Ontario Liberals pull veil of secrecy over Hydro One sell-off

WYNNE NEGLECTGlobe and Mail, Adrian Morrow
Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne has pulled an iron curtain over Hydro One, ensuring one of the largest privatizations in the province’s history will unfold in secret.

The Liberals’ omnibus budget bill passed a final vote in the legislature Wednesday. The legislation, which will allow the government to start selling off the Crown corporation on the stock market later this year, contains a raft of clauses that remove public oversight of the company.

The bill strips the provincial auditor-general, financial accountability officer, ombudsman and several other independent watchdogs of their right to investigate Hydro One and resolve customer complaints. It also bars freedom-of-information requests and shields Hydro One employees’ salaries from the Sunshine List of provincial workers earning more than $100,000.

These provisions all take effect as soon as the bill is signed into law – even though none of the shares may be sold for months and the government could remain the company’s majority shareholder for years as it slowly sells down its stock. Read article

32 thoughts on “Ontario Liberals pull veil of secrecy over Hydro One sell-off

    • Evidently, this Premier is getting away with it because the GTA re-elected the Liberals. A history of government crime and corruption seems to mean nothing to Toronto come election time.

      Wynne has a messiah complex, and so do many in downtown Toronto. You know – the “GREEN” experts who know everything there is to know about saving us from global warming – now called climate change as warming is debunked. The same ones who think it is OK for wind companies to kill, harm and harass endangered species.

      And guess what: if an election were held today, downtown Toronto would elect Wynne again.

      I see that Hydro One will be sold off in secret, and that laws will be rewritten to prevent Freedom of Information requests regarding the sell-off. Once we lose access to freedom of information, openness and transparency become extinct.

      Maybe the more corrupt, the more electable. Makes you wonder.

      • I fully agree with your comments, except….I don’t think the people of the GTA really realize what is going on. After talking to some down there they have no idea of th extent of the Green Energy impositions, nor the Hydro One sell off and all its implications. The Toronto news media has been silenced, either voluntarily or by Wynne and company. Unless you’re in the thick of the fight, most people down there have no idea of web sites like this. There’s no reason for them to look for them, and no news media to raise awarness. As they say, treat them like mushrooms and see what happens.
        Yes, I believe Wynne would get in again if there were an election.

      • People will vote for you as long as you promise them someone else’s money!

        The LDCs in the GTA are not being sold so why should anyone serviced by them care?

        There are plenty of photos of the steel infrastructure already in place to install renewable energy in rural Ontario. So no further proof is needed as to why the USW supports the NDP.

        All the NDP had to do was nothing and then blame all of this on the Liberals.

      • They are getting re-elected because large media corporations are supporting Liberals and slamming tories. There is a media blackout on the wind turbine corruption and many other scams get shallow reporting- no question asking- just reporting on what the liberals tell them and they print it, then zero followup

      • I can provide you with all the information and proof that all of humanity is a “victim” and a “witness” of fraud EXAMPLE;

        1)”Parents” or “guardian’s” were told to “register” a “child” at the “register office” they are told if you don’t “register” the ” child” the general register office will issue a fine. By fining a living soul that not commit any harm is called EXTORTION which means the practice of obtaining something, especially money, through force or threats. AND THATS A CRIME!

        2)When the “parents” or “guardian’s” are put in fear to “register” a “child” though extortion the “parents” or “guardians” DID NOT get full discloser information before they made a decision on what they have to sign and according to the law that’s a FRAUDULENT CONNTRACT which again is a CRIME!

        3) The Birth Certificate i.e. legal name is copyrighted by the crown corporation and it says on the birth certificate “this document is NOT to be uses as Identification” and NOT to be used to falsify any documents.
        And anybody using someone else copyrighted material without permission is breaking copyright infringement law which is a crime i.e. FRAUD

        4)Using a legal name i.e. birth Certificate is illegal anybody using it is breaking the law

        Most of humanity have proven this to be a fact and BAR members including lawyers, judges ,barristers can only use the copyrighted material i.e. legal name when they have to swear a oath to the crown corporation to up hold and protect them. there are links below that are exposing the FRAUD against humanity

        5) its illegal to use legal name and by using the legal name i.e. birth cert the crown corporation will tax you for LIFE for using THERE child of THERE creation.
        6) By NOT registering ANYTHING to crown corporation humanity will break the chain that is slaving there mind, body and soul one link at a time!!!

  1. You can’t blame the PCs for trying but really ran a weak campaign by not pushing hard enough on the Green Energy scam. But I do blame the GTA for not having the wisdom to get informed on the Liberal Agenda that are supposed to be for ALL of Ontario not just Toronto and the NDP for not having the BALLS to kick out that Government!

    • Where were they going to get informed? The MSM didn’t carry the needed information!

      In one year Wynne has:

      Sold off Hydro One.
      Brought in cap-and-trade.
      Fixed it so that the transmission lines for “green” energy can be built without little or any review of their need. Decisions on transmission lines will be made at cabinet level.

      She has delivered Ontario to the renewable energy interests. These interests got what they wanted at the expense of rural Ontarians.

      • An informed citizenry is crucial to a functional democracy. Rural residents have been dealing with one shock after another after another when it comes to the imposition and incursion of these turbines so close to our homes. Now the leaseholders are reeling with the ramifications of the contracts they signed.
        How can anyone expect people in the cities to know what the Green Energy Act enabled these corporations to do to rural Ontario.
        No one knew, except for the key players who were/are complicit in setting the stage for this agenda to be carried out.
        This has been a betrayal of the public trust.

      • Those responsible were careful to see to it that those who live in the GTA had little or no “skin” in this affair.

        If GTA residents think that another subway is so important, then why not sell Toronto Hydro and use the proceeds for “green” infrastructure?


        Wikipedia, Capital power Corp., Edmonton


        Capital Power Corp. was created by issuance of a 25% IPO (Initial Public Offering) by EPCOR Utilities in 2009


        Today’s Ownership: Morningstar


        Shareholders tab > major shareholders > funds & institutions which are on separate pages.

        This company also has preferred stock ownership and debt but this website does not have debt owners listed.

        The Preferred stock is listed on a separate website page. The ownership is listed there.

      • An IPO is not the only way Hydro One can be sold to investors. Time will tell!

    • The NDP also represents the USW whose members stand to gain a lot from all the steel infrastructure needed for renewable energy projects.

  2. Folks,who are you really? Canadian citizen?
    Last time I looked at others and myself I look like a man and others look like either one.
    I could not tell if you look like a Canadian,what the hell does that look like
    If you think you are a Canadian,Ontarian your vail is pretty thick and your brainwashed to think that.
    All of you that vote are in fact giving your energy away and secondly your committing fraud as the legal name you associate is copyrighted to the crown.
    You and your vote means nothing and you get nothing it’s all the same crap,does not matter what flavour it is.
    Your vail folks is on you. Wake up!
    lose the legal name. Restore your name.

    • Restoring your name you restore your communities and your stopping the fraud
      As these criminals continue to keep you exactly like you are now. Blindfolded and robbed
      If thats your flavour beat yourself up.
      You then have no excuse for them to abuse you and others.
      I am just a messenger. It is up to us and others to help ourselves out of this mess and voting is like a sinking ship with no lifeboats.
      Passing by with my boat with a message
      They are the ship mates and we are the captains.
      But we got it ass backwards
      Time to change that don’t you think?
      Screw voting get you act together first

  3. If you think that’s silly…

    “Donald Trump loses fight over Scots wind farm”
    By James Mulholland | The Scotsman | 05 June 2015

    ‘[excerpt] The 68-year-old businessman wanted judges at the Court of Session to judicially review the Scottish Ministers decision to allow the Aberdeen Bay development to go ahead.

    Lawyers for the property developer argued that the government’s decision was illegal.

    But on Friday, Scotland’s most senior judge, Lord Gill, ruled that an earlier decision made by his colleague Lord Doherty to not grant the judicial review was legal.

    In a written judgement issued at the Edinburgh based court, the Lord President wrote that Mr Trump’s lawyers argued that the Scottish government didn’t properly consider the matter.

    The US Apprentice star’s representatives pointed to an online blog to illustrate their point.

    The internet site claimed that First Minster Alex Salmond told people in a hospitality tent at the Scottish Open in 2012 that the scheme was going ahead. The formal decision which gave permission to the scheme proceeding was made in March 2013.

    However, the Lord President said he didn’t think there was enough evidence to prove that the Scottish Ministers acted illegally.

    He wrote: “The petitioners’ case on this point is based on an account by the American writer of A Travel Golf Blog of an incident in August 2012.

    “The mise en scene was a hospitality tent at the Scottish Open at Castle Stuart in which the First Minister and other guests were having, according to this account, ‘an amazing lunch’.

    “The writer reports that his American colleague asked the First Minister whether the wind farm would ever be built to which the First Minister replied ‘absolutely,’ and remarked that he would not have his energy policy ‘dictated by Mr Trump’.

    “All of this occurred on a social occasion no doubt dedicated to the appreciation of golf.

    “It is difficult to take a remark of that kind, if it was made, as a considered statement of the Scottish Ministers intentions, especially as the decision was one that would be made by the Minister for Energy, Enterprise and Tourism in light of detailed technical advice.”

    The judgement followed a hearing which was held at the court earlier this year. The tycoon objected to the March 2013 government decision to proceed with the energy scheme without holding a public inquiry.

    Mr Trump believes the green energy scheme would compromise the view from his golf course at Balmedie, Aberdeenshire.’

  4. Communism’s hold on a country is a close second to Wynne and her liberals controlling Ontario.
    We will live to see the crash of Ontario like the Great Recession ……our citizens will be begging on the street corners to help feed their families ………forget about a pension ……no money left to put aside for that now that Wynne is sweeping wide with our pocketbooks………electricity was a win win for us …..LCBO is next I agree…..start saving for food you will need it in the near future.

    Shame on you…. corporate greed is now government greed ………….Mirror Mirror on the wall
    take a good look ……you are a reflection of one another.


    “Messages from Kathleen”

    Premier Wynne accuses YOU!

    ‘[excerpt] he’s against clean energy” and “he’s against fighting climate change.’

    • Climate change, CO2, etc are just the fig leafs to cover this massive “green” economic shift to nowhere that is taking place.

      So far the present government has been able to avoid the political price for the damage that has been done by shifting the cost of this fiasco onto the backs of rural Ontarians and letting their urban voter blocs off the hook.

      Businesses and industries that produce real wealth and jobs will locate elsewhere.

      • Those promoting cap-and-trade all over North America think that businesses will have no where to go and have to remain here.

        Business and money will find places that won’t mind bending a few rules/laws to accommodate them.

        China? How can cap-and-trade be verified there?

      • Businesses look at the cost of living for their employees when they locate or re-locate.

        High cost of Hydro for their employees is one factor that will be looked at.

        While a company may get some cap-and-trade exemptions their employees won’t. Disposable employee income goes down when employee’s taxes go up.

    • Remember having lunch with Beryl —
      just before the so-called “GFC” —
      & she was hawking carbon markets
      then. I thought, how remarkable.

  6. What this world needs now is a lot of Prayers. We are in an anti – Christ time. Ilumanti agenda .

    • Suncor holding a public meeting in Forest Tuesday June 16th 6:30 pm at the legion… Go and see the lies that will be told. Show up

  7. CNBC, May 28, 2015

    ‘Why trash is no longer cash for recycling business’

    Recycling commodity prices fell by 14% in the first quarter of 2015 compared to the first quarter of a year ago.

    When recycling prices fall, investors won’t invest in the recycling business.

    If prices continue to fall, then the recycling business may have to be government subsidized to stay afloat. The rate payers will have to pay the costs of recycling.


    Just for general information.

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