NextEra still doing the “eat, drink & sign wind lease” meetings

Eat, drink and sign your property away! NextEra serves a buffet to people with land in Hardy Creek Wind Project area (Middlesex/Lambton).

Notice that a public meeting hasn’t happened yet for this project. NextEra needs to get all the land signed up first, then they’ll tell the rest of you about it (maybe). This invite was sent to some landowners, but not all. Those with a few acres are still left out of the loop on what is happening in this project.

Can you see how this way of ‘doing business’ DESTROYS communities?


19 thoughts on “NextEra still doing the “eat, drink & sign wind lease” meetings

  1. You bet that’s the way they play the game. Small town USA finds out they will have wind turbines all around them if wind project approved (city council knew nothing of this) . Public meeting — pro wind land owners say they should have known this — the meeting was at xyz. . “wait don’t they tell the potential leasee don’t say anything”? And, just an a point of interest of the city council members signed an option to lease to the wind company.
    Example 2: 3 men co-owners of a business. Man number 2 finds out that business owners 1 and 3 had signed options to lease with the wind company over year ago parcels of land. He only found out when there were public meetings trying to convence the public what a wonderful thing these wind “farms” would be for the county.
    Wind companies tear communites apart with their underhanded techniques — then they slither away.

    • My initial thoughts exactly Jay!
      It must be heavily protested at minimum, but I like the “crashed” idea!
      The potential Leasees, must be aware of the overwhelming opposition to the projects they are considering signing up for. They must learn of the harm they’ll cause to their neighbours health, finances, lives & the community backlash against them, they’ll face.
      Only the uneducated &/or greedy, self centred, low life trash will sign these leases of community destruction.
      Wind Warriors from everywhere, who can, should attend, to lend our support.
      The only way we will succeed, is by helping one another, sticking together as a tight knit group. Numbers matter. If we let them in, it’s too late. They must be stopped, before they are built, by non-violent, heavily attended blockades & such.
      If area residents let us know the details of a protest, I for one will attend from the City of Kawartha Lakes. I’ve always wanted to visit that still beautiful, part of Ontario.

    • Yes, it is possible. And it is possible to bring more attention to the masses of your community. Every little bit helps each community.

      Go inside, eat their food, talk to the other people that show up to get that free hat. Walk around and observe the lease signers, or the possible lease signers and take all their pamphlets, freebee’s and whicheverthings they are giving away. Keep the info, to refer to. Throw the rest in a garbage !

      Let the uninformed in on the negative effects, be cool calm and collected. Take paper copies of places they can go to on the internet, show them where the information is.

      Nexterror or any wind weasel despises it. So do it well!

  2. Landowners likely don’t know what they are signing when they sign these options. And there probably are no or few details provided in these options.

    These options should have all the details that the lease would have. Otherwise who knows what has been agreed to in the original option?

    Then there are the gag orders that go along with these options. Anytime there are gag orders in options/contracts this is a BIG RED FLAG WARNING!

    • Anytime a person signs an agreement that contains a gag order they become ISOLATED from other people by not being able to talk about the agreement they signed.

      • In 2009, Laurel Broten apologized to Sandy and Barb and Glen about the “health issues” and “grief” being “caused” to their “families”.
        Then she left them to keep suffering.
        Then they got bought out and gagged.

        Here’s the proof:

        From the transcript:
        ‘[excerpt] Legislative Assembly of Ontario
        First Session, 39th Parliament
        Official Report of Debates (Hansard)
        Wednesday 15 April 2009
        Ms. Laurel C. Broten: Thank you for your presentation today. I am sorry that the wind farm has caused you these health issues and has caused grief for your families.‘


        ‘[excerpt] 2. LettertoShillerAug312011.pdf
        Julian N. Falconer, Falconer Charney LLP to Brian Shiller
        August 31, 2011

        ‘[excerpt] It is our understanding that you acted as counsel in respect of agreements arrived at with wind turbine companies. We further understand that you represented the following six affected parties in this regard: Ross and Helen […], Kent […], Glen […], Barbara […], John and Sandra […], and Barbara […].
        We further understand the agreements for which you were counsel pertained, in the case of the first five of the above affected parties, to residences in or around Ripley […] The wind turbine companies that were parties to these agreements were Suncor Energy Projects Inc. and Acciona Wind Energy Projects Inc.
        Finally in respect of the sixth affected parties listed above […] who resided in Amaranth, the involved wind turbine company was Canadian Hydro Developers, Inc. wholly owned and operated by TransAlta Corporation. […]
        Could you please obtain instructions with a view to the affected parties being interviewed by representatives of our office regarding what effects (health or otherwise), if any, that the wind turbines had on them personally?’

        3. letterfromShillerSept82011.pdf
        Brian Shiller to Julian N. Falconer
        September 8, 2011

        ‘[excerpt] I will not be able to produce any of these individuals as they are prohibited by agreement from answering the questions referred to in your letter.’’

        They were FORCED.

    • Reality is that the majority don’t want to know – all they see is the money. The contract I was offered said on the first line that I would give them “irrevocable exclusive rights to my property” – how on earth could anyone sign that yet they lined up to sign.

      • Tom, is it possible to show a copy of the deal you were offered? People won’t believe this until they see it.

    • “Land owners didn’t know what they were signing” yet they signed!?! Why would they do that?

  3. @ the local level of government;
    they can do nothing – except
    save the planet!

    In order to do that – they have to take the money;
    to save the planet!

    It’s a Liberal thing!

  4. I was speaking to my lawyer today making small talk, he says
    To me the leasers whom didn’t get a turbine or
    Used for anything are flocking to him like crazy!

    Guess some are learning the crumbs of staying
    In a lease aren’t worth it!

    • I”m assuming these are adults doing the flocking.
      Too bad they are adults.
      If they were under 18 – they might have a chance.

  5. As I understand the process, a bunch of people in the proposed IWT future site are signed up ahead of time using options. Then the project is developed and only those in the planned site are given leases. The options are ended for land not needed for the project.

    Once the site is selected and the options get called, you can’t get out of the agreement. Letting people out of an option or lease would spoil the whole project plan.

    • The options are generally for 3 yrs which atomically roll over to another 3 or so, depending on the company.

      But are still very hard to get out of, you need a lawyer and timings a big thing. If you want out you have to wait till the last second but before they can state they still want your land.

      You know it’s handy for them to hang on to land for perhaps phase 2-3 if they have plans to add on to an existing project.

      What’s a few hundred bucks a year for billion $ companies to hoard land?

      It can be done, but as far as other leased used land… Good luck I hope the farmers like their tenant from hell for the next several decades.

  6. You can question Premier @Kathleen_Wynne about the budget at noon: listen to @CBCOntarioToday & call in 1.888.817.8995 #ONpoli #cbcTO

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