Turtle beats turbine

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An endangered species has won the power struggle over Ostrander Point as Ontario’s top court has ruled in favour of the Blanding’s turtle over turbines.

In a historic ruling the Ontario Court of Appeal overturned a provincial court decision in relation to the Renewable Energy Approval of Gilead Power’s nine turbine project.


Gillespie says Gilead now has a couple of options going forward one of them being to ask the Supreme Court of Canada in Ottawa to hear the case. He says there’s no automatic right to do that you need leave or permission from the Supreme Court.

Gillespie says the other way that this is definitely going to play out is the Environmental Review Tribunal has been asked by the Ontario Court of Appeal to hear some further submissions on what the solution to this situation should be. Read article

6 thoughts on “Turtle beats turbine

    • It’s just a little easier to prove damage to animals than it is to prove damage to humans.

  1. This is fantastic news, even though it’s not in my area, it’s great for PEC & I congratulate those who’ve been waging this battle.
    It’s not only a win for the Blandings Turtle, but the entire community, Ontario & Canada. Great work by Eric Gillespie & his team!
    I’d personally lost faith in the Ontario Court of Appeal, since their hugely unjust ruling in Dec. 2014, against a19 yr old victim of a MVA & his caregiver mom, who had to quit her job to care for him, for the rest of their lives.
    The Appeal courts decision dropped their monthly income from over $9,000.00, the insurers own agreed upon income need, to $2,200., his moms’ old income, for working 35hrs/wk. She now works 24/7 to care for her now paraplegic son! That’s BS!! But it’s now the law, so don’t get hurt in a MVA in Ontario, unless you happen to be very wealthy!
    You’re no longer adequately insured, in Wynnes Treasonously corrupt, lying Liberal governed Ontario.
    This decision will quite likely, unfortunately, be overturned at a new ERT hearing. Then they can pretend to mitigate the harm to the turtles & look like environmentally conscious heroes, to all but those ‘in the know’ re the IWT Scam.

  2. The court ruled in favor of the Blandings turtle as a deterrent from the adverse health issues to people. A very strong case was presented at the ERT regarding adverse Heath effects and turbines. The easiest way to let this issue rest was to rule for the turtles, case closed. To let adverse health issues out of the box is one hell of a bomb that will not be allowed to blow at any expense, including human mortality.
    Save the turtles, kill the people. Get it?

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