Ontario’s Wind Powered Energy Poverty

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Around the globe, the true cost of the great wind power fraud is catching up with a vengeance. The phrase “energy poverty” is now synonymous with the insane (and utterly pointless) costs of subsidising the ‘production’ of electricity, using a wholly weather dependent ‘system’, that has to have 100% of its capacity, backed up 100% of the time by conventional generators:

Wind Industry’s Bogus Claims about “Powering” Millions of Homes Scorched

Ontario is the place where the most bizarre energy policy in the world has seen thousands of giant fans speared into the backyards of homes – in the most agriculturally productive part of Canada.

When we say “bizarre” we mean completely bonkers, as Canada has one of the “cleanest” power generation mixes on the planet, with the vast bulk of its electricity coming from zero-emissions sources, such as nuclear and hydro.

As explained in this post, Professor Ross McKitrick: Wind turbines don’t run on wind, they run on subsidies, Ontario has built a policy that sees wind power (when the wind is blowing) “displace” emissions free hydro at enormous cost to power consumers and taxpayers, as wind power outfits are guaranteed to reap fat profits, despite market conditions. Read article

5 thoughts on “Ontario’s Wind Powered Energy Poverty

  1. What I see happening in the USA — Wind companies say to the taxpayers “Show me your money!”

  2. Then there is the issue of not having to pay income taxes due to all of the tax breaks that renewable companies receive from the government..

  3. Being as it’s the present McGuinty / Wynne Liberals and their freinds/supporters, who are personally (see Mike Crawley past pres. On. Liberal party, now multi-millionaire Wind Weasel, et al) raking in many $ billions on the Wind Scam they’ve created, c/w help from their fraudulent, anti democratic GEA, they are hell bent on ramming in all the IWTs they can, before enough people wake up & say enough is enough. But that’s when it’ll be far too late to save Ontario.
    They simply must be stopped now, or this province is definately toast for many generations to come. Any way that works, must be employed. It’s for the greater good, after all & the right thing to do. Therefore, I don’t know how but, we must group together, all Wind Warriors, at least from Ontario, but hopefully from far beyond as well, from all over the world and get the attention of those who blindly support IWTs to the detriment of others, the benefit of nobody but the Wind Weasel Scammers/Profiteers.
    For instance, we need enough people power to shut down the Pan Ams all around Toronto/GTA, C/W slow moving convoys on major 400series highways, HOV lanes et al, with farm vehicles amongst others.
    We must also set up blockades of projects, with enough people power to keep police at bay, especially if no natives will stand with us to protect the land /critters / natural environment they claim to be stewards of. Police won’t touch them in any way, so their presence is very much needed & appreciated. In fact they would win huge support in the communities they protect, making them our heroes for many years to come. We would be forever in their debt, best freinds for life. I’m looking into how to get this going in my area, get the natives on side, if they are not already planning to do this. They certainly should be, as we’ve just seen how effective even the threat of blockades is from natives, with the backing down of a project on native lands recently, (I forget the area name, sorry but…..).

  4. Seeing the economic insanity of the wind experiment is one thing. Knowing that the alarmism and catastrophic predictions that frightened people into thinking we had to act fast and threaten people’s safety and security in their rural homes to “save the planet”, was based on faulty computer modelled ‘science’, fuels my rage and determination to force these wind companies, this government and all of the complicit players of the media to admit to the truth.
    wattsupwiththat is a site where everyone can learn about the flawed science and the IPCC’s reputation among scientists who now realize what happened.

  5. If people find it difficult to reach their vacation spots, it might wake them up. But the rich ones can fly in anyway.

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