Wind Turbines proposed in Barn Owl (Endangered Species) habitat – file your comment now

barn-owlEnvironmental Registry
“Boralex Inc. – Port Ryerse Wind Farm Limited Partnership has submitted a proposal in relation to an overall benefit permit under clause 17(2)(c) of the Endangered Species Act, 2007 (ESA) with respect to Barn Owl in order to construct and operate a Wind Generation Facility near Port Ryerse, Broken Front Concession, Geographic Township of Woodhouse, County of Norfolk.”

The proposal to construct and operate a Wind Generation Facility has the potential to adversely affect Barn Owl as described in regulation. The proposed permit conditions would provide benefits that exceed
the adverse effects on Barn Owl and their habitat.

Barn Owl is listed on the Species at Risk in Ontario (SARO) List, in O. Reg. 230/08 of the ESA, as Endangered.

Subsection 9(1) of the ESA provides for the protection of endangered, threatened (and extirpated) species on the SARO List.

Habitat protection under the ESA applies to Barn Owl (subsection 10(1)). The specific habitat of Barn Owl has been prescribed by section 24.1 of O. Reg. 242/08.

The ESA allows some activities to proceed under a clause 17(2)(c) permit with specific conditions if: avoidance and reasonable alternatives have been considered; adverse effects will be minimized; and an overall benefit will be achieved for the species in Ontario. Providing an overall benefit to a protected species under the ESA involves undertaking actions to improve circumstances for the species in Ontario. Overall benefit is more than “no net loss” or an exchange of “like for like”. Overall benefit is grounded in the protection and recovery of the species at risk and must include more than mitigation measures or “replacing” what is lost. Read more and file comment

10 thoughts on “Wind Turbines proposed in Barn Owl (Endangered Species) habitat – file your comment now

  1. I sincerely wish you all good luck with this.

    In Huron County, K2 Wind just surrounded hundreds of acres of Heritage bush, along a river that flows into Lake Huron. This is a well established migratory stop over for a lovely variety of birds. The bush is year round prime habitat to all sorts of species.
    Whoever made these decisions at K2 Wind had no common sense at all. The farmers request for a lease should have been turned down.
    They even put turbines too close to a well run private zoo. Who in their right mind would do that?

    What on earth were they thinking?

  2. Hey Sommer,

    You say,
    ‘The farmers request for a lease should have been turned down.’

    I’m full of wonder myself – sometimes.


    So what you are saying is:
    [previously prepared (request by farmer)
    by the wind energy proponent (lease seeker)]


    Let’s see if I got it right:
    The wind energy proponent gets the farmer to sign a letter –
    supposedly written by the farmer;
    ‘request for a lease’ – but the letter is prepared by the wind energy.

    So then –
    – this ‘request for a lease’ letter – would arrive without a letterhead,
    or signature.

    It only becomes part of the farmers – ‘request for a lease’ letter –
    when the empty
    spaces (letterhead and signature) are signed as part of the formality
    @ the kitchen table.

    So then – the ordinary farmer
    reading this document (letter) – without letterhead or signature
    [you should try it sometimes]
    I’m going to stop here.

    And this now forms – the ‘farmers request for a lease’.
    I’m only assuming the farmer – ‘does not’ – have a copy
    to boot.
    Why would he/she!……
    …….maybe that should be a question mark?
    I mean why leave a copy?

    Hey Sommer!

  3. Just a heads up… the link on the right hand side to Ontario Wind Turbine Contracts brings one to a website that is an advertisement for Ugh boots?

    • Hey pattikellar,
      Need more input – does not compute.
      Ugh – I hate when that happens.

      Heads up!

  4. Seriously, if people don’t count why would barn owls or Blanding’s turtles or any other collateral damage?

  5. I agree Mary.That is the most sensible thing I heard so far. Money trumps everything so we need a revolution or a miracle to make a change?

  6. What should the people of Port Ryerse be doing RIGHT NOW!

    Trying to sell their homes and move away?
    In order to prevent themselves and their children from being harmed?


    3 nights of sleep disturbance is a serious issue.

    (It’s already too late.)


    Maybe there’s an insurance company that will insure the risk?

    “(one) becomes sleep deprived-> needs time off work-> needs money to rent a safe house-> needs money for medical & legal & costs”


    How much should the people of Port Ryerse pay for these insurance polices?

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