NextEra planning another 50-60 turbines for Middlesex-Lambton

2013 MLWAG mapSarnia Observer, Paul Morden
NextEra Energy is signing up landowners for a possible new wind energy project in eastern Lambton County and neighbouring Middlesex County. The company that built the 92-turbine Jericho project in Lambton, as well as projects in Middlesex, Huron and other Ontario counties, is developing plans for its Hardy Creek Wind Energy Centre in Warwick, Brooke-Alvinston and Adelaide-Metcalfe townships.

“We’ve got a base of landowners signed up,” said Ben Greenhouse, director of development for NextEra Canada. “We’re interested in signing more.”

The company has also approached municipal governments in the three communities as it prepares to bid under the Large Renewable Procurement process expected to award contracts for up to 300 MW of new wind energy generation in Ontario. “There is still a major hurdle for the project to overcome, which is getting a contract to sell power,” Greenhouse said. “The project is really in its infancy right now.”

Ontario’s Independent Electricity System Operator released final details for a request for proposals Tuesday, with a submission deadline of Sept. 1. NextEra is one of 42 companies that qualified earlier to submit proposals under the new procurement program. Greenhouse said NextEra is considering a 100-MW to 120-MW proposal for the Hardy Creek project, with a maximum of 50 to 60 turbines. Read article

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  1. When is this madness going to stop? Greedy landowners are allowing this destruction of the land, the county and this Province! They have no SHAME! For those that chose not, Thank You. Keep up the fight, someday, somehow this scam will bite them in the ass and we will win!

    • This madness will end when there are no more subsidies and the province is bankrupt. There will be no winner in the end. The damage is done. The biggest losers will be Dalton McGuinty and his band of criminals. Repay the people of Ontario and lock up the killers.
      The people of Ontario are complacent,dumb downed passive people with minimal values. We need to support these people who have had to abandon their homes. Sooner then later these wind turbines will come to your own back yards.
      Let’s not forget about the people who have become ill from exposure to LFN. Where will these people live? How will they afford to keep uprooting and moving away from yet another wind turbine development?

  2. The U.S. SEC NextEra Energy Partners LP, Form 10-K for the year ended Dec.31, 2014 can be copied. This is an official sworn U.S. Government document and not hearsay. These SEC documents are open to the public.

    This can be shown to disbelievers or they can go online and read it for themselves.

    The public needs to know about not having to pay income taxes and the yieldcos situation.

    Yieldco is short for yield company.

    Renewable energy projects are bundled into yieldco companies and then units/shares of the yieldco can be traded on financial exchanges.

    The PPA aggrements are 20 years take or pay contracts.

    The proceeds from the sale of yieldcos can be used to pay off the debt of the parent company and or to invest in more new renewable energy projects.

  3. Barbara, would you be able to explain precisely how your research can be used to stop the developments of NextEra in Middlesex-Lambton?
    How do you advise that people use this information?

    • It’s a good bet that the public knows nothing about these yieldcos as this is in the development stages anyway. It’s a secondary trading market that makes it possible to raise cash for more renewable energy projects.

      Developers got the PPAs which are take or pay contracts for 20 years. These guaranteed PPA contracts furnish the cash to fund payments to yieldco investors.

      Yieldcos can be structured in different ways. The present NextEra yieldco is bundled by including both winds and solar projects. So these yieldcos can be bundled using a few projects at a time.

      In a few years or even less time rural Ontario could be “covered” in yieldcos or yieldco companies comprised of renewable energy projects.

      The PPAs along with all the tax breaks developers get for renewable energy projects makes it possible to do this.

      Show people where to get more information as this topic is on the internet. Used those three references as they are all public records and everyone can talk about them and the information they contain.

      What does Wynne know about this situation?

      • LEXPERT, Oct.8, 2014

        “Northland Power Solar Finance One completes private placement”

        Northland Power Solar Finance LP issued $232 M principal amount bonds.

        The bonds are backed by six Ground-Mounted ,10 MW, Phase l projects, each a wholly-owned subsidiary of Northland Power Inc.

        An example of a company subsidiary using debt/bonds to raise capital for a parent company use.

        Yieldcos are not the only way to raise capital.

      • SEDAR Filing, Feb.23, 2015

        Annual Information Form:
        Northland Power for Year Ended Dec.31, 2014


        The six ,10 MW, Phase l solar projects are located near: Smith Falls, Belleville and Huntsville, ON.

        See SEDAR website for more information

      • SEDAR Filings for Northland Power

        Annual Information Forms Filed 2012-2014

        Comprised of 13 ,10 MW ( 130 MW) solar projects about $600-$610 Million capital cost for all of these solar projects

        Phase 1: Solar Projects, 6, Ground Mounted 10 MW, Smithsfalls, Belleville & Huntsville.

        Capital Cost ~ $285 Million

        On Oct.8, 2014 the company issued $232 M ($229, net of costs) in a 4.397% amortizing series A bonds for these 6 solar projects of 60 MW total.

        A lot of money was raised from these 6 solar projects.


        SEDAR Filing, NPI Annual Report filed 2-24-15

        Pages 130-136
        P.133: Deferred Incomes Taxes

        Has the information on company deferred income taxes.

        For example:
        “Northland has operating losses available for carryforward in Canada and the Netherlands of $11.8 million & $83.4 million that expire beginning in 2015.”

      • SEDAR Filing, TransAlta Renewables Annual Report, 2014

        TransAlta Eastern Canada Wind projects include: Wolfe Island & Melancthon

        The production and financial figures for these projects are on p.37 for the Quarters ended Dec.31, 2013/14.

        In addition p.45
        TransAlta Corp.owns 70.3% of TransAlta Renewables

        Also an organizational diagram of TransAlta Corp. is included in this report.


        TransAlta Renewables Annual Information Form Filed Feb.12, 2015

        Pages 13-14
        Wolfe Island gets Eco Energy payments to 2019
        Melancthon 2 gets WPPI payments to 2016

        There is no direct link to this information.

        Search the Data Base for TransAlta Renewables. Company formed May 18, 2013.

      • Reuters, March 13, 2015
        TransaAta Renewable Inc. (RNW.TO)

        Quote, CAD $12.80/share


        Windpower Monthly, May 1, 2014

        ‘Wind companies ready to rave the capital markets’

        Scroll down to: Ongoing Investment

        “Another issue is the need to continue to build portfolios to maintain value for shareholders, meaning these companies need access to a sizable pipeline of future projects to invest in. ‘The assets that yieldcos own are wasting assets. Their contracted cash streams will eventually go away,’ explains Jenner.”

        Reason for the continued push for more renewable energy projects in Ontario.

      • TransAlta Renewables
        2015 Annual Information Form

        Power Sales, Grants and Incentives

        In addition tp PPAs additional incentives to stimulate investment in renewable power:

        Incentive payments based on the generation from renewable power facilities
        Capital Cost Grants
        Tax Credits, include accelerated depreciation
        Environmental attributes
        Tax Incentives like WPPI and EcoEnergy. Now ended but still paying to projects that qualified under these programs

      • Enbridge Income Fund Holdings Inc.

        Annual Information Form, Year Ended Dec.31, 2014 and Filed Feb.10, 2015

        Owns the Enbridge Ontario wind and solar projects

        Board of Directors Includes:

        M.Elizabeth Cannon, Director since 2010 and Pres. Univ.Calgary. Holds 25,300 common shares.

      • Investing Daily, Mar.6, 2015

        ‘First Solar Takes a Shine to Yieldco”

        “Yieldcos are investment vehicles spun off with income-generating assets to provide a predictable tax-deferred yield in exchange for cheap equity capital …”

        “But the accelerated depreciation provisions of the tax code and other tax breaks offered to renewable power producers means that they are able to report net losses for five years or more while paying out positive cash flow to investors via dividends that will be classified as a return of capital.”

        The above is for U.S. income tax code and should be similar for Canadian tax code.

        But this is the general idea of how this works. Accounting and tax terms used to describe this situation.

      • Hey Barbara,

        I always like to learn new things – that concerns money!

        If they can do it – and get away with it………….
        then maybe every private business in Canada
        – should try the same thing.

        Wait – or are they privileged?

        In Canada you can start a business – run it at a loss
        while building your business –
        but after the 3rd year – if you are not making money –
        and showing a return on investment
        – you might get questioned.


        Again – If they can do it – and get away with it………….
        then maybe every private business in Canada
        – should try the same thing.

        Hey – there might be hope for
        – small businesses!

      • TORYS LLP, Jan.,2015

        “Renewable Energy M&A: a Sustainable Growth Story’

        Development of Yieldcos in the sector:

        “yieldcos are publicly traded entities formed to acquire and hold portfolios of renewable energy generating assets. Yieldcos allow developers to monetize their interests in operating projects and use the funds to generate steady and consistent returns, they are able to pay out attractive dividends, making them popular with investors.”

      • Oh – you just reminded me………….

        When running a business:
        Surround yourself with – like minded people
        that you fully and completely – trust.

        It’s funny – lawyers get paid –
        – whether they win or lose.

      • The law is an ass – till proven differently.

        Welcome to Ontario!

    National Post | Douglas Quan and Adrian Humphreys
    March 13, 2015 | Last Updated: Mar 13 1:20 PM ET

    ‘[excerpt] Three senior members of the union representing Ontario Provincial Police officers, a high-profile Toronto lawyer and two business associates engaged in a massive deception to conceal ownership in a travel agency catering to first responders, according to allegations made in court documents unsealed Friday.

    The connections between the Ontario Provincial Police Association, its lawyer and others form a major part of a large RCMP fraud investigation alleging both grand misappropriation — such as condo investments in the Caribbean — as well as mundane office expenses and vacation time swindles.

    So far, police have not made any arrests or laid any charges and nothing has been proven in court.

    The affidavit to obtain a search warrant names Jim Christie, the union president, Martin Bain, vice-president, and Karl Walsh, chief administrative officer. All three are sworn police officers with the OPP, with Mr. Christie working as a Detective Sergeant the others as Constables. Mr. Walsh was also a failed Liberal candidate in Barrie during the 2011 provincial election.

    The affidavit also names Andrew McKay, a Toronto lawyer who often represents police associations and officers accused of wrongdoing, and two business partners in the travel agency, Klara Kozak and Noel Francis Chantiam.

    The police investigation began last year when the OPP received complaints from four members of the OPP Association alleging fraudulent activity by some senior members, the affidavit says. The OPP referred the complaint to the RCMP.

    “I have reasonable grounds to believe that the subjects of investigation, namely, Walsh, Christie, Bain, McKay, Kozak and Chantiam, have acted together to commit criminal offences of fraud and theft against the OPPA,” RCMP Sgt. Gordon Aristotle, an officer with an investigative background in financial crimes, wrote in an affidavit filed in court.

    “I believe that the subjects of investigation have organized various schemes, some which include companies for which they hold hidden beneficial ownership, that have been setup in order to obtain exclusive rights for services required by the OPPA. These services pertain to but are not limited to the travel and investment needs of the OPPA. In addition, some of the services offered by these companies are being promoted to the OPP membership throughout the province.”’

    ‘[excerpt] Last year, all employees of the Ontario Provincial Police Association were, without explanation, instructed to exclusively use a new travel service provider, First Response Travel Group, which was formed in June 2014.

    The union’s chief administrative officer, directed all employees to use the company for all travel needs, including arranging the association’s golf tournament, annual general meeting and spring board meeting. First Response was also marketed to its 6,000 uniformed members to use for personal travel.

    Corporate documents list Ms. Koziak and Mr. Chantiam as the partners in First Response. First Response meanwhile is listed as a division of Leximco Ltd., whose directors are Ms. Koziak and Mr. McKay.

    However, internal emails show that Mr. Christie, Mr. Bain and Mr. Walsh also owned shares in First Response. “In order to hide their ownership in First Response, the shares belonging to Bain, Walsh and Christie were being held in trust by Kozak through an offshore investment scheme,” investigators allege.’

    ‘[excerpt] Near the start of 2014, Msrs. Walsh, Christie and McKay took two trips to the Bahamas. Afterwards, they started to make “higher risk investment decisions” on behalf of the association, a stark deviation from the normally conservative investment strategy it historically followed, the affidavit says.

    One of the offshore investments wasn’t discovered by the rest of the association’s board until office staff requested back-up paperwork for a $20,000 charge to Mr. Walsh’s OPPA-issued credit card when the annual report was being prepared, the affidavit says.

    Mr. Walsh then explained it was a down payment on two condos in Nassau, Bahamas. One was valued at $1,563,000 and the other at $625,000.00. He said they was being bought as high-end vacation rental property investments for the OPPA, the document claims.

    The paperwork showed the condos had been bought in Mr. Walsh’s personal name with an address corresponding to Mr. McKay’s office, the affidavit says.

    The purchases had never been discussed by the board, the affidavit says and some complained it did not make sense since the association is a not-for-profit association.

    In August 2014, Mr. Walsh allegedly wired $100,015 of OPPA funds to the Cayman Islands to buy shares in New Income Fund Inc. The investment was described as a “high-risk, high-yielding offshore investment that is not regulated in Canada and there is no guarantee that the principal invested will be returned.”

    Mr. Walsh also allegedly said he intended to endorse the fund and encourage members to invest in it, the affidavit says.

    The RCMP are also looking into other allegations of enrichment by the three OPPA executives, relating to allegedly fraudulent claims for vacation leave payouts and personal expenses, that predate the other allegations, although they are not the primary focus of the probe, the affidavit says.

    “The totality of the alleged behavior demonstrates an ongoing breach of trust,” says the affidavit.

    The OPP Association is expected to release a statement on Friday. Earlier this week, it had announced that Mr. Christie and Mr. Bain had voluntarily stepped aside and that Mr. Walsh had been placed on administrative leave.

    Mr. McKay and Ms. Kozak have previously declined to speak to the Post about the allegations.

    More to come…

    With files from Ishmael N. Daro’

    • $20,000 – and put it in my name!

      ‘[excerpt] One of the offshore investments wasn’t discovered by the rest of the association’s board until office staff requested back-up paperwork for a $20,000 charge to Mr. Walsh’s OPPA-issued credit card when the annual report was being prepared, the affidavit says.

      Mr. Walsh then explained it was a down payment on two condos in Nassau, Bahamas. One was valued at $1,563,000 and the other at $625,000.00. He said they was being bought as high-end vacation rental property investments for the OPPA, the document claims.

      The paperwork showed the condos had been bought in Mr. Walsh’s personal name with an address corresponding to Mr. McKay’s office, the affidavit says.

      Oh yeah – about the math?

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