Another lacking ‘review of literature’ on wind turbines and health

another stupid reviewThey should have called this review “Undermining the Evidence”…

Review: Understanding the Evidence: Wind Turbine Noise
“The Panel used a comprehensive approach to identify and review relevant research. They identified 32 symptoms and health outcomes that have been attributed to exposure to wind turbine noise by members of the general public (e.g., annoyance, sleep disturbance, stress, irregular heartbeat, muscle pain etc.). The Panel then reviewed the empirical research for those symptoms and selected 38 key papers that constituted the core evidence base for their assessment. After completing their assessment the report was sent out for an anonymous peer review. The final report is reflective of the input that came from the peer-review process.

It should be noted that the Panel’s ability to fully assess the prevalence of adverse health effects was limited by a lack of available data.  As a result, the report outlines where more research is required in order to fill knowledge gaps, including for vulnerable populations.

Key Findings

 The Panel has 11 main findings that are outlined in the full report. Some findings include:

  • The evidence is sufficient to establish a causal relationship between exposure to wind turbine noise and annoyance.
  • There is limited evidence to establish a causal relationship between exposure to wind turbine noise and sleep disturbance.
  • The evidence suggests a lack of causality between exposure to wind turbine noise and hearing loss.
  • For all other health effects considered (fatigue, tinnitus, vertigo, nausea, dizziness, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, etc.), the evidence was inadequate to come to any conclusion about the presence or absence of a causal relationship with exposure to wind turbine noise.
  • Technological development is unlikely to resolve, in the short term, the current issues related to perceived adverse health effects of wind turbine noise.
  • Impact assessments and community engagement provide communities with greater knowledge and control over wind energy projects and therefore help limit annoyance.”

    Barbara dug this up on the Panel Members:

82 thoughts on “Another lacking ‘review of literature’ on wind turbines and health

  1. The good news is that it’s alleged
    Dr. Arline Bronzaft participated in the review of the report.

    Dr. Bronzaft is a psychologist and knows about trauma.

    “Understanding the Evidence: Wind Turbine Noise | The Expert Panel on Wind Turbine Noise and Human Health”
    Council of Canadian Academies


    page ix:

    ‘[excerpt] Report Review
    This report was reviewed in draft form by the individuals listed below — a group of reviewers selected by the Council of Canadian Academies for their diverse perspectives, areas of expertise, and broad representation of academic, industrial, policy, and non-governmental organizations.
    The reviewers assessed the objectivity and quality of the report. Their submissions — which will remain confidential — were considered in full by the Panel, and many of their suggestions were incorporated into the report. They were not asked to endorse the conclusions, nor did they see the final draft of the report before its release. Responsibility for the final content of this report rests entirely with the authoring Panel and the Council.
    The Council wishes to thank the following individuals for their review of
    this report:
    Arline L. Bronzaft, Consultant and Professor Emerita, City University of
    New York (New York, NY)’

    • Something tells me she would point out all they were missing and the panel would just ignore it all in their final report, hence this statement, “They were not asked to endorse the conclusions, nor did they see the final draft of the report before its release. Responsibility for the final content of this report rests entirely with the authoring Panel and the Council.”

      Did you watch her at the Chatham ERT? Dynamite.
      “Dr. Bronzaft finished off with a 1967 quote from Dr. W.H. Stewart- ‘Absolute proof comes too late and to wait for that proof prolongs suffering unnecessarily.” Based on existing evidence, Dr. Bronzaft would recommend refraining from exposing individuals to wind turbine noise.”

      • Is there a list of the 38 key papers used for this report?

      • Yes, shut down the turbines. The government, wind industry and landowners are negligent causing death. What would be the sentence for this serious crime, assault causing death??

      • Read the papers panel members have already published on this subject and you will find that prior to being on this panel they have already stated their views on this subject.

        So how can they be independent when they have already stated their views?

        Howe, a panel member, has a financial interest in the IWT industry. Independent?

  2. Just another Wind Weasel rag, for lighting the kindling in the old wood stove, or wiping their butts. Totally meaningless.
    Blockades Now.

  3. Sounds depressingly like the tobacco industry fight. Even more depressing is that there is an existing body of knowledge on the health effects of low frequency sound and vibration — I think it is referred to as vibro-acoustic disease. Radiative sources have been ventilation, industry, elevators and so forth. Would not seem to be a big leap to associate the effects with yet another sound source — but no. When wind plants are involved we become stupid and cannot make even the most obvious of associations. Follow the controversy… No, follow the money.

    • Greg, I just signed a petition that is circulating regarding this issue. It was just started this past week. I hope it comes to you and that you pass it along to as many people as possible.

      Here’s the core statement of that petition:

      ” Health Canada’s own wind turbine noise and health study related to the impacts of this radiation acknowledged that Canadians exposed are impacted by significant levels of medially defined ‘annoyance’ which causes a wide range of physical and psychological health problems. Health Canada’s study acknowledged that provincial regulations of this radiation are more lax than World Health Organization guidelines, potentially explaining why the long-term exposure to this radiation is harming Canadians.”

      I’ve watched closely some massive cover-ups that have taken place in the past. And yes, it is indeed disillusioning. My coping mechanism each and every day is strategic proactivity.
      ‘People of conscience’ cannot sit back and watch these things happening.

      • Hey Sommer,

        Is it true – there is a hell –
        for ‘people of conscience’ [it’s a question]

        Again – [it’s a question]

      • Hey Sommer,

        I am not into – ‘save the planet movements’ like:
        ‘People of conscience’ or
        ‘Global Divestment’;
        which is exclusively a
        ‘global movement mantra’ – for climate change!
        – therefore my previous comments – to you.

        Note: Premier Social Justice is into ‘Global Divestment’;
        Ending Coal for Cleaner Air Act [translation: wind turbines]

        But I checked into the petition.
        Key word: radiation

        Right now the petition is in slow start –
        but it looks like – a winner!
        Besides – Ecojustice hates the REDA re: Alberta

        Please have a look –
        – @ the petition –
        and if you agree – ‘it’s a winner’- sign it
        and – get it moving!

        ‘[excerpt] Health Canada has expertise in measuring noise and assessing the health impacts of noise because of its role in administering the Radiation Emitting Devices Act (REDA). As defined under REDA, noise is a form of radiation.’


        ‘[excerpt] Here’s the full petition:


        The Government of Canada acknowledges acoustical waves/noise from industrial wind turbines is a form of radiation and falls under the Radiation Emitting Devices Act – legislation passed by the Parliament of Canada in 2004 with subsequent regulations created by Federal Ministers of Health.

        While the government’s position on industrial wind turbines has been to say that energy generation is a provincial matter that is not the case when concern for the radiation emitted by the industrial devices is federal in nature and the harm many report is believed to come from exposure to that radiation.

        Health Canada’s own wind turbine noise and health study related to the impacts of this radiation acknowledged that Canadians exposed are impacted by significant levels of medially defined ‘annoyance’ which causes a wide range of physical and psychological health problems. Health Canada’s study acknowledged that provincial regulations of this radiation are more lax than World Health Organization guidelines, potentially explaining why the long-term exposure to this radiation is harming Canadians.

        It is no longer acceptable for Members of Parliament to blame the province while citizens are being harmed. Some have abandoned their homes.

        You have an obligation to Canadians to ensure that laws passed in Canada’s Parliament are enforced and respected and that citizens are protected from unwanted exposure to all harmful forms of radiation.

        The Radiation Emitting Devices Act creates a framework to do that. Many citizens have tried to seek remedy by taking steps that should trigger reporting to Health Canada by operators of these radiation emitting devices, but this has not taken place.

        As a voter, I am calling on you as a Member of Parliament to take action to support the enforcement of the Radiation Emitting Devices Act today.

        Sign petition here

        Information on the act can be found here

      • There are already over 60 people petitioning the Stephen Harper government to stop breaking the REDA law! How many will it take?

        And which honorable elected representative Members of Parliament are going to present the petition in parliament? Do you know of any?

      • Hey shocked and disgusted,

        First of all – the federal government is not breaking the law.
        Please do some research.

      • “Industry-led, government-supported”
        Ya, right!

  4. File under: Scumbag
    Remember: Minister of the Environment from 2004 to 2005 [Federal Level – Liberal]

    Honourable Stéphane Dion

    Former Minister of Environment and Architect of The Green Shift

    The Environment
    and Democratic Governance

    May 20th, 2015
    9:00 am – 4:30 pm

    Stéphane Dion was Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs between 1996 and 2003, longer than any other Canadian since Confederation. In that capacity, he was instrumental in bringing countless federal-provincial negotiations to fruition and played a major role in the promotion of Canadian unity. As Minister also responsible for Official Languages, he crafted a renewal plan that was very well received in the community.

    As Minister of the Environment from 2004 to 2005, he secured one of the greenest budgets in the history of Canada and contributed to the rescue of the Kyoto Protocol while chairing the UN Conference on Climate Change, held in Montreal in 2005.

    In 2006, having been elected as Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada and having become Leader of the Official Opposition in the House of Commons, he proposed a visionary plan to make Canada richer, fairer and greener. Following the 2008 election, he retained his seat as Member of Parliament for Saint-Laurent-Cartierville, a seat he has won seven times in a row since 1996.

    Before entering politics, Stéphane Dion taught Political Science, first at Université de Moncton in 1984, then at Université de Montréal from 1984 to 1995. He has authored many publications.

    Born in Quebec City, he studied at Université Laval before obtaining a Doctorate in Sociology from the Institut d’études politiques in Paris, France. He was also awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the Carlos III University of Madrid. He was the recipient of the 2011 Couchiching Award for Public Policy Leadership and sits on the External Advisory Board of the Yale Climate and Energy Institute.

    At the present time, Mr. Dion acts as Liberal Critic for Intergovernmental Affairs, the Queen’s Privy Council of Canada, Canadian Heritage and Official Languages.

  5. Liberals in 2004

    File under: Scumbags – added s – also first letter of ‘snakes’
    [start adding puke bucket, and
    appropriate language]


    In witness thereof the Honourable Stéphane Dion has hereunto set his hand and seal on behalf of Canada,
    and the Honourable Leona Dombrowsky has hereunto set her
    hand and seal on behalf of Ontario,
    to this Agreement, this __________day of ______________, 2004.
    (Original signed on November 1st, 2004)

    Signed on behalf of Canada by
    the Honourable Stéphane Dion,
    Minister of the Environment.

    Signed on behalf of Ontario by
    the Honourable Leona Dombrowsky,
    Minister of the Environment.

    p.s. and – I have not forgotten about Laurel Broten;
    and her lunch special.

    • After reading it several times – it started to make sense.

      ” For those who guide
      the people are
      leading them astray;
      And those who are guided by them
      are brought to confusion.”
      Isaiah 9:16

      Even Rachel Carson (ban DDT) – before her death
      admitted she was wrong – and apologized.
      [you can make your own assumption – as to why – she apologized]
      The liberals are crazy – in my opinion!

    • Vote Conservative!

      Re: NRTEE/National Roundtable on the Environment and the Economy
      Shut down closed!
      Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird said in question period Monday the National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy was closed because it was promoting a carbon tax as a means of addressing climate change. (Sean Kilpatrick/Canadian Press)

      Again – Vote Conservative!

      • Oh crap – here we go – Ontario!

        The Conservative position:
        Don’t do it!

        Agenda 21
        aka Sustainable Development
        aka Smart Growth
        aka Kyoto Protocol
        – and also includes
        …the Greenbelt – fuzzy wuzzy corruptocracts!


        The liberals hold a majority government –
        and can do
        whatever they want –
        even if
        – the citizens of Ontario – do not agree
        with the
        United Nations Agenda 21


        So – here we go – Ontario:
        The debate over Agenda 21

        Bill 73, Smart Growth for Our Communities Act, 2015
        McMeekin, Hon Ted Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing

        Current Status: First Reading Carried

        Federal Election Canada
        October 19th – 2015
        Vote Conservative!

        Say ‘no’ – to Agenda 21

  6. It has always been a mystery to me as to what is the connection between C.A.P.E. and the wind industry.
    Knowing what everyone ought to know by now about the catastrophic predictions that didn’t occur and the alarmism that the IPCC generated and the government and media used to raise fear levels so that people would blindly accept the industrialization of rural Ontario with wind turbines, I have to wonder how C.A.P.E. manages to seem completely unaware of this part of the story.
    Gideon Foreman, the public relations person for C.A.P.E. was pushing for turbines in the Great Lakes.

    Why is he so oblivious to the serious concerns about off shore turbines?Why is he so wilfully blind?

    Does this have anything to do with protecting investments and pensions based on renewables?

    • Most likely to bring doctors on board this green energy agenda that IWTs are needed despite the harm they cause to some people.

      • Is that a regular medical practice?
        Finding ways to justify harming people?

        Anyway, it’s an admission
        that IWTs cause harm.

    • Henvey Inlet First Nation, July 18, 2013

      Toronto Star – “Doctors urge province to ramp-up renewable energy”, published June 21, 2013.

      By: Dr. David Colby, Dr. Rosana Pellezzari, and Gideon Forman.

    • Clean Energy & Tides Canada, May 1, 2012

      “Recommendations For A Canadian Energy Strategy”

      List of Endorsers

      Industry includes:
      Ont. WaterPower Assoc.
      Bullfrog Power
      Scotian Windfields

      Labour includes:
      (CEP) Union

      Non-Government Organizations include:
      Suzuki Foundation
      BlueGreen Canada
      Environmental Defence
      Sierra Club Canada
      Ivey Foundation

      A push for carbon trading or a carbon tax

      This topic came up at OWR Nov.19, 2013 but there was little information on this at that time.

  7. Suggest that these steps be taken at least as a beginning to look at this Panel decision:

    38 key references. Which ones were they and a list needs to be provided by the Panel

    Read the conclusions/summaries of the latest published papers by Panel members to determine their positions taken on this matter prior to the present report being released.

    Find out if any of the Panel members stand to gain in anyway from the conclusions reached by this Panel.

    Check out who the reviewers were that reviewed the Panel findings prior to the release of the Panel findings.

  8. @ the provincial level:

    Response letter
    February 2010
    Responsibilities of research chair and emerging science
    [nothing emerging yet –
    looks like – whatever you think –
    it looks like – and still nothing]

    October 21, 2009
    New and nothing


    I have concluded – I am crazy
    but you cannot prove
    I am crazy;
    therefore I am still crazy.

    • IMO, under the present circumstances, this health study should be withdrawn.

      Select the desired panel and then select a desired review panel to back up what the desired panel says?

    • Naturally speaking – of course.

      ResearchGate Wants To Be Facebook For Scientists

      [excerpt] Social media seems like a natural fit for the scientific community. Science is, after all, about the sharing of information, and scientists often collaborate with each other in their work. Nevertheless, despite several different efforts, no platform yet has become the social media platform for the scientific community.

      Dr. Ijad Madisch intends to be the man who puts that platform into place. He’s the CEO and co-founder of ResearchGate, a social network intended to be a way for scientists to come together and collaborate so that they can save time and effort by sharing their experiences and techniques to solve problems.

      Even more importantly, says Madisch, they can find out what doesn’t work so they can look for alternative solutions or techniques. “The problem is that in journals, scientists only publish positive results – not negative ones.”

      The site was founded in 2008, but really began to take off with its first series of funding in the Fall of 2010. At that time, the site had about 500,000 users. In February, the company completed their second series of funding, which was led by support from the Founders Fund. As of this writing, the site has grown to include over 1.4 million more members, making it one of the biggest social media networks catering specifically to scientists.’

      • Globally speaking – with money!

        Bill Gates Joins $35 Million Funding in Startup ResearchGate

        [excerpt] June 4 (Bloomberg) — Microsoft Corp. co-founder Bill Gates, the world’s richest person, is helping lead a $35 million investment in ResearchGate, a networking website for scientists.

        Gates is joining Tenaya Capital in leading the round, which also includes Dragoneer Investment Group LLC, Thrive Capital, Benchmark and Founders Fund, ResearchGate said today in a statement. The Berlin-based startup, founded in 2008, has almost 3 million members.

        ResearchGate Chief Executive Officer and co-founder Ijad Madisch said he met Gates in France recently, after being introduced to a representative by Benchmark’s Matt Cohler. Gates has given away more than $28 billion of his fortune, mostly to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which funds programs to lift people out of poverty and invests in vaccines designed to eliminate infectious diseases around the globe.

        “I was always dreaming of a potential investment from him because I admire what he has done, what he has built and switching his attention to eradicating disease,” Madisch said in an interview. “What he’s trying to do is perfectly aligned with what we’re doing.”

        Gates wasn’t available for comment, according to John Pinette, a spokesman.

        While ResearchGate is a business that seeks to make money, the site is bringing together scientists, including many focused on the same issues as the Gates Foundation, Madisch said.’

      • A mystery solved – in the village.
        And who knew – it was a village.

        Wall Street Journal names Bill Gates as one of ResearchGate’s mystery new investors

        Scientists’ network ResearchGate recently raised $20m in new funds – and the Wall Street Journal Deutschland today named Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates as one of six investors participating in the round. We’ve been unable to reach the company to confirm the news.

        ResearchGate hasn’t made an announcement yet on the new funding, first reported in early May by German online magazine Gründerszene via funding news feed WhoGotFunded and a US Securities and Exchange Commission document.

        ResearchGate, founded by Ijad Madisch, Sören Hofmayer and Horst Fickenscher in May 2008, provides a variety of tools and applications for researchers to get together and share knowledge, presented in a single well-designed web platform. This year, the company has said it plans to grow “revenue streams aligned with the scientific community”, including an upcoming marketplace for biotech products.

        The company has grown to about 100 employees in Berlin and Boston and claims about 2.6 million users with several thousand new sign-ups each day. Its existing investors include Benchmark Capital and Accel Partners, along with Founders Fund who joined in a Series B venture capital round of an unknown size in Febraury 2012.

        Its peers and potential competitors include Mendeley, a London-based platform recently acquired by academic publishing group Elsevier for a reported £45m (about €52.7m).

      • Hey Ontario!

        Prepare shopping list
        they have pay pal

      • Interesting information but it is a handy place to access published papers.

        As long as rural Ontarians allow themselves to be messed-over they will continue to be messed-over.

    • It’s like science – Caveat Emptor

      Beware of enemies masquerading as friends: ResearchGate and co.

      We know that for researchers, having a profile in the public domain is essential. How can you be cited if no-one can find your work? The creators of services ResearchGate, and Mendeley understand your concerns. These sites, described as ‘social media for academics’, allow you to share papers, lead discussion groups, find collaborators and ‘follow’ others’ work.

      ResearchGate was started by 3 academics in 2008 and is now used by 3 million—Bill Gates has invested heavily so he clearly sees its potential. And yet we’d like to advise you to proceed with caution. Here are a few criticisms of these services: caveat emptor (let the buyer beware).

      1. ResearchGate automatically emails invitations to your coauthors on your behalf. These invitations are made to look as if they were sent by you but are emailed without your consent.

  9. The important issue is that these websites can be used by others to access information. Paper trails can be followed using this information.

    If people don’t want to use and follow the information and links provided in this comment section as to the process of how this health study was done then suck it and take what you got.

      • The paper work to prove this is available. Written proof is required.

        Otherwise you can take what’s dished out to you.

      • Hey Barbara,

        Loud and clear!

        This panel does not want to screw up their chances for participation
        in other Agenda 21 aka Sustainable Development aka Smart Growth aka Kyoto Protocol scientific engagement;
        and the money for research – to help the poor.

        ‘[excerpt] It should be noted that the Panel’s ability to fully assess the prevalence of adverse health effects was limited by a lack of available data. As a result, the report outlines where more research is required in order to fill knowledge gaps, including for vulnerable populations’

        They have proven it!

      • This is not stopping this study from being used around the world and this is being sold as an annoyance issue and not a health issue.

        If you read some of the papers being used you will learn that the annoyance issue is being pushed.

        This is why links were provided so that people can access published papers on this subject that they can read for themselves.

        The same group of people are involved in pushing this annoyance issue

    • Scotian WindFields, Studies & Reports

      #5. Title Land-based Wind energy: A guide to Understanding the Issues and Making Informed Decisions, June 2011
      Authors: Staff of CLF Ventures. Reviewed by Johnathan Raab, PhD (MIT)

      Also see: #11

      FENS MIT Faculty Environmental Network For Sustainability

      Robert J. McCunney
      Jonathan Raab
      Lawrence Susskind

  10. Barbara Keep the FACTS coming! I use your work and fire off the “shame” to my federal MP demanding that our two reps to the Wind Industry Scotland Conf. NOT go to present such a biased review. I have also been pushing the use of the REDA,too. Providing readers that connections helps,thank you. Distracting chatter does not.

    • NEXT! Which 38 “key” references were used in this Council of Canadian Academies review process?

    • Priceless is right.

      Only Dummkopfs like Herr Crawley und Herr Chiarelli can relate to this.

  11. Ella,

    USW, thru the BlueGreen Alliance U.S. and U.S. Sierra have a direct connection to the U.S. Dept. of Energy. Also the Union of Concerned Scientists has a direct connection to DOE.

    Some of the same parties and IWT publications/health studies can be tracked into the U.S. and/or tracked into Canada.

  12. Look at this stupid line from the “Executive Summary” of the CCA report:

    “Determining whether wind power causes adverse health effects in people is therefore important so that all Canadians can equitably share in the benefits of this technology.”

    So so stupid…

  13. Clean Energy Canada
    Tracking The Energy Revolution, Canada Edition, Dec.,2014

    P.10, Major foreign banks investing in Canada except one Manulife

    Mitsubishi UJF, Japan, $1.2 B
    Manulife, Tronto, $750 M
    Mizuho Financial Group Inc. ,Japan, $660 M
    Deutsche Bank AG, Germany, $470 M
    Norddeutsche Landersbank Girozentrale, Germany, $360 M


    Clean Energy Canada


    Andrew Heintzman
    Nancy Olewiler, also on Ecofiscal Commission Canada
    Nicholas Parker
    Tom Rand

    Organization is pushing for putting a price on carbon.

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