Statement on Divisional Court ruling on Ontario’s Endangered Species Act

eagle nestOntario Nature
TORONTO — Ontario’s Divisional Court has upheld a provincial regulation that exempts major industries from the Endangered Species Act and allows them to kill species at risk and destroy their habitat.

“This is a disappointing decision for Ontario’s endangered and threatened wildlife,” said Ecojustice lawyer Lara Tessaro. “The Endangered Species Act is intended to put species first — not to let their survival be balanced against competing industrial interests. That would tip the scale towards extinction.”

When it was introduced in 2007, the Endangered Species Act was considered the gold standard law for species protection in North America. Unfortunately, recent years have seen Ontario shirk its duties to protect at-risk wildlife.

In 2013, the province introduced a regulation that exempts major industries from strict protection standards under the Endangered Species Act — in many cases giving them a free pass to kill endangered or threatened species and destroy their habitat, as long as this harm is “minimized.” To challenge this regulation, Ontario Nature and Wildlands League, represented by Ecojustice lawyers, brought a lawsuit that culminated in a hearing earlier this year.

“There are too many plants and animals that are teetering on the edge in this province,” said Anna Baggio of Wildlands League. “We will continue to speak up for them until their habitat is protected and until they are no longer at risk of extinction.” Read article

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  1. It’s not possible to transition to renewable energy if threatened or endangered species are allowed to stand in the way of this transition. Includes humans too!

  2. Profits over us.We are suppose to be guardians over creators creations,we have allowed big corporations to tie up the hands of who you voted for to keep our wishes for our communities to thrive and have abundance.
    But we failed and they have taken over.
    We are to blame because we have the power but gave them up.
    All there ACTs are just acts and there legality is not our reality. They have broken creators law and have protection from legal cystem.
    Stop playing there game of is the only way.
    If you were ever asked to play a game with cheaters would you play with them again?

  3. Exposing the outrageous truth about the way the legal justice system is operating is a real eye opener for citizens of Ontario. Each case has contributed to a shocking realization. What has been realized is how complicit the judges and the legal system are in this travesty of justice against human beings and all sorts of creatures who do not deserve to be collateral damage to the wind industry…especially knowing all that we know about the rationale, the inefficiencies and the hypocrisy of the green zealots who are driving this agenda.
    The courts are the only real recourse in this situation.

    What might be a more effective way to stop this madness?

      • Really good ,imagine all the dogs(police) there protecting there ass sets.for there master (Wind Corporations)
        Most will probably get arrested as they will make money on there legal name (contract) and then pay there energy$ to there idol Baal to get out of there jail. Whereas these asses should be there and there asses emptied with there wallets to pay for all the harm and destruction they put forth..

      • If you were to do it ,you better leave all the legal name, associated cards with that legal name behind as then they cannot contract with a no namer.Your neighbours and or friends are not bear false witness against you stating that you are that legal name. It is illegal to use the legal name period. It is copyrighted and own by the crown thru registry. Gave it away!
        They cannot contract with you,but they will try and trick you into that legal name.
        Do not give in as it is all about your name for them to contract with you. and most of all do no harm..

      • There’s an excellent conversation on wattsupwiththat just a few days ago. These scientists are more than ready to see the end to this waste of money.
        Some are suggesting legal challenges to key players in this massive scheme, saying that once these cases get underway, there will be a sudden scurrying of lots of people who feed from the same ‘trough’.
        There has also been the launch of the ‘International Tribunal of Natural Justice’. Very recently a whistle blower has come forth exposing the sorts of things you are aware of ‘farmer’ and much more regarding the financing scandals that might be directly related to all of this.
        I’m hopeful.

  4. The Queen did not promise to uphold the laws of the People. Only that she will rule over them in accordance with their collective will as expressed through Acts and regulation. That collective will, anyone that is party to it, constitutes a promise and that is what is enforced on the membership.
    Caveat: If you appear in person you are not party to the will, promises, of God, but serving graven images; a member of something other than the kingdom of God. If you place reliance on a humanly contrived constitution, or any and/or all other humanly drafted legislation, rights, or freedoms, you wear a mask, appear in person.
    You all who are trying to obtain recognition from civil authority of your true status, state of being, man/woman, whatever, must bear in mind; God does not recognize the children that wear a mask. You have no protection under his law; EL ZIPPO.

  5. Two Toronto Events in July 2015

    Climate Summit of the Americas, Toronto, July 7-9, 2015
    Sponsored by Ontario Ministry of the Environment And Climate Change


    Confirmed speakers include:

    Filipe Calderon, Fmr. Pres. of Mexico
    Philippe Couillard, Quebec Premier
    Karen Clarke-Whistler, Ecofiscal Comission Canada
    Onnagh Fitzgerald, CIGI, Waterloo
    David Miller WWF-Canada


    Toronto Global Forum, July 8-10, 2015 Toronto
    Pan American Edition

    Dominic Barton, Co-chair. & Ecofiscal Commission Canada
    Daniel Servitje, Chair. & CE, GRUPO BIMBO

    See website for speakers.

    These are the parties the Ontario government is catering to.

    Plenty of photo-ops for Wynne at both of these events and then there will be the MSM coverage.

      • The event sponsored by the Ontario government is BY INVITATION ONLY.

        Citizens who pay Ontario’s bills aren’t even allowed to attend!

  6. Wynne would never have the opportunity to associate or meet with the big-wigs that attend these international meetings without having renewable energy projects and cap-and-trade in Ontario.

    Same with the Ministers involved in these issues.

    • Wynne onto Paris in December. And maybe to Davos in January of 2016? She sure has delivered “the-goods”.

    • The International Economic Forum of the Americas, Montreal

      Board includes:
      Paul Desmarais, Jr.
      Dominic Barton, Ecofiscal Canada
      Christine Lagarde, IMF
      Strobe Talbott, Brookings Institution, Washington, D.C.,montreal/board-of-governors


      Brookings Institution, Washington, D.C.

      Board of Trustees includes:
      Strobe Talbott, Pres.
      Dominic Barton, Ecofiscal Canada
      Paul Desmarais, Jr.

      Talbott is a long time associate of the Clintons.

      Website has the additional Trustees

      • Flashback!
        Tuesday, April 10th 2012

        Fidel wonders about Canada’s position on Falklands issue at the Americas summit

        ‘[excerpt] Mr. Castro praises Canada’s early policy toward Cuba, which he says was respectful and did not interfere in Cuban affairs. He says former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau was a “brilliant and courageous politician.”’

        ‘[excerpt] The Canadian oil sands, he says, are causing an irreparable damage to the environment of “that beautiful and extensive country.” And in other American nations, Mr. Castro says Canadian-financed mining companies are working where “tax revenues are minimal and there are very few environmental and social commitments.”’
        Premier Social Justice – leading the way!

        Election Year Canada
        October 19, 2015
        Vote Conservative!

        Go Stephen Harper!

    • IMF: New Role…….
      Climate Change Crap!
      [past role: ‘pimping’]


      Election Year Canada
      October 19, 2015
      Vote Conservative

      Go Stephen Harper!

      ‘[excerpt] The day prior to Lagarde’s speech, on June 9, 2014, Prime Minister Stephen Harper made a statement in Ottawa about the prospect of a national cap-and-trade system, a concept that he has not supported since about 2009. Harper noted that all countries want to step up action against climate change, just not at the expense of their economies.

      Harper was joined by a contingent from Australia that included Prime Minister Tony Abbott, one of the most polarizing figures in the climate change debate after dismantling his own country’s cap-and-trade system in 2013, making it one of his first acts in office. Abbott has also infamously described climate change as “crap.”

      “No country is going to undertake actions on climate change — no matter what they say, no country is going to take actions that are going to deliberately destroy jobs and growth in their country,” Harper told reporters. “We are just a little more frank about that, but that is the approach that every country’s seeking.”


      Election Year Canada
      October 19, 2015
      Vote Conservative

      Go Stephen Harper!

      • Australia had a national cap-and-trade system.

        Cap-and-trade in Canada is being done at the SUB-NATIONAL level which is legal.

        Sub-national means at the provincial and/ or state level.

        Cap-and trade can be done at either the national or sub-national level.

      • Premier Social Justice – sneaky

        Next Bernie Madoff? Emissions Cap-and-Trade Aids the Corrupt, Hurts the Little Guy
        It wouldn’t work but would make a playground for the rich and sneaky

        ‘[excerpt] Enron executives—before their well-deserved fall—did little to conceal their lust for cap-and-trade. In 2002, the Washington Post reported that “an internal Enron memo said the Kyoto agreement, if implemented, would do more to promote Enron’s business than almost any other regulatory initiative outside of restructuring the energy and natural gas industries in Europe and the United States.”‘

        ‘[excerpt] European governments and industries, in an attempt to stave off the economic impact of cap-and-trade, have found plenty of ways to game the system. Governments have freely handed out emissions allowances. Meanwhile, European consumers have suffered as energy rates have increased. Homeowners in Germany are paying 25 percent more for electricity now than they did before the implementation of cap-and-trade.

        The European legal system encourages a “wink and nod” approach to regulation; to date, ours does not.

        In contrast to the burdens borne by European households, traders have been reaping the benefits of emissions trading with little regard for the environmental concerns cap-and-trade is supposed to address. The emissions permit market has constantly fluctuated. With the price of carbon up or down by an average of 17.5 percent per month and with daily price shifts as great as 70 percent, European companies have been left to simply guess at how much their environmental compliance costs might be each month. Consequently, investors have been reluctant to invest in these businesses and there is little incentive to invest in new technologies.’

        Election Year Canada
        October 19, 2015
        Vote Conservative!

        Go Stephen Harper!

    • True about cap-and-trade on a national basis but this is being done on the provincial and state level where national/federal government approval is not needed.

      Cap-and-trade is coming in through the backdoor. Federal government can’t stop this.

      • “Paper” certificates are going to be traded among provinces and states.

        Electricity is NOT being traded. “Paper” will be traded.

        And this “paper” trading will cost consumers money/taxes and people their jobs.

  7. Ontario: Premier’s Advisory Council on Government Assets Est. 2014

    Ed Clark, Chair., TD Bank Group

    Advised on the sale of Hydro One.

    Brookings Institution, Washington, D.C.

    Trustees include:
    W. Edmund Clark, TD Bank, Canada

      • Jay Shepherd, Ontario energy lawyer, April 26, 2015

        Energy #6 – Surf’s Up

        Article explains why there are different rates for customers in the different Local Distribution Companies/LDCs.

        Rates are set by the OEB framework for LDCs in three categories.
        Annual IR
        4th Generation IR
        Custom IR

        This can make a big difference in what customers pay.

      • The Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario believes that the fire sale of Hydro One is wrong. This secret deal shows that Kathleen Wynne and the Liberal Party are desperate for money and are not looking out for your interests.

        You would never let your real estate agent sell your home without knowing the price, the number of offers, or what the conditions are. Why are we letting the Liberals do the same with Hydro One?

        Join us in opposing this majority sale by pledging your support today!


        Patrick Brown
        Leader, Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario


        The Hydro One sale has three major problems:

        1. Secret Process
        The decision to sell was made without public input and the sale will be done in complete secrecy. The Liberals are selling Ontario’s largest utility behind closed doors and we will never know if we received true value.

        2. Loss of Majority Ownership
        If we lose majority ownership of Hydro One, ratepayers will be forced to accept whatever changes the new owners decide, such as higher rates.

        3. Loss of Independent Consumer Protection
        We will never again have independent investigations of consumer complaints, such as the Ombudsman’s damning report on failed billing.

      • Election Year Canada!
        October 19, 2015
        Vote Conservative!

        Go Stephen Harper!

        The promising collaboration follows widespread criticism around Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s omission of climate change from the national 2014 budget. Canada also withdrew from the Kyoto protocol three years ago, and a media conference with the Prime Minister’s Australian counterpart Tony Abbott recently sparked huge debate due to their pessimism around a new global climate deal.

        Prime Minister Harper will also not be taking part in the UN Climate Summit in New York, where most political leaders will discuss how to reach common ground toward climate talks in Paris 2015.

        However, increasing climate action at Canada’s regional level is thankfully being spearheaded by members of The Climate Group, Ontario and Québec. In February this year, at the Canadian Energy Innovation Summit Ontario joined the province of Manitoba on a similar agreement, signing a Memorandum of Understanding.

        “By strengthening our partnership, Ontario and Québec will be better positioned to face the challenges of the new economy,” said Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne. “By working more closely together, we will help to grow the economy, attract businesses and investments, and create jobs. I believe our collaboration will benefit not only this region, but Canada as a whole.”

        Election Year Canada!
        October 19, 2015
        Vote Conservative!

        Go Stephen Harper!

      • You can use the OEB categories to determine how your rates are set for your LDC.

        Hydro One rate category information is what most rural Ontarians are in.

        The Hydro One debt will have to be shifted elsewhere so the company can be sold. Company is not saleable with its current debt load.

        If people in the GTA want a another subway then let them take all of Hydro One’s debt so they can have their subway from the sale of Hydro One.

    • Advisory Council on Ontario Government Assets includes:
      Janet Ecker, Pres. & CEO Toronto Financial Services Alliance/TFSA

      TFSA Board includes:

      Michael Wilson, Chair., Barclays Capital Canada
      Janet Ecker, TFSA Pres.
      Charles Sousa, Ont. Min. Finance
      Kathleen Wynne, Ont.Premier

      The International Economic Forum of the Americas, Toronto

      Advisory Board includes:

      John Beck, Chair., Aecon Group Inc.
      Michael Wilson, Barclays Capital Canada

      Party time: Toronto, July 7-10, 2015!

  8. As always – Ontario Nature
    – a little disingenuous –
    but hey – it works for them.

    Thank goodness – court rules for citizens – and matters
    for the survival of humanity.

  9. The Endangered Species Act was gutted in conjunction with the Green Energy Act to specifically allow IWTs to be installed anywhere and everywhere. The other “major industries” mentioned are just red herrings.

    Ontario Nature, headed by Caroline Schultz and Anne Bell, Wildlands League and Ecojustice all hailed the creation of the GEA and it’s wonderful planet-saving “green” wind turbines.

    Now they reap that which they have sown … and they still won’t admit that they’ve been part of the problem.

    I hate saying “I told you so” because it’s so schadenfreudian, so I won’t.

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