Plympton-Wyoming council says Suncor road use agreement ‘too cheap’

gravel 008The Independent, Heather Wright
Plympton-Wyoming council has kicked a proposed road-use agreement with Suncor Energy for its Cedar Point Wind Project back to staff for further negotiations. The 46-turbine project is a 50/50 partnership between Suncor and NextEra in Plympton-Wyoming, Warwick and Lambton Shores.

Plympton-Wyoming’s Chief Executive Officer, Kyle Pratt, says earlier this year council had directed staff to discuss a road-use agreement with Suncor. “We looked at a number of road use agreements from other municipalities, namely those of Lambton, Huron and Middlesex counties,” he told council May 27.

“Their lawyers had already looked at certain things so we thought we could use them as a template and come up with something better for Plympton-Wyoming.” While Pratt noted the 30-year agreement was a lengthy document and clearly states Plympton-Wyoming remains an unwilling host and any approval of the agreement is intended solely for the protection of its taxpayers. Read article

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  1. Legal Newsline, Boston, Aug.9, 2013

    Transmission company says industry’s perspective, efforts being ‘overlooked’ in rate case

    “New transmission projects are critical when it comes to improving access to renewable energy sources both locally and regionally.” One company’s viewpoint in the rate case

    “Our office has long agreed that current transmission rates are excessive and place too high a burden on businesses and families.” State’s position.

    One of the companies involved in the rate case lawsuit was New Hampshire Transmission LLC doing business as NextEra.

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