Ontario wind turbine leaseholders vent about dealings with NextEra Energy

screwed2There is always a silence that falls over a community when the turbines are being built. Always. Some of it’s shock. Some residents start to question whether they can live with these machines or not – and wonder what they will do next. Then there are those who are hit the worst with sleeplessness, tinnitus, vertigo, massive migraines. People start to quietly pack up and leave. But what about those leaseholders? Where are they in all this mess? Below is a report sent in from a meeting held the other week in Adelaide-Metcalfe. (I have to warn you, there is no apology to the neighbours they affected, yet). 

DSCF4811I went to a meeting tonight at the Kerwood Hall. It was packed, not even enough chairs. It’s a new group that had a panel of 6 people who talked to the crowd about getting a feel if the community wants turbines or not and doing ballots and forming an email group (same old same old). They even had a few NextEra leaseholders from the Adelaide and Bornish projects show up and give a few opinions about the company.

DSC_0641An Adelaide NextEra leasholder spoke (for almost an hour) of all the issues he has been having with NextEra and the turbines on his land. He touched on the fact he has not signed off with NextEra yet, and he wont until they fix his tile which they apparently really messed up, and really changed the lay of his land. He said he never got to deal with the same person in the company – he had a stack of business cards. He didn’t like the way they took over the land and where they put the lane, leaving unworkable spots that his equipment wouldn’t reach, and the fact that they built up the area around the concrete to the point where its a big slope around it which makes pools of water in his field.

DSC_0833He said the property had a few natural ponds… which were just filled in one day. The stripped topsoil is missing, and he was concerned about the soil being completely compacted now. He described the access lanes being so poorly made, layers of crap, and they never cared if they drove around his field anywhere they pleased. He said they had all the rights, and he had none. One day two cranes came in, side by side, not one behind the other.

2014_05140222Apparently he blocked them on very many occasions when he got mad. He said for days when the fields were soaked they came no matter how many trucks got stuck, more came.

He said none of the workers were local or knew anything about farmland do’s and don’ts. They gave him shit when he tried to spray his crops – they even taped off part of his field when corn was coming up.

Then he said that the payments are not what he was promised. As told by NextEra, they used a larger MW turbine to base the payments on per KW. I believe a 2MW? This was quoted at first, but instead they put up only a 1.6 MW turbines so he isn’t getting what they said he would (he wouldn’t say what he was getting).

DSC_0687When he complained to NextEra about the lane contents spilling over the allotted area of where the road was supposed to be, he was told it would be cleaned up and new good soil would be added all along it. He had gone away and came back a day early and found a worker pushing dirt over the crap. No stripping or replacing. When he asked the guy what he was doing the answer was, “just what I was told to do.” So he called the manager whom then accused the worker of being a dim wit… Overall not a real happy owner.

2014_05140189The young Bornish leaseholder that has five wind turbines complained that NextEra just puts their junction boxes (where the connector line cables are spliced) any old place amongst the fields. He said having 5 turbines and now these boxes in his field is scary and that they will really have to watch out where they are when they are in their field with farm machinery. Ya combine around those when the corn is high…

2014_06010041He spoke in-depth about field tile issues. Pictures were passed around showing the collector lines lying on top of the tiles. Some pictures showed the cable bored under the tile actually making the tile bend over top and pinch it right off! Picture a plastic straw bent over a pencil when you push both sides down. One can only imagine how many more are damaged with the weight of the soil on top. Useless tile throughout entire fields. When they are asked to fix a broken tile they don’t do it gracefully, they don’t care if the field is completely wet, they use the loader bucket and dig blindly into the dirt. Supposedly Next Error promises that they will do some kind of locating to find it underground with a machine. But seems they don’t do a very accurate job in finding the tile like they say.

2014_06010079One picture blew my mind as they had a guy with a measuring tape showing a dug up spot of collector cable, and I swear the collector lines were barely 12” under the topsoil! Umm… so when you go to disc that?! WOW!

He was very unhappy with the tiles now that they are not fixed – that’s a lot of affected land when you ‘host’ 5 turbines. Afterthought for sure. Many areas were waterlogged and he said it took 3 months to get anyone to answer any questions. They simply aren’t there at all to answer or contact.

He too was upset he isn’t getting paid more for the cables and lanes, just the turbines.

This was also sent in, to give a taste of how the community tries to ‘adjust’.

in-bedLast week I went to visit my neighbour near the Suncor Adelaide Project. When the turbines started turning in January he said he couldn’t hear them at his place which is 1.5km away from a turbine, but when I showed up last week he told me he could hear them sometimes in his house, so we drove up to the nearest turbine for a listen. I’ve heard the repetitive woosh noise many times before but this time there was also a very loud cyclical bass sound coming off the turbine, like the buzzing of a large transformer, so I went back to the neighbours house and could definitely hear the bass sound inside his house, than I went to my house and I could hear it faintly in the background at the end of my laneway but not in my home (I’m 5.5km from a turbine). My neighbour says when the wind is blowing in a certain direction now he has to sleep with the TV on to get to sleep. His view is that it’s a new noise and he’ll have to get used to it, but like he says his sleep isn’t as good when the TV is on. I guess this is what wind developers and Health Canada would describe as an “annoyance”.

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  1. So, why didn’t these jackass leaseholders believe OWR and a zillion other websites, when we warned them that this is what happens? Hoisted on their own petard! (Look it up.)

    — Calvin Luther Martin, PhD, Editor of WindTurbineSyndrome.com.

  2. We live 700 m from a Suncor turbine. The noise is pretty constant. Low rumble, droning, ear pressure, vibrations in your jaw and base of skull. Enough that it wakes me up at night and I cannot concentrate when working from home. When it is really loud, the pressure on your chest is astounding and the noise is intolerable. This is inside my home, I cannot just close the door and leave the noise outside. The low frequency vibration penetrates regardless of the volume of our TV or radio.

    • Dear NexTerror and Scum-to-the-core,

      THIS is what you have done. Diane cannot escape this noise that lo and behold DOES affect her. Oh darn, eh? She’s one of that ‘percentage’. Throw her under the bus, is that your solution? She has nowhere to turn for any help – nowhere – all of us who have faced these machines know this. How about her kids, who have to live with it at home, and go to a school surrounded by your turbines now too? All I can beg of people like Diane is that the please please please leave – even if it seems impossible, do the impossible and leave. It will not get better, only worse, it always does. Diane should never have been put in this position – having to decide how to leave, when to leave, where to go… can she afford it? There is a good reason your corporations earned new names in our communities.

  3. I could just about cry after reading this and watching “Big Wind”. when is the next meeting, wish people would post (meeting’s)on this web-site

      • It’s amazing how quickly they’ll leave when they are recognized, confronted and realize how unwanted and hated they are. I’ve seen it happen. There is no reason whatsoever to fear them.

      • Barbara, are you referring to the leaseholders being under gag clauses, that in the contract they signed, no complaints of anything the wind companies do or cause is to be uttered? And if they do speak publicly of these matters, could they be sued and possibly lose everything?

      • Option signers can also be under gag orders depending on the terms of the option.

  4. I moved to get away from turbines within 800m but learned I now have several within 3km. In fact the people impacted in Ontario will number in the hundreds of thousands, millions when you include tourists.

    • Massive class action lawsuits. Get organized. Save all records of adverse effects including financial. Create networks of support. Publicize the planning.

  5. North American WindPower,

    “Unusually low wind conditions encompasing wide swaths of land have led to severe generation shortfalls at many U.S. wind farms.”

    Those in the west are off ~ 50% from forecast estimates.

    Follow the link to : VAISALA for a January 2015 wind map which includes Ontario.

    Southwestern Ontario was average to about ~ 5% below forecast wind.


    Those who want to lease land or invest in wind power should be wary of what developers say about IWT production.

    There is no guarantee that the wind will blow anywhere at anytime. Forecast wind speed?

  6. Don’t feel sorry for them, they were greedy , and they thought a big company from the U.S. would care about there farm !!! Wake up people !!!

  7. Any lease holders willing to switch sides? Now would be a good time if someone launched a lawsuit to get out of contracts (after turbines are up). This is the kind of pushback we need. There are rumours this could happen in Australia.

    • Class action lawsuits should be being planned. Keep all records of expenses incurred and damages experienced. The more participants in a CA the less expensive it is. Get organized.
      Publicizing the planning of a CA sends a loud and clear message.

      • People have counted on “noise” health effects to carry the day against IWTs but nothing can be done if the fix is in.

        Urbanites have been sold the idea that IWTs are for the common good. So anyone or any group that opposes IWTs are labeled as NIMBYS.

        Engineering professionals are backing IWTs so this causes public confusion and results in he-says, she-says arguments. Same with the medical profession.

        Unions like the steel workers back IWTs due to the iron work involved.

        This is a facts don’t matter situation but money does matter

        If there is only one host for each IWT in Ontario this would be about 6,000 hosts but some have more than one turbine. So the number of hosts will a lot less than 6,000 and these few hosts will have managed to dominate all of rural Ontario.

      • Then charge the compensation costs to all of the rate and tax payers for the common good?

        Giving out these options is a lot like handing out lottery tickets when the developers know that only a few will be offered contracts.

        Then in the meantime all of the option holders have gag orders on them.

  8. It’s time for people about to have these monstrosities inflicted on them to engage in civil disobedience- when the wind companies are trying to construct the towers, people should do everything they can to block there equipment from reaching the site. Block concrete trucks with traffic; throw boards with nails on the road in front of their vehicles; make them fight for every inch of progress. It’s all about money, and if you make them spend enough, they will give up and go elsewhere

  9. Link Re-posted from WCO

    RE NEWS, Apr.1, 2015

    “NextEra Chases 100 MW in Ontario”, for southwestern Ontario

    Government plans:

    300 MW tranche, bids due, Sept.1, 2015
    300 MW tranche, to be procured in 2016

    There will be no end to this process. The present government is fully committed to this agenda.

    Time to begin discussion about Ontario separation?

    • “If there is only one host for each IWT in Ontario this would be about 6,000 hosts but some have more than one turbine. So the number of hosts will a lot less than 6,000 and these few hosts will have managed to dominate all of rural Ontario.”

      This is from a previous statement, Barbara and I wanted to say that you are very correct. K2 Wind allowed one farmer to ruin the sense of home for 10 families.Some of these people had established and invested in their homes for more than 35 years. The leaseholder farmer had only been on his land a few years…from another country.
      How is this justifiable?

      • “Your rights end where my nose begins” They have no right to ruin other people’s property and/or lives.

  10. Fortune Magazine, Feb.18, 2015

    “Swiss prosecutors are shocked-shocked! by HSBC’s tax scandal”

    “The allegations have quickly assumed political dimensions in the U.K., which is only three months away from general elections. The left-wing Labour opposition has been quick to point out that Stephen Green, who was chairman of HSBC during the time in question, was afterwards hired by the Conservative-led government as trade minister-even though the government was already aware of the allegations against the bank. (Green is also an ordained vicar in the Church of England for good measure.)”


    HSBC also does business in Canada

    Scroll down this page for more on the international bank scandals.

  11. That’s right, you can thank our Government for being on board with ruining our majestic rural areas. And putting their voters health at the bottom of their list of priorities.

  12. Time for blockades & then civil disobedience, escalating in intensity as required, until the IWTs are stopped everywhere & hopefully the treasonous witch Wynne , McGuilty et al, are booted from office & imprisoned for their many scams/scandals.
    It’s the only option left that I can see. You can’t let them be installed because then it’s too late.
    Save yourself & your family & join/start a blockade near you today! Or kiss your butte goodbye.

    • Actually, I’m surprised that sort of thing hasn’t happened by now. What with Wynne announcing another 300MW this year and next (roughly equivalent to another 150 windmills), we are guaranteed to have one in our back yard in the near future.
      Our town has just signed on to Suzuki’s blue Dot program of guaranteeing clean air to every body. Not sure how that works, but I can see it as a lever to install more windmills and solar plants on the excuse they provide “clean air”, which, of course, we know is a bunch of bunk.
      The only way this is going to slow down or stop appears to be civil disobedience.

      • Get the for the common-good ideas going and then just expand this to include IWTs and solar farms.

  13. The very thought that these industrial turbines are said to be for the common good by the ideological ‘green’ zealots and yet there is such a high tolerance for these turbines to ruin people’s lives, smacks of bankrupt ideology. Then when a person takes into account the computer modelled manipulated data of the IPCC to project catastrophic predictions and we see that over 100 of these headline story predictions have not occurred as they said they would by now, it is easy to see why residents deemed collateral damage feel a sense of rage.
    The question is how to direct that sense of rage effectively and hold those responsible for this mess to account.

  14. The legislation of the GEA and the imposition of industrial wind turbines on Ontario’s countryside is an attack unlike any we have known. It is a theft and an indirect acquisition of our land and our money by our government. Ontarians don’t even know what is hitting them.
    Infrasound is being used as a weapon.
    People are becoming sick and leaving their homes. Much of this land is prime agricultural land and waterfront. What will become of these properties?! Looks like a takeover to me.
    Those who have developed sensitivity to lfns – where will they go? Safe places for these people are becoming limited.

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