Access to justice is not blind when Wynne is in power

Letter to MPP's March 26 2015 SLAPP

Wynne: Lawsuit against Hudak and MacLeod will be dropped if they apologize
TORONTO — Premier Kathleen Wynne offered Monday to drop a lawsuit against former Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak and Tory MPP Lisa MacLeod if they’d apologize, but the Tories accused her of bending the law for political gain.

Wynne launched the suit last April after Hudak and MacLeod said the premier oversaw and possibly ordered the destruction of documents on cancelled gas plants in Oakville and Mississauga, an act being investigated by the Ontario Provincial Police.

“If the two members would just apologize, the whole thing would go away,” Wynne told the legislature. “There was a completely unfounded allegation made on the eve of an election. Just apologize … and the whole thing goes away.” Read article

7 thoughts on “Access to justice is not blind when Wynne is in power

  1. I wonder how many voices in legitimate opposition to this government have been silenced one way or another?
    The Delphi technique when used to manipulate public response is one tactic.
    Police in military gear, armed with guns pepper spray among peaceful protestors, used to intimidate them is another.
    Lawsuits that hang over someone’s head for years, delayed in the courts, that may or may not be ultimately thrown out by the judge, achieve the purpose of silencing citizens for the duration, from using their right to free speech in order to protect their communities.
    Gag orders are another.

    We seriously need to recover Ontario from these tactics of silencing.

    If we say nothing to these egregious efforts to silence freedom of speech and our right to protect our community, we are complicit to this injustice.

    These tactics are not going to go away on their own.
    Everyone needs to realize what’s been going on in Ontario.

  2. Maybe some companies don’t want to go to court where there could be the potential for a jury trial?

  3. Damage control!

    Note to judges:
    There are buses – leaving for Buffalo
    every 45 minutes.
    Just so you know.

    • Judges don’t rule guilty or innocent in jury trials so would provide a way out for judges.

  4. The Liberals had no problem changing the legislatation several times to eliminate opposition to wind turbines in the Green Energy Act.

    Specifically vacant lots, receptor locations,dwellings and build permits against non particpating land owners.

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