First Nations Information Rally Against Nodinosi Wind Turbine Proposal


When: Friday, March 6, 2015
 Time: 7:00 p.m.
 Where: 2nd Floor Meeting Room of the Mike Rodden Arena  & Community Centre,  450 Hurdman Street,  Mattawa, ON

Who: The Members of both First Nations will be in attendance, as well  as Members of the Lake Talon Conservation Association, our MPP,  Local Municipal Government Mayors and Reeves and Citizens of the  area.

Why: The Innergex-­‐sponsored meeting of February 23rd regarding  the Nodinosi 150 Megawatt Wind Farm did not allow a full and proper  participation by our First Nations Representatives and Members,  and other parties such as the Lake Talon Conservation Association

The Mattawa/North Bay and Antoine First Nations Chiefs will speak  in opposition to this project and set out the reasons why and what we  intend to do to oppose the project and ensure the Province of Ontario  and Innergex are listening.

The floor will be open to other groups and individuals opposing the  project, including the Lake Talon Conservation Association. Local  Municipal Government Representatives are also invited to speak.
Nipissing MPP Vic Fedeli has accepted our invitation to speak.

Chief Clifford Bastien Jr. 705-­‐744-­‐3360  Chief Davie Joannise 705-­‐744-­‐5695

12 thoughts on “First Nations Information Rally Against Nodinosi Wind Turbine Proposal

  1. First Nations speak out against Green fraudster Wind bullies. This should be front page everywhere, especially in Toronto.

  2. Are you aware of how the Delphi technique is being used to manipulate communities? Read this.

    Each and every time I voiced my response to K2 Wind, I expressed in no uncertain terms my concern regarding siting of these turbines and their infrastructure. It made common sense to me. I did not want them to place the turbines and infrastructure close to people’s homes and barns. They did it anyway.
    Many other people did the same but were ignored.

  3. Talk about getting on top of an issue right out of the gate.

    Congratulations to the opponents for their swift and forceful action.

    Put the boots to this ridiculous proposal once and for all.

  4. Practice Rally!

    I suppose it’s best to tread lightly –
    on the 2nd floor – floor boards…….
    before taking – to the podium
    @ Queens Park.

    Fight! Fight! Fight!

    • Nice work Tye!

      People need to know why electricity use has to be switched to off-peak as well if you have the time do do this?

  5. Is anyone going to that meeting? Now is the time to build contacts with Native communities. Even if you don’t go, it is worth getting in touch by phone.

  6. I was at the meeting in Mattawa last Friday evening. Over 300 in attendance. One local man said it well, “I can’t understand how these guys come in from “away”, wreck our forests, build these huge wind turbines, then sell the electricity to the USA”. There was unity and solidarity of 5 First Nations, 6 Mayors, the local Development Corp., the Lake Talon Conservation Association, the MP for the riding Jay Aspin, and the MPP for the riding Vic Fedeli – all opposing this unnecessary proposal. How much better can that get!! The First Nations led the charge by pointing out that the Innergex proposal straddled land which was part of their Land Claims settlement. The Provincial Government’s own regulations stipulate that Land Claims are a “show-stopper” for Wind Turbine development. So we are all hoping that the Provincial Government will intervene and that Innergex will pack up their bags and leave town and never come back. Accolades to Chief Bastien and to Chief Joanisse of the First Nations that led this opposition to the wind turbine development.

  7. Agreed John Kelsall. This should stand as a example for all intelligent people worldwide, in the fight against Environmentaly destructive, health/community destroying, ‘faux’ green energy projects such as useless IWTs. This is a great start, but they must now stand firm together, and if necessary, blockade any development the wind weasels attempt to start building, taking over all lands from the anti-comunity deed holders, who’ve agreed to let IWTs on their land (legally natives lands) in the first place. Those who allow IWTs on thier land, don’t deserve to hold said lands, to destroy for all other future purposes forever & a day. This land should be put back into native hands to protect for future generations.
    All IWT projects must similarity be blockaded and driven out of Ontario along with this Treasonous ,lying, illegitimate, Liberal, dictatorship. F’k them. They weren’t democratically elected but gained power again by corrupt as H, big Union negative / untrue advertising, which is illegal in all democracies across Canada & the entire world.
    Ontario is now a backwater, hellhole, joke of province & of its former (pre-McGuilty/Wynne) greatness. These treasonous Wynne Liberals must be removed from Queers Park asap, by any means required. Preferably non-violently, but they will determine that. 9ne way or the other they’ll be removed. All honest cops will be on our side so no worry there. They’ll have to find & build their own resistance forces, because we own the cops and the Canadian armed forces. And the native Warriors are also on our side.
    I can dream right?

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