Solar company sues Ontario Power Authority for $9 million

BentleyDonovan Vincent, The Star
An Ottawa company that participated in a provincial program helping homeowners and farmers develop renewable energy projects is suing the Ontario Power Authority for $9 million, claiming it lost hundreds of customers and was forced to lay off all its employees after the OPA retroactively reduced fees paid out under the plan.

The claim, which the province disputes, relates to the government’s microFIT program, an ongoing initiative introduced by Ontario’s Energy Ministry in 2009. The program was launched to encourage homeowners, farmers, small businesses and institutions to produce small renewable energy projects.
These owners are paid for the electricity they produce, and the prices are set to enable them to recover their costs and earn a “reasonable return” over a 20-year period.

According to court documents, Capital Solar Power Corp. says it expended “vast sums of money” and time recruiting participants for the program, and in September 2011 saw about 275 of them apply for microFIT. Read article

14 thoughts on “Solar company sues Ontario Power Authority for $9 million

  1. So the blueprint for any attempt by government, or their agencies to amend FIT tariffs schedules, may be seen here. These will be met with legal suits by the wind/solar outfits, either pay us our entitlement or we will sue. As to who really runs energy policy in Ont, for now it appears to be the renewable energy crowd.

    • True! But the government has plenty of money for lawyers so it will cost these companies a bundle to sue the government.

      These companies hope for quick settlements.

  2. Hello scumbags!
    Ontario Power Authority {OPA)

    Welcome into the spotlight;
    now hiding within – a Crown Corporation –
    the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO)

    Hiding – I mean merged – no – I mean hiding
    darn – I must be confused.

    I am hopeful, finally – maybe
    we will get to see the inner workings of how corruption works.
    In my opinion.

    I can say for certain – I am very happy.


    The ‘blame game’ case;
    with OPA ‘story boards’ – appearing in a courtroom.

    ‘[excerpt] The OPA disputes these allegations. In court this past January, Justice Timothy Minnema considered a motion from the OPA seeking to strike Capital Solar’s statement of claim.

    Among its arguments, the OPA — which in January merged with the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) under the latter’s name — said it did not make the price changes, but rather the energy minister did.

    In dismissing the OPA’s motion earlier this month, the judge found that “it is not plain and obvious to me that because of the interplay between the OPA and the Minister, the microFIT rules now mean nothing, and that the conduct of the OPA did not cause the injuries claimed.”’

    What is the OPA? –
    and why was it introduced as a temporary agency –
    accountable to no one
    and now – is part of a Crown Corporation?

    A matter before the courts…..
    Current Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli – soon to find out
    about – ‘directives’ –
    after former Energy Minister Bentley testifies.

    Hopefully Mr. Bentley gets his chance – to set the record straight.
    Go Bentley! – Good Luck!

    The world is watching!

  3. Re: Ontario Superior Court Justice Timothy Minnema

    Saudi doctors can’t sue University of Ottawa

    Trio alleged discrimination, negligence

    The Canadian Press

    October 18, 2013

    ‘[excerpt] In April, Ontario Superior Court Justice Timothy Minnema ruled in favour of the school and its internal review process.

    “The facts relied on in this action are the same facts relied on by each of the plaintiffs in the steps they took through the appeal mechanism,” Minnema wrote.

    “This statement of claim is an abuse of the process of the court and the same is dismissed in its entirety.”

    The students’ appeal gained no traction.

    Among other reasons, the Appeal Court rejected the idea that students would have no incentive to participate in disciplinary or review proceedings if doing so would stop them from suing.

    “We do not agree,” the court ruled.

    “Seeking damages from the university to obtain redress for complaints about alleged inappropriate treatment would be only a secondary, fall-back goal,” the Appeal Court found.

    The court ordered them to pay $15,000 in appeal costs.

    Minnema had already ordered them to pay $90,000 to the university in relation to the earlier hearing.’

  4. A liberal majority government –
    can do anything they want – and lie about it – too

    ‘[excerpt] Kathleen Wynne is making her move.

    The premier insists she had no choice. Nor, she suggests, do Ontarians.

    After years of delay and dithering, it’s decision time:

    On Monday, the province will proclaim that it’s putting a price on carbon.

    Wynne will kick off a flurry of announcements and pronouncements on pollution in Toronto, then push off for a signing ceremony with Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard later in the day.

    Her government’s recognition, belatedly, that it cannot stand on the sidelines forever comes just in time for a summit of premiers hosted by Couillard on Tuesday. In Quebec City, Ontario and the other provinces will sit down to assess the rising role of sub-national governments in the local fight against global warming.’

    • Check out Ecofiscal Canada and same players over and over again. Then check out the new Voter PAC to raise money for selected candidates and maybe over to Foundations moving money around.?

    • This after the “consultation” between environment ministry and Ontarians over its discussion paper on managing climate change. I believe a copy was posted here and comments were welcomed. Seems mine did not make the cut, along with many others questioning the whole thesis of AGW and man-made climate change. Wynne has a majority and can do what she wishes in the short term; what is objectionable is wasting money hosting discussion groups and soliciting comments that she has no intention of considering. Better to save the money since her mind is already made up.

  5. Ontarians had better take a look at how many businesses have left California because of its policies on energy and California is also broke.

    Wynne doesn’t know the difference between scientific theories and scientific laws or she thinks it is more politically expedient to do what she does.

    When people don’t know how things get done they get taken for a ride like with the recent Health Study report.

    • The same group of players have been pushing for cap-and-trade or a carbon tax for at least the last seven years but they had to wait until a secure Ontario government was in place to accomplish this. This involves Conservatives, Liberals and NDP. Money is money.

      The excuse for doing this is of course climate change which is fast losing steam due to new scientific research. So this may be now or never for these players. Last chance to get a system in place to make huge amounts of money out of this scheme.

      • The McGuinty governments were never politically strong enough to accomplish carbon schemes along with the 2008/09 financial crash.

        There will be a new U.S. President elected in 2016 which can also mean things have to be done as soon as possible. And an October federal election coming up in Canada. Better to have this accomplished and not mixed up as an election issue in the coming October federal election.

  6. Liberal provincial gov’t is using the Green Energy Act to create a tax base that all Ontarians will pay more on their hydro bill, like it or not. They have put Ontario so far in debt that they are panicing to find ways to tax us harder to pay for their blunders. Money laundering I would say!
    There will be a fallout and we can only hope those responsible see accountability even behind bars.
    Is holding gov’t office a free ticket out of jail? It’s my opinion that criminal activity to bilk every hydro customer out of$$$ is progressing in the disguise of green energy.
    Lets use global warming to make people pay, what is next??? Wind and solar cannot close one coal plant. Nuclear is the future though the gov’t has made a constant effort to call it the “Bad” energy.
    Anyone with an IQ can see the truth.

    Time to vote out these crooks.

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