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“Big Wind” explores the conflict over the controversial development of industrial wind turbines in Ontario. It is a divisive issue that at times pits neighbour against neighbour, residents against corporations, and the people against their government.

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  1. The comments coming in on the TVO site are well worth checking out. We have strong support from intelligent people.
    Even a tweet from Kevin O’Leary!

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  3. Public opinion that climate change is happening must change. ….all other arguments no matter how well founded won’t do anything to halt this ripoff….media spouting the nonsense needs called out, refuted at every opportunity….liberal saving the planet sellout needs defeated, or they get the vote….even at the outrageous price….Ontario needs saved only from this government big lies…..can the federal government save us with a national energy policy requiring a real use, affordable?….

  4. I watched Big Wind and felt bad for the farmers (but not the hobby farmers) who can’t bare to leave their land. I tried to think what I would do if I were in their shoes. Not being a sentimental person, if I owned a family farm, I’d put a dozen wind turbines on my property and go buy another farm somewhere else. At $10K annually per turbine, I’d be able to afford a second property. It’s hard to know what will be worse for these farmers, leaving their farms or dealing with their anxiety over wind turbines. My guess is the latter will take more years off their lives.

  5. Production of these so called IWT “health studies” should come under intense scrutiny!

    It’s possible that there is a set-up involved?

    • Of course there is a set up. Our federal and other global governments made plans many years ago to create reports and literature reviews to prepare for industry and government in the event they are called out on the health impacts. They have prepared a library of reports. It is right in freedom of information documents. The federal government is highly to blame for this tragic situation.

      • Hey snowball,

        re: your comment

        Is this suppose to be some sort of
        workable thought?

      • And if Canada could be used in this situation to put this over on the rest of the world? Then what?

      • All that is needed is to run an issue through the right people and/or the right organizations to accomplish what is intended.

      • As if there’s a rubber-stamp..


    • I have requested infra sound and turbine operational data collected by a company, MG Acoustics, under contract to Health Canada. So far my request has been refused by Health Canada.

      If anyone has the time/energy to file a “freedom of information” request, please do so. This is public information, the more pressure the better.

      Please ask for: “All correspondence between MG Acoustics and Health Canada, including any reports, letters, Email, and data files. In addition, all data (acoustic pressure recordings, weather measurements and turbine operational information, etc) used to prepare MG Acoustics report(s) to Health Canada.”

      Thanks everyone.

      • Note: (some?) MG Acoustics reports have already been released. I’m looking for the raw data used to prepare those reports. I’m also looking for what correspondence occurred between Health Canada and MG Acoustics.

      • Many of the U.S. engineering organizations are affiliated with the World Federation of Engineering Organizations.

        But his doesn’t mean that all engineers belonging to these organizations agree with the agenda of the World Federation.

  6. Sorry free thinker: I really don’t understand your question.?
    It’s fact. Does that help?

  7. I sent the below e-mail message to all of my municipal councillors this morning. If 1 person does this in every municipality, we can reach all of the local governments in the province. The same should be done for MP’s & MPP’s.

    Since last fall’s election, we have several new councillors that genuinely do not know a lot about the topic. I have already had 2 of these new councillors reply back saying that they have watched it and are shocked at the truth of what’s going on in the wind industry. Feel free to use as somewhat of a template if you wish.
    Dear Huron East Council,

    As you may or may not be aware, TVO has recently produced and released a factual, 1 hour documentary called “Big Wind” which examines the IWT issue in Ontario in a concise and non-biased fashion. Since Huron East is a municipality that is about to have its first wind project come on-line in the near future, it might be beneficial for you to watch it in order to gain some insight as to what has happened in other municipalities in the province.

    At the bottom of this e-mail there is a list of show times and dates that it is being aired in the near future (one showing has already taken place). These show times were also published in the recent issues of both The Huron Expositor and The Mitchell Advocate. TVO is channel 265 on Bell ExpressVu (unsure if it is available on local cable)? If you do not get TVO, you can watch the documentary directly on-line (free) using the following link:

    TVO Show Times:

    Wednesday, March 25th – 9 p.m.

    Sunday, March 29th – 11 p.m.

    Tuesday, March 31st – 10 p.m.

    Thanks in advance for your willingness to be informed on a pertinent issue in your community. TVO is not in the business of lying to people and therefore it is my hope that every Ontarian watch this documentary regardless of whether they live in a rural or urban setting.

    Dennis Mueller,

    Huron East Ratepayer

    • I’m with you!

      It’s a very nicely written letter – and some council members
      will appreciate receiving the link……..
      and – just keep sending the link to family and friends
      and – ask them to do the same.

      Just keep sending the link:

    • Thanks for the link. Those are the files I have. I am asking Health Canada for the raw data that MG Acoustics collected to write these reports. There is also evidence (from other FOI requests) that Health Canada did their own measurements, both inside and outside houses. Health Canada informs me that they will not release their raw data until they publish their own papers.

    • wind-watch dot org/documents/analysis-modeling-and-prediction-of-infrasound-and-low-frequency-noise-from-wind-turbine-installations/

      ‘[excerpt] Author: MG Acoustics
      dBA calculations were based on wind turbine sound power levels from the manufacturers, which were verified for consistency with field measurements, and were derived according to international standards (ISO 9613-1 and ISO 9613-2), which were incorporated into a sound propagation modelling package (Cadna A version 4.4). The model also took into account geographical features which can influence sound propagation around the dwellings in the study, such as topography, vegetation and water features.

      When examining these results, it is important to keep in mind that although some dwellings may be situated at approximately the same distance to the nearest wind turbine, they can receive different noise levels. This can be explained by the fact that each residence can be exposed to different numbers and models of wind turbines, which can generate more or less noise depending on their power output and physical characteristics, as well as the different geographical features that surround each residence, which can have an impact on noise propagation.


      ‘[excerpt] August 3, 2010

      Dear Mr. Potamis,

      Due to the sound concerns regarding the first wind turbine installed at the wastewater
      treatment facility, the manufacturer of the turbines, Vestas, is keen for the Town of Falmouth
      to understand the possible noise and other risks associated with the installation of the second wind turbine.

      The Town has previously been provided with the Octave Band Data/Sound performance for
      the V82 turbine. This shows that the turbine normally operates at 103.2dB but the
      manufacturer has also stated that it may produce up to 110dB under certain circumstances.
      These measurements are based on IEC standards for sound measurement which is calculated at
      a height of 10m above the base of the turbine.

      We understand that sound study is being performed to determine what, if any, impacts the
      second turbine will have to the nearest residences. Please be advised that should noise
      concerns arise with this turbine, the only option to mitigate normal operating sound from the
      V82 is to shut down the machine at certain wind speeds and directions. Naturally this would
      detrimentally affect power production.

      The manufacturer also needs confirmation that the Town of Falmouth understands they are
      fully responsible for the site selection of the turbine and bear all responsibilities to address any
      mitigation needs of the neighbors.



      Bruce Mabbott
      Project Manager

      CC: Sumul Shah, Lumus Construction, Inc.
      Stephan Wiehe, Weston & Sampson
      Brian Hopkins, Vestas


      ‘[excerpt] Natural Resources Canada

      June 3, 2005

      Mr. Ansar Gafur
      AIM PowerGen Corporation
      200 Consumers Road, Suite 604
      Toronto, Ontario M2J 4R4

      Subject: Federal Comments on the Proposed Revisions to the Erie Shores Wind Farm
      Environmental Impact Statement; WPPI Registration No. 5902-A2-2

      Dear Mr. Gafur:

      Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), in collaboration with the other federal authorities
      involved in the assessment of the Erie Shores Wind Farm, has reviewed the supplemental
      environmental impact statement (EIS) information provided by AIM PowerGen.

      The following are federal comments on the EIS. […]

      The proponent should also consider the potential additive
      effects of multiple wind turbines on a residence.’

  8. Question for anyone who watched the TVO version of this show: did it show footage of the eagle nest take down by NextEra and a very good interview with Bill Montour the autumn BEFORE the nest was cut? I know this was in the original version circulated to some a couple months ago – did it get… cut? um… censored? The interview with Bill was excellent – as they walked out to where the nest was, untouched. Little did they or the producers know at the time of filming that the government and Nextera would be so crass as to cut it down.

    • I think that was cut. I think a segment with the Michaud family was also cut. and one gentleman (Jerry Myers?) was incorrectly identified as Walt McLean.

    • If I remember correctly Bill Montour was cut, the eagle was cut and the Michauds story was cut. A great doc that was neutered because the government contributed the funding.
      Everything on TVO was diluted and washed out.

  9. Case Western Reserve Law Review, Summer 2014

    “Freedom And The Rise Of Renewable Energy: Preserving State And Local Voices In the Green Energy Revolution”, David A. Lyons

    Part II: Local Opposition to Renewable Generation Facilities, pp. 1633-1643

    Case Western U., Cleveland,Ohio which is just across Lake Erie.

    Provides an insight into what is taking place in renewable energy and the transmission of electricity.

    You can also replace “STATE” with “Ontario”. Peoples’ and thus local control had/has to be removed and/or mitigated to accomplish the goals of renewable energy use.

    Ontario is part of the North American power grid so the same issues are involved in Ontario.

    Role of IESOs is included in this article.

    Rural Ontarians need the whole perspective on these issues and this article helps to provided this information.

    • Encouraging Liberal – activism!

      2014 Mandate letter: Energy
      Premier’s instructions to the Minister on priorities for the year 2014

      September 25, 2014

      The Honourable Bob Chiarelli
      Minister of Energy
      Ministry of Energy
      900 Bay Street
      Fourth Floor, Hearst Block
      Toronto, Ontario
      M7A 2E1

      Dear Minister Chiarelli:

      ‘[excerpt] As we implement a balanced and comprehensive plan for Ontario, we will lead from the activist centre.’

      [pause for reflection]

      Kathleen Wynne
      Updated September 25, 2014


      Energy Conservation Czar –
      Bob Chiarelli – ‘renewed’ vision –
      and how to achieve it – and feel good!

      Let’s begin……….[for 1 point – please have your note pad, and pencil ready]

      ‘[excerpt] Conservation is the cleanest and least costly energy resource, and offers consumers a means to reduce their electricity bills. That’s why it is at the forefront of our plan to meet Ontario’s electricity needs. As we review and update our Long-Term Energy Plan, we also want to set out our renewed vision for conservation and discuss how best to achieve it.

      Welcome to Ontario!
      ….Liberal ‘activist centre’ @ work for you.


      If you’re crazy and you know it – clap your hands.
      [repeat] – [you know the rest]

      By the way – It Don’t mean a thing!

      • Hey Ontario – What?

        Earth Day & Transit Windsor

        Earth Day is the annual celebration of the environment and a time to assess the work still needed to protect the natural gifts of our planet.

        Earth Day Windsor Essex organizes informational booths and activities every year around Earth Day (usually the last Sunday in April).

        Take the Transway 1C or the Central 3 West to Malden Park for Earth Day and enjoy the day admiring Mother Nature in her splendour.

        Visit the Transit Windsor booth next to the hybrid bus on display.

        Internationally, Earth Day is celebrated on April 22nd.


        Earth Day Is a Deception to Celebrate Lenin’s Birthday.

        April 22 is the very Big Day for communists, socialists around the World. Every one of them knows this day as a Birthday of Lenin, their icon, their symbol of a new economic and moral society where everyone works for a “common good”.

        When American students at school and colleges celebrate Earth Day they unknowingly but indeed celebrate Lenin’s birthday.

  10. Earth Day 2015, 2016 and further
    View below the dates for (among others) Earth Day 2015
    and Earth Day 2016.
    You can also see on which day the holiday falls
    and how many days it is until this holiday.


    Wisconsin Law Journal – WI Legal News & Resources
    Commentary: No coincidence Earth Day is Lenin’s birthday

    April 22 is Earth Day. Very appropriately, and not by any means coincidentally, Earth Day is celebrated on the birthday of the socialist tyrant Vladimir Lenin.

    It’s appropriate that the two are celebrated on the same day, because there is no relevant difference between the socialist and environmentalist agendas in this country. Saving the environment is simply a euphemism for eviscerating the rights of property owners and creating a dictatorship.

    • Happy Birthday Vladimir!

      We are pulling out all the stops for this milestone Earth Day Festival. Come and celebrate the achievements of the last 10 years in Greater Sudbury and share your hopes and dreams for the next 10 years. Community-minded and collaborative, this Festival will focus on what has created and what will generate real change in Greater Sudbury. This will be a fun, interactive and engaging event for the whole family!


      Earth Day and Earth Week
      Earth Week: April 20th to 24th, Earth Day: April 22nd

      Celebrated annually on April 22, Earth Day is a global event to create awareness for environmental conservation and to encourage people to be more environmentally conscience and take action to reduce environmental impacts.

      More than 6 million Canadians join 1 billion people from over 170 different countries to participate in Earth Day celebrations and events. The City of Niagara Falls shows its dedication to environmental conservation not only by celebrating Earth Day, but also by celebrating Earth Week—an entire week dedicated to environmental conservation and awareness.

      Earth Week is a time to promote awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s environment, sustainable living and earth awareness. Environmentalists all over the world will recycle, conserve energy and teach the importance of energy conservation this earth week. Earth Week runs from April 20th to Earth Day, April 24th.

    • Who’s watching?

      Let’s keep the environmental conversation going;
      as we celebrate Vladimir Lenin’s Birthday!
      Go students!


      Just like the soviets – do your part!
      Join the thousands across Ontario who will volunteer for 20 minutes to pick up litter around their workplace, school or community.

      Almost forget!
      Happy Birthday Lenin!

    • Happy Earth Day… and Lenin Day

      Environmentalists of the world, unite!

      Question: What do Earth Day and Vladimir Lenin’s birthday have in common? Answer: they both reoccur every year on April 22. Coincidence?

      How about this? The first Earth Day took place April 22, 1970. The centennial of Lenin’s birth took place April 22, 1970. Needless to say, the Lenin centenary was a huge deal to the communist movement, which goes bonkers over dates and memorials to its icons.

      Here are more striking similarities: Vladimir Lenin and the communist and environmental movements all remonstrated against capitalism, profits, corporations, industry, free markets, the West.

      Here’s another: When the communist movement imploded in the late 1980s, many of its disciples just happened to join… yep, you guessed it: the environmental movement.

      Let’s back up and start from the beginning.

  11. I am ever so thankful to be living in Canada
    but the Liberals – have shown us their vision
    and I for one – do not like it.

    March 28, 2015

    Bad News, Climate Change Alarmists: North Korea Is Destroying You At Earth Hour

    It’s that time of year again, when Luddites the world over decide to pay homage to science by snuffing out the lights and begging the mercy of the almighty climate gods. That’s right: it’s Earth Hour. Earth Hour is when climate activists attempt to put their money in the same vicinity as their mouths by turning off their lights from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

    “Use your power to change climate change,” blares (that the coal-powered server farm supporting the online machinations of climate change activists has decidedly refused to shut down the power is a discussion for another day). Because nothing says “I’m doing my part,” like turning off your lights for precisely 0.0114 percent of the calendar year. If that’s not commitment, then I don’t know what is.

    Here’s the thing, though: when it comes to Earth Hour, there ain’t no party like a North Korea party ‘cuz a North Korea party literally has no power. North Korea is the all-time world champion of Earth Hour. Why? Because North Korea doesn’t just keep the lights off for one of the 8,760 hours that pass each year, North Korea goes FULL EARTH HOUR 24/7.

    This is what commitment looks like, environmentalists:

    There are no 10,000-square foot mansions for oil robber barons when you are truly committed to combating climate change. There are no four-star resorts. And there are certainly no private jets.

    Nope. If you want to go Full Earth Hour in order to power down climate change, you have only one choice: Full Communism.

  12. Let’s keep the momentum high! Send this information out. Ask everyone to send it to at least 2 others and to ask those two to do the same……That’s how we make information go viral.


    Shawn Drennan and Joan Morris explain why Canada must
    enforce the law already in place to protect us from wind turbine emissions!
    BIG WIND showed the injustice, the pain and the anger.
    Hear how rural Ontario will fight back using a federal law.
    Monday, March 30
    11:30am AM 740
    call 1 866 740-4740

  13. Its good to see these wind resistance groups working hard to try and put a stop to this “Green” nonsense. However, as I look around at the projects being started, and what’s projected, i feel these groups grasped the problem and took notice, collectively, too late. You may say, closing the barn door after the horse has bolted. I as just looking back at some of the letters to the editor i wrote years ago with reference to this problem. At that time my friends rolled their eyes every time I mentioned it, now they don’t understand why they’re hit with high electricity bills. I’,m putting in , here, a letter i wrote to the editor of our local papaer 5 years ago. This was before many people were even recognising a problem, and certainly before anyone even considered the cost factor. Thought it may be of interest as a flashback:

    To The Editor : Kawartha Lakes This Week

    Date: April 14, 2010


    According to the lead article in “Kawartha Lakes This Week” paper our area is to be “blessed with a massive influx of new “green” electrical generation (read: windmills and solar panels).
    Much has been written, in this and other paper’s pages, about the controversy of new windmill installations in areas of Kawartha Lakes. The most recent of those to make the press was Manvers. In all that has been written in the public press little has been said about the real cost and the effectiveness of wind farms (a euphemistic term), and now solar panels. Rather the arguments against wind mill installations have been centered toward health issues as a result of their installation. I find it strange the financial side, and efficiency side hasn’t been covered. If it was I’m sure many would see we are being sold a “pig in a poke”.
    Currently there is about 1100 MW’s of installed wind mill capacity in Ontario. Most of that is in south western Ontario and Bruce and Huron Counties. These are feeding into the Ontario electrical system. According to Ontario’s Independent Electricity System Operator (System Control Center in the old Ontario Hydro), these wind mills seldom reach anywhere near that rated capacity. As per their web site, in April 2009 ( a windy month) the total output was only 41 percent of the installed capacity. A typical summer month for the same year, the output was only 14 percent of installed capacity. Not a very efficient installation. This appears to be consistent with the world wide average of 20 percent capacity factor. Europeans have found offshore installations tend to get in the region of 27 percent capacity factor. What is consistent is the more wind turbines in service reduces the capacity factor. That is, the more wind turbines installed means they reach their capacity less because the earliest turbines are installed in the best wind areas, those installed later are in less desirable, therefore less producing areas.
    In short your return on investment is very poor.
    Add to that, since the turbines only put out 14 percent of their capacity, the difference must be made up somewhere. After all, the wind doesn’t always blow. So when the output is zero, or close to it, some other form of generation has to make up the difference. Nuclear plants can’t change load rapidly to meet changing wind conditions. Hydraulic generating stations make power too cheaply to spill water. That load swing has to be made up by coal fired stations. The can adjust load reasonably quickly, and are always there to back any load loss from other generating sources.
    Since Mr. McGuinty wants to scrap all coal fired stations by 2014, and wants to increase windmill capacity during that time, what will offset power output swings from wind generation after coal plants are gone? Arguments have been offered that with more windmills, the difference will be made up by windmills in other areas of the province. Not likely so. The wind blows across a swath of the province more or less equally. Therefore all windmills will follow a trend of max output for the conditions, to minimum output for the conditions at the same time leaving total power out put swings sometimes down to zero. Since the least wind is found in the heaviest load season, the summer, what makes up the difference with the coal fired stations gone.
    The only big coal fired stations left are Nanticoke GS on Lake Erie, and Lambton GS on the St. Claire River. Atikoken and Thunder Bay GS’s are in north western Ontario and much smaller plants. Lambton GS puts out 1920 MW’s and Nanticoke GS puts out 3640 MW’s any time we want it. If we assume that a windmill can put out two megawatts, that would mean we would need 2,780 wind mills to match the capacity of the two coal fired stations to be done away with. Since our current crop of windmills has only a 14 percent capacity factor, that equates to a lot of wind mills we need.
    So what’s driving this massive push to “green energy” Yes, I know, the environment argument. If that is the case, why can windmills and solar panels bypass most of the environmental criteria? After all, they are an industrial installation and should be in an industrial park; however, as long as they are 550 meters (a little more than ¼ mile, or ½ a kilometer) from your house they can be installed and you can’t do anything about it. Just let some other factory try that. Also bear in mind, these installations have reached sizes up to 7 MW and upwards of 400 feet high (roughly 133 meters).
    What’s driving this is not the environment, but money. Money from your pocket to the pockets of the windmill producers, windmill owners (power producers) and to a certain extent, land owners on whose property the wind mill sits. Don’t be misled; the big driving force behind “green” is money. Wether the final result makes any difference to “green’ is of little consequence, money making is the key function. Windmill companies are given significant amounts of money to put these machines up, they are also guaranteed upwards of 80 cents/kw hr for power. This subsidy is given for a period of twenty years. The life expectancy of a windmill is twenty years. Anybody would put up a project like this with no environmental hassels, put it where you want, get money from the public purse to build it and get a guaranteed income for the life of the machine.
    Where does the Ontario money come from? …….Our pockets. The HST is coming into play at the same time this program is beginning. Think there might be a connection?
    Public………….wake up!!…………we are being scammed big time!

    John Vincent
    RR#1 Woodville

  14. Hofstra University, N.Y., Law Review

    “Cooperative Federalism and Wind: A New Framework for Achieving Sustainability”

    Part V
    Overcoming Local Opposition: Lessons From the Telecommunications Act of 1996

    P. 1084
    Local control of wind siting increases application and compliance costs for developers and enables individual communities to stymie wind development.

    The communications Act of 1996 dealt with the placement of cell phone towers and local opposition. Cell phone towers were deemed to be for the public good of U.S. users. So much local opposition was removed. Cell phone towers don’t require transmission lines to connect up and are not power plants.

    The wind is always blowing somewhere so electricity can be brought in from a long distance via transmission lines to supply local needs.

    It was difficult to obtain the needed financial information and needed information on who/ what was/is driving the push for renewable energy.

    Some believe that it is OK to produce power in rural areas and transport this power over long distances to population centres where it is needed and at the expense of rural people.

    The excuse is that is for the common good. So local control over these matters had/has to be removed from the affected rural areas. Many urbanites think the common good, as they view this situation, overrules the affects this has on rural people.

    Money plays a big role in this situation along with the influence that money can buy.

    • The common good argument is being used to persuade the public that IWTs and their transmission lines are good and needed.

      Cell phone siting issue is one example being used to advance and persuade the public that cell phone towers were for the common good and IWTs and their transmission lines are also for the common good.

  15. Need a chaser?


    Department of Justice
    Office of Public Affairs

    Monday, June 30, 2014

    “BNP Paribas Agrees to Plead Guilty and to Pay $8.9 Billion for Illegally Processing Financial Transactions for Countries Subject to U.S. Economic Sanctions”

    ‘[excerpt] According to court documents submitted today, BNP Paribas S.A. (BNPP), a global financial institution headquartered in Paris, agreed to enter a guilty plea to conspiring to violate the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA) and the Trading with the Enemy Act (TWEA) by processing billions of dollars of transactions through the U.S. financial system on behalf of Sudanese, Iranian, and Cuban entities subject to U.S. economic sanctions. The agreement by the French bank to plead guilty is the first time a global bank has agreed to plead guilty to large-scale, systematic violations of U.S. economic sanctions.’

    ‘[excerpt] “BNP Paribas went to elaborate lengths to conceal prohibited transactions, cover its tracks, and deceive U.S. authorities. These actions represent a serious breach of U.S. law,” Attorney General Holder said. “Sanctions are a key tool in protecting U.S. national security interests, but they only work if they are strictly enforced. If sanctions are to have teeth, violations must be punished. Banks thinking about conducting business in violation of U.S. sanctions should think twice because the Justice Department will not look the other way.”

    “BNP ignored US sanctions laws and concealed its tracks. And when contacted by law enforcement it chose not to fully cooperate,” Deputy Attorney General Cole said. “This failure to cooperate had a real effect — it significantly impacted the government’s ability to bring charges against responsible individuals, sanctioned entities and satellite banks. This failure together with BNP’s prolonged misconduct mandated the criminal plea and the nearly $9 billion penalty that we are announcing today.”

    “By providing dollar clearing services to individuals and entities associated with Sudan, Iran, and Cuba – in clear violation of U.S. law – BNPP helped them gain illegal access to the U.S. financial system,” said Assistant Attorney General Caldwell. “In doing so, BNPP deliberately disregarded U.S. law of which it was well aware, and placed its financial network at the services of rogue nations, all to improve its bottom line. Remarkably, BNPP continued to engage in this criminal conduct even after being told by its own lawyers that what it was doing was illegal.”’

    • ‘[excerpt] “BNPP banked on never being held to account for its criminal support of countries and entities engaged in acts of terrorism and other atrocities,” said U.S. Attorney Bharara. “But that is exactly what we do today. BNPP, the world’s fourth largest bank, has agreed to plead guilty and pay penalties of almost $9 billion for performing the hat trick of sanctions violations, unlawfully opening the doors of the U.S. financial markets to three sanctioned countries, Sudan, Iran, and Cuba. For years, BNPP provided access to billions of dollars to these sanctioned countries, as well as to individuals and groups specifically identified and designated by the U.S. government as being subject to sanctions. The bank did so deliberately and secretly, in ways designed to evade detection by the U.S. authorities. For its years-long and wide-ranging criminal conduct, BNPP will soon plead guilty in a federal courthouse in Manhattan.”

      According to documents released publicly today, over the course of eight years, BNPP knowingly and willfully moved more than $8.8 billion through the U.S. financial system on behalf of sanctioned entities, including more than $4.3 billion in transactions involving entities that were specifically designated by the U.S. Government as being cut off from the U.S. financial system. BNPP engaged in this criminal conduct through various sophisticated schemes designed to conceal from U.S. regulators the true nature of the illicit transactions. BNPP routed illegal payments through third party financial institutions to conceal not only the involvement of the sanctioned entities but also BNPP’s role in facilitating the transactions. BNPP instructed other financial institutions not to mention the names of sanctioned entities in payments sent through the United States and removed references to sanctioned entities from payment messages to enable the funds to pass through the U.S. financial system undetected.

      “The significant financial penalties imposed on BNP Paribas sends a powerful deterrent message to any company that places its profits ahead of its adherence to the law,” said FBI Director James Comey. “We will continue to work closely with our federal and state partners to ensure compliance with U.S. banking laws to promote integrity across financial institutions and to safeguard our national security.”

      “Today’s outcome is a testament to U.S. efforts to stem the exploitation of the American financial system and ensure that if you chose to do business in our country you must abide by our laws,” said IRS-CI Chief Weber. “BNP Paribas will forfeit the historic figure of almost $8.9 Billion representing the proceeds of criminal activity. BNPP had many opportunities to take corrective action and abide by the law, and yet, despite warnings from American regulators and other banks, consciously chose to ignore those warnings and commit literally thousands of flagrant violations. IRS-CI, and our domestic and international law enforcement partners, will continue to pursue these cases and follow the money trail – wherever it may lead.”

      “The most important values in the international community – respect for human rights, peaceful coexistence, and a world free of terror – significantly depend upon the effectiveness of international sanctions,” said District Attorney Vance. “Today’s guilty plea marks the seventh major case involving sanctions violations by a large international bank that my Office has pursued and resolved since 2009. These cases are critically important for international public safety and the security of our banking system, which is put at risk when it is used to further criminal activity. The seven investigations have revealed a series of widespread schemes to falsify the business records of financial institutions in Manhattan and have resulted in the forfeiture of approximately $12 billion in total. But, more importantly, they have resulted in a fundamental change in the way all banks conduct their business, have heightened vigilance worldwide with respect to dealing with sanctioned entities, and have increased the integrity of our Manhattan-based financial institutions.”’

  16. Look at this information taken from Land Titles documents
    that were obtained at Service Ontario – Norfolk County
    (the Simcoe courthouse).

    Shows a deal b/w BNP Paribas & Mike Crawley!!!


    50111-01[**] (LT)
    [Clear Creek, Norfolk County, Ontario, Canada]

    NK14467 2008/06/26 CHARGE PARTNERSHIP $500,000,000

    NK42121 2011/04/08 APL CH NAME INST
    REMARKS: NK14467

    NK42122 2011/04/08 TRANSFER OF CHARGE
    REMARKS: NK14467 & NR610590 NK14467

    NR611262 2011/04/08 TRANSFER OF CHARGE

    07 NOV 19

    Document General

    (4) Nature of Document
    (Personal Property Security Act, Section 54)

    NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that by a security agreement made between AIM PowerGen Corporation of 200 Consumers
    Road, Suite 604, Toronto, Ontario, M2J 4R4 as debtor, and Bank of Scotland PLC as secured party, a security interest has
    been created in the Vestas model V82 1.65MW wind turbine generators delivered to AIM PowerGen Corporation by Vestas-
    Canadian Wind Technology, Inc.

    • NR610590
      2008 JUN 26
      No. 37

      Charge/Mortgage of Land

      (4) Principal Amount
      FIVE HUNDRED MILLION—- Dollars $500,000,000.00

      (11) Chargor(s)
      AIM SOP PHASE I GP INC., as general partner for and on
      behalf of AIM SOP PHASE I LP
      Per: [signed]
      Name: Jaswant Bangaru
      Title: Vice-President
      Date of Signature (YMD) 2008 06 16
      I have authority to bind the corporation.

      (13) Chargor(s) Address for Service
      105 Commerce Valley Drive West, Suite 410, Markham, Ontario, L3T 7W3

      (14) Chargee(s)

      (15) Chargee(s) Address for Service
      Suite 2520, 707 8th Ave. SW, Husky Tower North, Calgary, Alberta, T2P 1H5

      (18) Document Prepared by:
      Donald B. Roger/gj
      Torys LLP
      Suite 3000, 79 Wellington Street West
      Box 270, TD Centre
      Toronto, Ontario, M5K 1N2


      2011 APR 8
      No. 37

      Document General

      (4) Nature of Document

      (5) Consideration
      FIVE HUNDRED MILLION——-Dollars $500,000,000.00

      (8) This Document provides as follows:
      Whereas by a Mortgage dated June 16, 2008, and registered in the Land Registry Office for the Registry Division of Norfolk County
      (No. 37) on June 26, 2008 as Instrument No. NR610590, AIM SOP Phase I GP Inc, as general partner for and on behalf of AIM SOP
      Phase I LP, as Mortgagor, mortgaged the lands described herein in favour of Fortis Capital (Canada) Ltd., as Mortgagee, to secure
      payment of the principal sum of $500,000,000.00.
      And whereas Fortis Capital (Canada) Ltd. has now changed its name by way of Letters Patent of Amalgamation, registered in the
      Land Registry Office for the Registry Division of Norfolk County (No. 37) on 8th April, 2011 as Instrument No. NR611261
      to BNP Paribas (Canada). The Assignor has agreed to sell and assign the said Mortgage to the Assignee. […]

      (10) Parties (Set out Status or Interest)
      BNP Paribas (Canada)

      Per: [signed]
      Name: Jacques Blais
      Title: Managing Director, Risks
      Date of Signature (YMD): 2011 03 17

      Per: [signed]
      Name: Marise Chenier-Jette
      Title: Managing Director
      Date of Signature (YMD): 2011 03 17
      We have authority to bind the Corporation.

      (11) Address for Service
      1981 McGill College Avenue, BNP Paribas Tower, 4th Floor, Montreal, Quebec, H3A 2W8

      (12) Party(ies) (Set out Status or Interest)
      BNP Paribas

      (13) Address for Service
      520 Madison Avenue, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10022

      (15) Document Prepared by:
      Torys LLP (H. Graham Rawlinson – BT)
      Suite 3000, 79 Wellington Street West
      P.O. Box 270, TD Centre
      Toronto, Ontario
      M5K 1N2

      • These are from two (2) DIFFERENT properties near Clear Creek, (both have IWTs on them.)


        50111-01** (LT)

        NK5050 2007/09/07 NO DET/SURR LEASE
        *** COMPLETELY DELETED ***
        REMARKS: RE: NR560956

        NK7614 2007/11/16 NO SEC INTEREST
        *** COMPLETELY DELETED ***

        NK101029 2008/02/07 TRANSFER EASEMENT $204,159

        NK14467 2008/06/26 CHARGE PARTNERSHIP $500,000,000

        NK15603 2008/07/30 DISCHARGE INTEREST
        *** COMPLETELY DELETED ***
        REMARKS: NK7614

        NK42121 2011/04/08 APL CH NAME INST
        REMARKS: NK14467

        NK42122 2011/04/08 TRANSFER OF CHARGE
        REMARKS: NK14467 & NR610590 NK14467


        50111-01** (R)

        NK610387 2007/11/19 NO SEC INTEREST
        *** COMPLETELY DELETED ***


    CanWEA news release, 07/18/2008
    “AIM PowerGen Commissions Projects Under Ontario’s Renewable Energy Standard Energy Offer Program”
    ‘[excerpt] Toronto, Canada (July 18, 2008) – AIM PowerGen Corp. (AIM) announced today the commissioning of the Frogmore and Cultus wind farms. The projects, developed under Ontario’s Renewable Energy Standard Offer Program, each have a total installed capacity of 9.9 megawatts (MW) and will produce enough power to supply 3,000 average households for one year.
    AIM PowerGen CEO Mike Crawley commented that these projects are among the first to be built under the Standard Offer Program. “We are pleased that Frogmore and Cultus wind farms are now on-line and providing clean, renewable energy to the province. The Standard Offer program was a ground-breaking initiative for the province and has allowed smaller projects such as these to be competitive and developed to support Ontario’s evolving energy system.” [emphasis added]
    The wind farms, located in Norfolk County on the northern shore of Lake Erie, are each comprised of six Vestas V82 1.65 MW turbines. Six landowners are hosting the 12 turbines on their property. “Many of these turbines are hosted by landowners that we approached over six years ago. These people embraced Ontario’s energy revolution very early on and acted as pioneers in making this a reality”, says Jim Wilgar, project manager and site consultant on the projects, “We are happy that our dream and their vision has now become a reality.”
    These are the first of four projects that AIM expects to commission in Ontario this summer. The Clear Creek Wind Farm, also in Norfolk County and the Mohawk Point Wind Farm, in Haldimand County, are expected to come on-line later this year. Construction on these wind farms is complete and AIM is finalizing interconnection issues with the local distribution company prior to commercial operation.
    AIM PowerGen Corporation (AIM) is a wind power developer, owner and operator based in Toronto, Ontario. AIM takes wind power projects from initial concept through testing and permitting to construction and operation. Founded in 2001, AIM has quickly grown to become one of Canada’s largest wind power developers. AIM is a subsidiary of REG Ltd. (Renewable Energy Generation) of the United Kingdom.
    For more information, please contact:
    David Timm
    Vice-President, Strategic Affairs
    AIM PowerGen Corporation’


    Simcoe Reformer | Ashley House | December 4, 2008
    “Clear Creek wind farm up and running”
    ‘[excerpt] AIM PowerGen announced Tuesday the Clear Creek wind farm is officially online and producing 9.9 megawatts of wind power, enough to power 3,000 average homes.
    A similar farm outside of Dunnville was powered up in October.
    It is the last of four projects the wind power developing company AIM PowerGen commissioned in Ontario for 2008. In June, AIM’s wind farms in Cultus and Frogmore came online, adding 20 megawatts to Ontario’s grid.
    The smaller scale operation, compared to the Erie Shores Wind Farm commissioned in 2006, was fully operational Nov. 22 and connected right to Hydro One’s local distribution lines.
    “This is one of the first projects to be connected to local distribution lines,” said David Timm, vice president of strategic affairs with AIM. “We are greening the local community in a sense.”
    […] They are also in the late development stages of Phase 2 of the Erie Shores Wind farms, which includes infilling turbines between existing ones and extending the farm further west. They are awaiting procurement from the Ontario Power Authority.’

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