North Bay town hall meeting on Wind Turbines


8 thoughts on “North Bay town hall meeting on Wind Turbines

  1. The discussions taking place about global warming/climate change are beyond what the vast majority of people can understand as they lack the scientific education to be able to do so.

    There are very complex issues involved in climate studies.

    People have been led to think that CO2 is the only issue involved in this situation. This has been pounded into people heads for years and now how do you overcome this? Fear is a very difficult thing to deal with.

  2. This was in an article I read today …..WOW.

    “Pleased with the victory in Mattawan, Fedeli says he plan to “keep the pot boiling” to keep the turbines from being built.

    “So now we’ll turn the guns, clean them and aim them towards (the wind farm) in North Bay, says Fedeli.

    “We’ll let the people know on a really, really massive scale, what the consequences of that wind project will be. And 32,000 wind brochures went to every household in Nipissing to explain why their hydro bill has tripled.”

    The MPP is also planning a town hall meeting next Tuesday at the Davedi Club.”

    [It’s a war cry.]

    Rally the troops! (AKA conservative voters)
    Talk about guns!

    ‘[excerpt] So now we’ll turn the guns, clean them and aim them towards (the wind farm) in North Bay, says Fedeli.’


    ‘[excerpt] Prime Minister Stephen Harper says it’s “patently ridiculous” to interpret remarks he made last week as suggesting Canadian gun owners should take the law into their own hands.

    Speaking to the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities last Thursday, Harper said guns are needed for safety in rural areas.

    “My wife’s from a rural area. Gun ownership wasn’t just for the farm. It was also for a certain level of security when you’re a ways from immediate police assistance,” Harper said.’
    March 18, 2015


    ‘[excerpt] An Ottawa Police Service constable has been placed on administrative duty after he was charged with impaired driving Friday.

    Police say Const. Brodie Muldoon, 31, allegedly struck a parked car on Belcourt Boulevard in Orléans when he was off-duty Thursday night. […]

    The Ottawa Police Service Professional Standards Section has begun an investigation into this matter.

    “This matter is before the courts and it is important that we respect due process,” said Ottawa Police Chief Charles Bordeleau.

    “The Ottawa Police Service expects the conduct of all officers to be of the highest standard and reflective of the values of our community.”’
    March 20, 2015

    What does YOUR community value?

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