalyzed a strong reaction from local opposition, including the First Nations, the Lake Talon Conservation Association (LTCA), and many area residents. Read article

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  1. This story sheds more light on the Anti-Christ that has currently taken up the throne at Drag Queens Park! Dictatorships like this will fall, but cleaning up the poop from the elephant in the parade once it passes, is a long term damage that is a disgusting and expensive shame for all of this generations and future generations to bear!

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