Suncor admits their wind turbines have a negative impact on communities: “the precedent is there”

Petrolia Lambton Independant
[excerpt] “You are offering us $5,000 per turbine and you’re going to tell us how to spend it?” asked Councillor Frank Nemcek. “You’re going to tell us how to spend the money you’re bribing us with?

Suncor spokesperson Jocelyn Kelln says the money is not a bribe but a recognition of the impact the projects have on a community. “It directly addresses the physical impact to the community,” says Kelln. “We’re not paying to get your permission – that is not the intent; that is not the idea. We do recognize we have an impact, the precedent is there. The government has asked for an agreement and some people are not happy with the idea of a project; this is to offset that.” Read article

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48 thoughts on “Suncor admits their wind turbines have a negative impact on communities: “the precedent is there”

  1. They forget that it is our community and they are infringing on our right to peace and our say to want what is a benefit for us.
    There money is nothing to repair the damage they this fictional corporation is doing
    To boot this currency they bribe us with is actually nothing more than notes and these notes will also fail as it is not back by gold or silver. Worthless notes and so is all the other notes floating around because of IMF policies that crept into the hands of your elected servants.
    Folks if you have not notice you are living in Alice in Wonderland,you may want to start waking up.
    As more and more of these above meetings and signed contracts are increasing we will be owned and pushed out unless you WTFU

    • Farmer, you are angry and rightfully so..
      And all paper can be burned.anything on paper is worthless. Even a handshake is of days gone by.
      Unfortunately rural areas will become extinct for humans just like the dinosaurs went through . … But yet with DNA technology the dinosaur s will be back living where we can’t.

    • So very true… The turbines are up and they know the harm … So here’s a token .. Take it .. It will make you feel better .and now your a part of us. Damn shame .

    • ‘Not a Willing Host’ – was a ‘game’ introduce by
      the Ontario Power Authority (OPA)

      – want to know more – about the scumbags?

      • I want to know more about the OPA and the “not a willing host” connection please

      • Give me a minute…

        I’m still laughing – over Barbara’s comment:
        ‘Don’t these kinds of agreements reverse “Not A Willing Host”?’

        as if – ‘not a willing host’ – stopped municipalities from handing out building permits…..etc…..hahahahahahaha
        Why stop laughing? hahahahahahaha….

        Suncor said,
        ‘[excerpt] ……The government has asked for an agreement and some people are not happy with the idea of a project; this is to offset that.”
        p.s. and the government knows best!

        I can’t imagine
        Dalton McGuinty being Chief Executive Officer (CEO) – of
        Facebook or Apple or Coca Cola or Nestle;
        they would screamed in his face, and fired him!

        All that being said – the liberals win elections;
        liberal mainstream media and their spin masters
        – need jobs too!

        McGuinty’s fantasy government 2010:

        Mr. John Yakabuski: My question is to the Premier. In just five years since the McGuinty Liberals created it, the Ontario Power Authority has spent $223 million. Even though it was initially billed as a virtual and transitional entity, the OPA billed Ontario families $35 million on concrete and capital projects. Families paid $88 million for the OPA staff and board. They paid almost the same amount for consulting contracts.

        The OPA isn’t subject to freedom of information, so I have to ask, Premier: Has Liberal-friendly Courtyard opened an energy practice?

        Mr. John Yakabuski: No wonder the McGuinty Liberals don’t want their friends exposed to freedom of information. While the OPA hasn’t produced a long-term energy plan, families are paying more for the cost of the OPA’s promotional giveaway of air miles to the first 150,000 families who pledge to become “laundry smart.” This is on top of the almost $80 million in sweetheart consulting—

        Mr. John Yakabuski: This is on top of the almost $80 million in sweetheart consulting deals the OPA has handed out. The Ontario PC caucus has learned that the OPA’s new advertising campaign, which is essentially Liberal spin, will add another $3 million to the hydro bills.

        With all the money that families are paying for the OPA’s Liberal spin, are you thinking of changing the name to the Ontario propaganda authority?

        – further to that look up articles on the ‘gas plants’ – you will find
        the creation of the –
        ‘not a willing host’ scam – along with the ‘points system’ scam;
        OPA – tools for fools!

      • The very minute that a community takes money from a developer that community becomes a “willing host” no matter what excuses are presented to the residents.

      • 2015 – Now the Liberals are selling Hydro One;
        the transmission – to privateers!
        And the CEO No. 25 –
        of Ontario – has time to go – to a parade!

        Oh yeah!…….the last CEO – quit!
        Green Energy Act could create 90,000 “green” jobs, report concludes
        May 28, 2009
        Ontario’s green sector could produce 90,000 well-paid jobs with energy investments under the province’s Green Energy Act (GEA), according to a recent report released by WWF-Canada, the Green Energy Act Alliance and Blue Green Canada.

        Ontario’s green sector could produce 90,000 well-paid jobs with energy investments under the province’s Green Energy Act (GEA), according to a recent report released by WWF-Canada, the Green Energy Act Alliance and Blue Green Canada.

        By spending $47.1 billion over 10 years, the report concludes that about 90,000 “green-collar” jobs for positions including construction labourers, engineers, and sheet metal workers could be created annually in the province.

        “It once again says what we have been thinking for quite a while, which is, the jobs of the future can actually be here in Ontario, they can actually produce environmentally-positive products and they can employ the people we have been representing,” said Bob Gallagher, head of communications at the United Steelworkers Canada, a member of Blue Green Canada.

        “Building the Green Economy,” by Robert Pollin, the co-director of the Political Economy Research Institute at the University of Massachusetts, concludes that for the job-creation targets to be met, eight green investment areas need to be included.

        They are: conservation and energy efficiency, hydroelectric, onshore wind, offshore wind, bioenergy, waste-energy recycling, solar power and smart-grid development.

        The report commends the province “for recognizing this opportunity and responding,” but urges the government to provide a more detailed framework within the recently-passed Green Energy Act.

        The legislation is a good start, but the momentum can’t stop there, Gallagher warns.

        “This basically allows for those 90,000 jobs to be created, but it doesn’t cause them to happen,” he said. He is calling for regulation to cement the possible creation of the green manufacturing jobs and to build a system of sustainability. Most of the possible jobs, the report added, would include a wide variety of positions in diverse industries and most would pay more than $20 an hour.

        “The government has opened the door to a sustainable future for Ontario and we hope it takes this tremendous opportunity to get the most benefits possible for the people of Ontario,” said Dr. Rick Smith, Executive Director of Environmental Defence, a partner with the union in the alliance.

        Gallagher noted that the steel industry is sometimes looked at as part of the cause of global warming and those who work in the industry wanted to show that producing steel can be environmentally-beneficial with the creation of wind turbines and other green forms of energy generation.

        “We decided that we wanted to actually come into an alliance with environmental organizations to recognize that the challenges we face environmentally are also opportunities for us economically,” he said, in reference to joining Environmental Defence to form Blue Green Canada.

        The partnership is now trying to create green manufacturing jobs and building strategies to battle climate change and reduce the use of toxic chemicals.

        Manufacturers will be left behind if they don’t begin to implement green protocols and jobs, Gallagher says.

        “The green job is really a blue-collared job that has a green product,” said Gallagher. “So you can have many people who produce steel either for a product that is wasteful or a wind turbine or for a solar cell.”

        Ken Neumann, the national director for the United Steelworkers in Canada, maintains that the industry is ready for the green jobs, which will move both manufactures and the environment in the right direction.

        “The members of our union are ready to produce the next generation of clean energy products and parts, such as steel for windmills and glass for solar panels,” said Neumann, in a press release.

        May 28, 2009


        The liberals run excellent advertising campaigns, and win elections
        – but what do they actually do – for the citizens of Ontario?
        Manufacturing is leaving….[press snooze – keep snoozing]

        Next provincial election – 2018
        and the Chamber of Commerce will have
        – luncheons!
        Lots of luncheons!

      • ……and always – more luncheons!

        Dear Premier-Elect Wynne,

        On behalf of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce, I would like to congratulate you and the Liberal Party of Ontario on winning a hard fought election.

        Together, we have achieved a great deal over the past decade by working productively. We are proud of this work, and look forward to building on the collaboration that defines our relationship.

        Your government has made considerable progress across many fronts. Health care expenditures are no longer outpacing GDP growth. The province remains a competitive tax environment for business. Businesses across the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area support your call for dedicated funding for transportation improvements.

        That said, your government will need to overcome some significant economic hurdles. We are profoundly confident that Ontario has all the assets it needs to secure its position as the world’s best place to do business. And know that over the next four years, we are committed to working with you to create a business climate that fosters investment and growth.

        Congratulations once again. We look forward to working with you and your government over the next term to help Ontario emerge stronger.


        Allan O’Dette

      • ‘[excerpt] Suncor admits their wind turbines have a negative impact on communities: “the precedent is there”’
        ‘[excerpt]…..The government has asked for an agreement and some people are not happy with the idea of a project; this is to offset that.”’

        The liberals think bribe money – to cash strapped municipalities
        is the way to move Ontario forward.
        I think!

        So how corrupt is this liberal government system,
        and how far do the bribes go?
        Do mayors and CAO’s – get secret bribe money?

        @ the local level of government:
        We’ll assume Smart Growth without legislation – is working through volunteerism…..I think that’s how it works!

        I suppose you can form consensus in devious ways
        around almost anything today –
        as long as it has – the word ‘consensus’ in it…
        and why don’t they call it by its proper name –
        United Nations – Agenda 21?
        Smart Growth – sounds so stupid!……..I think!
        Welcome to Transparent Ontario;
        think what you think – while you can still think;
        the new low!

        I think I need a trench coat!
        p.s. I thought Suncor – was pretty up front – doing exactly
        what the liberal government – has asked them to do.

  2. Don’t ya just love it.. “Suncor admits negative impacts on communities”
    How to avoid the truth!!! No admission to
    Raping the land, no mention of disruption of daily lives, no mention of health effects.
    What they really mean is we tore your communty apart … Your all fighting and not talking to each other … So here take this 5000. Ok .. ” now will you just get along ?
    If you take this money / offer … You are dancing with the devil.

  3. Boycott grey ridge eggs the egg farmer between Grand bend and Bayfield on Hwy 21 at Danceland road signed lease agreements with the Nexterror wind weasel’s and has at least 3 HUGE turbines and they are going to look like S^#%. This was a beautiful area but not now

  4. And to think that some Municipal Councillors who have accepted the money from the wind company are refusing to even consider helping the actual victims with that money. This is so wrong!

  5. By the way, how do you like all of the steel infrastructure in the above photos?

    Steel companies and the USW are doing very well thanks to the Green Energy Act!

  6. Ontario’s green ( greed ) energy act .. Is actually what it is … An act.
    Global warming … Now climate change… ( even the pope pushing it. )
    Just like drug pushers .. Here try this..

    Thank goodness for people like you who are here to voice . But how how do we get our govt to listen…. How do we get more people to take action?
    My voice is getting hoarse.
    Look what money can do … Trump stops the turbines going up on his golf course in Scotland … And got applauded … What ?
    His golf course made on protected dunes !!
    see if we all had the money we could take it to Queens Park and tell them to shove it up their arse.
    So maddening.

    • Follow the conversations on a regular basis for awhile and you will understand how computer modelling was used to project into the future and create the alarmism around catastrophic global warming which morphed into climate change. Learn about how the IPCC has lost its credibility.
      We’ve been duped and trillions of dollars are being wasted by our government because they are in collusion with the wind companies.

      Transform your anger into strategic proactivity to shut these industrial wind turbine projects down before they do any more damage.

      Educate as many people as possible about the layers of complicity in this story.

      Support legal action if you possibly can…even if it only serves to expose the complicity of the legal system.

      We’re making history in Ontario. This government cannot continue to ruin the quality of life in rural Ontario. We will not let this happen!

      These turbines need to be shut off and dismantled.

  7. Most people won’t react until the wolf is at their door.

    It’s likely that the present government is not running this affair but is acting as a facilitator.

    No need to go to Rome. Just go to Waterloo and follow the trail to the US.. and Europe and then back to Canada..

    It’s easier to sell renewable energy and carbon taxes using religion. as a selling point.

    • Pembina has been working on getting “faith-based” involvement for awhile now. So religion mixed into this agenda is not new.

      Couldn’t sell this agenda using unproven science but adding/using religion might just make this work.

  8. The irony in all of this, to me, is that what we need is a spiritually based renaissance of the awareness of the interconnectedness of species. It makes sense that an intelligent ecological orientation would be a positive development for the planet.

    Instead we have the Pope playing ‘scientist’ trying to ‘throw his weight around’ supporting the ‘green/greed zealots’ who are desperate to continue making money off of fear based catastrophic man made climate change information that originated from computer modelled data which has been proven unreliable!

    What a mess!

  9. “Suncor says it has enough land leases for Nauvoo project”
    Posted June 20, 2015
    The Independent

    “Suncor Energy says it already has enough land leases signed to host a 75-megawatt wind energy centre in Brooke-Alvinston”

    Suncor is the third company to come to the municipality looking for support for a project as they look for a lucrative government energy contract.

    While it didn’t get into a lot of specifics Suncor officials say the project – based mostly in Warwick Township, would stretch down into Brooke-Alvinston as far as Petrolia Line. The project would likely have about 35 turbines.

    And despite vigourous opposition from some landowners “we have enough landowners for a 75-megawatt project,” says Project Manager Marnie Dawson.

    What Suncor officials did want to talk about was the Community Support Document – what the company is willing to offer the municipality because the turbines dot the landscape.

    Dawson says the municipality would get $5,000 per turbine in Brooke-Alvinston’s boundaries, $5,000 per year for any substations, a $10,000 per acre used payment for transmission lines on the road allowance, $200 per year for each pole on the road’s right of way and as well as payments for underground collector cables.

    “We realize that by us being here there is an effect on the community,” says Dawson. “We want to be in the community we want to help the community…this is our way of support the community.”

    And while the company says it is in the early stage of discussions of the agreement and says they want to take a collaborative approach, when asked by Councillor Ken Alderman if there was room to negotiate, Dawson said that was the numbers Suncor “is kind of set on.”

    Under the Community Support Plan, people who lived near wind turbines but who didn’t have a lease agreement would also get some cash from Suncor as well.

    And Suncor told councillors – that while the council had the final say – it wanted to be able to have a say on where that money is being spent.

    “You are offering us $5,000 per turbine and you’re going to tell us how to spend it?” asked Councillor Frank Nemcek. “You’re going to tell us how to spend the money you’re bribing us with?”
    Suncor spokesperson Jocelyn Kelln says the money is not a bribe but a recognition of the impact the projects have on a community. “It directly addresses the physical impact to the community,” says Kelln. “We’re not paying to get your permission – that is not the intent; that is not the idea. We do recognize we have an impact, the precedent is there. The government has asked for an agreement and some people are not happy with the idea of a project; this is to offset that.”

    Kelln and Dawson also asked Brooke-Alvinston councillors to consider signing some agreements the company needs to advance the project; a letter saying Suncor had met with them – which does not improve the company’s chances of getting project and two others which could.

    “Ideally, we’d like those signed by July,” says Dawson, adding Suncor has to submit its project plan to the Independent Electricity System Operator by September.

    If municipalities sign letters of support for the project and begin Community Support negotiations the company has a better chance of landing an energy contract.

    And for that reason, community activist Steve and Karen Sanders – who have been working to keep farmers from signing wind leases – urged the municipality to step back. “Do not sign anything,” says Steve Sanders “not even that you had this meeting.”


    Suncor Energy Inc | SU
    $34.80 CAD
    as of Fri 12/06/2015 4:00 PM EST

    Market Cap: 50.3 bil

    Equity Ownership | Institutions
    Royal Bank of Canada – 68,130,270 shares
    TD Asset Management Inc – 38,169,161 shares
    BMO Asset Management Inc – 37,294,093 shares
    CIBC World Markets Inc – 23,299,812 shares

  11. April 15, 2009
    Ontario Hansard Green Energy and Green Economy Act
    Legislative Assembly of Ontario
    First Session, 39th Parliament
    Official Report of Debates (Hansard)
    Chair: David Orazietti
    Standing Committee on General Government
    Green Energy and Green Economy Act, 2009

    Page 35:
    ‘[excerpt] There’s this horrible hum and vibration in our house. It just drives you mad. It’s been there for the last six days. I’m sorry. It comes and goes, but it’s so loud you can’t sleep, and it’s coming through the walls. The buried cable transmission lines go up the side of our property—we’re on one acre—and I don’t know if it’s electrical coming through the ground in our house or what it is. We’re looking for a rental now because we can’t stay there.
    When I hear people say, “There aren’t problems,” and “It’s all in their heads,” and they’re just unhappy because they don’t have a turbine, I don’t even know what to do. My government has not been helping. My MPP, thank God, has been active in trying to work on my behalf with the government, giving everybody my story, and my council has been good, but I’m not getting anything back from anybody.
    This hum and vibration is not covered in the guide-lines. There are no guidelines for interior noise in our house. When the winds are whipping up, and we can’t sleep for days and days at a time, there’s nothing. You phone the MOE and I cannot tell you how many times I heard, “We’re in compliance. We’re in compliance.” They’re in compliance. They’re in compliance. In fact, they weren’t in compliance. Finally, we dragged it out and got the acoustics study back. It’s just been such a fight to get information. Now they’re shutting five turbines down at night, and I thank them for that because that’s helping with the noise, but this vibration in the house is horrible, it’s absolutely horrible. Nobody should have to live like that, and I can’t believe the government hasn’t intervened and sent someone to our house to test for dirty electricity or whatever it is. It’s unconscionable, it just is.
    We didn’t want to speak out in December. Finally, I gave up and I started writing letters because I didn’t know what to do because now our property value is zero. If I could move out of there, I’d have a for sale sign, we’d be gone, but we can’t sell our house. We’re into the fourth month and a couple of weeks ago a wind company head office guy came and talked to us. We’ve talked to so many people. He said, “Okay, I’ll see you in a month.” I’m like, “A month? We’ve gone on far enough.”
    Here we are, we can’t move. We have nobody helping us. Yes, they’re doing their best, but look at the size of the company and look at the number of turbines they have up in Canada, and they can’t fix that problem. If you guys are going to go push more through—and then, because I came out and starting speaking, I’ve got people all over the province phoning me and saying, “Help us. We’re not getting anywhere with our MPP. Nobody’s listening to us.” And I’m trying to help, I’m trying to get the word out, I’m trying to get—
    [victim’s name redacted]: Excuse me? I’m just saying, they’re phoning me and I’m saying, “Phone your MPP and tell them they have to get the message to the higher-ups.” I keep getting told, “We’ve written letters, we’re getting phone calls,” and they’re having problems. My MPP’s awesome. She’s been fantastic, she’s been very helpful and I said that my town council has been trying its best to help us also. There are other people on our farm who are having problems. They’re not necessar-ily speaking out yet. They’re phoning me, and that’s fine. I have no problem with that. I would never, ever, ever put anybody’s privacy at issue or say anything, but there are lot more people than even you know or have heard from.
    […] No. The wind com-pany is shutting five down at night. They recognize they have a problem, and finally when we got the acoustics report, it was there in black and white. It took a long time—
    Mr. John Yakabuski: That’s evidence that there’s a problem, if they’re shutting them down.
    [victim’s name redacted]: There’s absolutely a problem. But the one behind us is shut down permanent-ly, and then they’re running four during the day—three to four—on low rpm so that they’re not emitting as much noise as the other ones, and then they shut them down at night. But this vibration is just absolutely horrible, and it comes and it goes. Other people have heard it. We had a councillor in. We phoned her one day. Actually, I was in school and my husband phoned her to come in, because we were trying to get people to experience it that we—that’s the first time I had actually met her; I had been to council meetings, but I hadn’t actually met her. I was trying to get people to feel it. It’s a horrible, horrible feeling, and it’s a humming—‘

    • Ontario Hansard, April 15, 2009
      Page 66:
      ‘[excerpt cont’d] I live in the middle of the Ripley wind farm. I’m going to talk about the financial impact, the cost, to us as the homeowners.
      Each family has incurred additional costs from bud-gets for food, fuel, laundry and doctor visits while living away from our homes. Family events had to be held in restaurants. There is wear and tear on our vehicles. There is the extra cost of extensive phone bills from trying to get the problems fixed. There is the price of putting isolators on our homes to protect our families from the unfiltered power. There’s the cost of going to meetings. There’s loss of productivity due to sleep deprivation. A loss of three weeks from work occurred. […]My real estate agent tells me our farm is unsellable. Our homes are unsellable or of zero value. Buying a second home to live in, which I’ve done—possible lawyer fees, possible appraisal costs. Our lives are upside down for the last 18 months, and how do you put a cost on that? This is like someone committing a crime, going to jail for, say, 10 years and then finding out after DNA tests, “Oh, you’re innocent.” How do you get that time back at our ages? There have been other costs to Ontario Hydro and Hydro One for testing our problems, which were not caused by them. Values of houses near us are going down. The township lost tax base assessment. I and Sandy have appealed to MPAC to reassess our homes. The drugs are covered, and also to our own drug plans we’re going to have to pay more money—and the Min-ister of the Environment.
      Communications: There has been no progress report on what is happening from the companies. Larry Bester, who is the manager at Acciona, will not return our calls. There’s no follow-up from the wind project about our health issues. Carol Mitchell had a meeting with us in Kincardine approximately two months ago. We have had no reply from her. I know she’s been talking to Suncor. I think two months is unreasonable. Ripley Wind Farm did not give us minutes of any meetings, so nothing is documented legally. No communication from the wind projects when the underground cable failed— […]I was the one with the blood pressure of 217 over 124, on the verge of a heart attack. I had no blood pressure problems prior to that. My doctor told me, “Leave the home.” I was the one with the blood pressure of 217 over 124, on the verge of a heart attack. I had no blood pressure problems prior to that. My doctor told me, “Leave the home.”
      [victim’s name redacted]: The same with myself.
      [victim’s name redacted]: My blood pressure is normal now, living in Kincardine. I go home to do chores. We run a feedlot of 550 cattle, so I do have to go back and forth.
      Mr. John Yakabuski: I look at the report on doctors’ visits, and I cannot believe that anybody would in-tentionally—I know how much I like to go to the doctor, but I can’t believe that anybody would want to be going to the doctor this many times and that different kinds of doctors would suggest that obviously they’ve got some kind of a health issue. It just seems that the government is not interested in addressing them or responding to them.
      The Acting Chair (Mrs. Linda Jeffrey): Thirty seconds to respond.
      [victim’s name redacted]: The sound that you hear is 24/7 in my house and it’s even more intense than this; this is as close as I could find to it—non-stop, and that’s low compared to a windy night and it’s after we’ve had our house filtered. I was the one who had heart attack symptoms on February 22. I had it for the first time in 27 years of teaching; I’ve taught over 4,000 students in my 27 years. I’ve seen 17 of them pass. I’ve seen my father-in-law pass of cancer. I’ve seen my dad pass of cancer. I’ve never been so very sick. I was in the hospital with heart attack symptoms. The hospital, after seven and a half hours, was able to get all of my symptoms down to normal.
      I had doctor’s orders at that time to stay away from work and also to stay away from my home until modifi-cations were done. My husband and I spent an extensive amount of money to get electrical pollution done. For ex-ample, last night the turbines were really loud. I haven’t had a chance to call the spills action centre on them, but they were loud last night. It was difficult to get to sleep, even till 3 o’clock in the morning. Helen herself also had difficulty sleeping.
      [victim’s name redacted]: The one common thing that we all have—it isn’t just the towers; it’s the transmission line with the dirty electricity going to the transformer station, going past our homes. The transmission line was 92 feet from my bed.
      What happened was, they put us in different motels and paid for it, for them to bury the cable in front of our homes, which they did. In my case, it failed about two weeks later. In the middle of a snowstorm, instead of just leaving the wind farm down, they had K-Line out there jumping the insulators—because the lines were never taken down—to get the power back on.
      This is all about money.
      Ms. Laurel C. Broten: Thank you for your pres-entation today. I am sorry that the wind farm has caused you these health issues and has caused grief for your families.‘

  12. Feb 20, 2009 HGC Engineering report
    from Howe Gastmeier Chapnik Limited (HGC Engineering), Brian Howe, PEng, and Megan Munro
    to Mr. Bryan Tripp, Canadian Hydro Developers, Inc.
    Re: Canadian Hydro Developers, Inc.
    Melancthon EcoPower Center, Melancthon Township, Ontario
    Acoustical Investigation – […] – 335498 7th Line, Amaranth, Ontario

    Page 7: ‘[excerpt] Considering these facts in the analysis of the data in Figures 2 though (sic) 4, it can be seen that in general the L90 sound level (which represents steady sound from all sources) is generally 5 to 10 dB above the numeric limits of the MOE criteria derived based on wind speed during many time periods when the wind turbines were operational. This result is consistent in both the December and January measured sound level data.’

  13. March 24, 2011: Wind farm application called ‘priority’
    by Ellwood Shreve,
    QMI Agency […]

    ‘[excerpt] CHATHAM – The Ministry of the Environment honoured a request to put a rush on approving the Kent Breeze Wind Farm, the Ontario Environmental Review Tribunal heard Wednesday.

    Eric Gillespie, the lawyer representing the appellants challenging the approval of the wind energy project near Thamesville, asked Mansoor Mahmood, acting manager of
    the MOE’s Renewable Energy Approval (REA) unit, if there was a “priority rush” on the project.

    Mahmood said this was true, noting it was requested by project owner Suncor Energy due to contractual obligations the company needed to meet. […]

    Mahmood said since this was one of the first renewable energy applications being dealt by the REA unit under the Green Energy Act, there was plenty of resources to work on the application. […]

    John Kowalewski, a mechanical engineer with the REA unit, was qualified at the tribunal as an expert in environmental noise issues.

    He also participated in developing the MOE’s noise guidelines for industrial wind turbine projects. He reviewed the Kent Breeze application and said the noise assessment report done by Suncor’s consultant determined wind shear in the project area is considered high.’

  14. April 29, 2011
    “Ripley Wind Project company buys out four homes”
    By Troy Patterson Kincardine News

    ‘[excerpt] Four homes within the 38-turbine, 76-megawatt Ripley Wind Power Project have been purchased by owners Suncor and Acciona Energy, as a solution to resolve the ongoing issues some residents within the project have been dealing with since it was built in 2007.

    Acciona’s Paul Austin said the companies have worked with the Ripley stakeholders for some time, determining “it was it the best interest of the project, the companies and the community to purchase the homes.”

    Austin said by offering the residents “market value” for their homes, it would allow them to move so the companies could resell the homes to other interested parties.

    “We take the concerns of all our stakeholders seriously,” said Austin, adding they’ve been working with local stakeholders to answer questions and understand their concerns since the project began.

    “After a prolonged period of consultation that involved a number of third-party studies and tests, it was agreed upon that the only solution that could meet the needs of this small group of local landowners was to purchase their homes.”

    The final agreement was reached on March 16, after the prices were determined by independent appraisers.

    Local anti-wind power group Huron-Kinloss Against Lakeside Turbines (HALT) jumped on the information after they were provided documents they provided to The Kincardine News that linked the sales to numbered companies, one owned by a manager with Suncor and the other a manager for Acciona.

    In a HALT media release, president Mac Serra said although the homeowners have been gagged by the sale process, they know the families of the four homes sold, out of five that were dealing with health issues, have been fighting the companies for years, “over their inability to lead normal lives in their own homes caused by the Ripley Wind Power Project.”

    “If there are no health effects from industrial wind turbines as their proponents claim, then why would wind plant operators buy the homes of wind victims,” said Serra.

    In response to the claims the buy-out was linked to health issues caused by wind turbines, Austin said, “No link between the operation of our Ripley Wind Power Project and the health concerns of our neighbours could be discovered, and so no damages were awarded or necessary.”

    Serra said this is a case where the “victims” of this process are unable to speak, “which leaves the public in the dark over the true extent of the impact caused by industrial wind.”

    “There are over 100 families across Ontario who claim their health is negatively affected by wind development,” he continued. “Many more cannot speak due to confidentiality agreements signed with the wind companies or simply won’t speak up, not wanting to upset their neighbours.” […]

    Dr. Lynn’s data estimates between 10-15% of people living near turbines in Grey-Bruce have said their health has been affected, he said. […]

    It was also reported that wind developers had paid for the homeowners to stay in local hotels while they were working through the consultation process dealing with the complaints.

    There are currently land options being sought within the Municipality of Kincardine by Samsung Renewable Energy Inc. in Bruce Twp., Acciona Energy is working on a 80MW wind project outside Armow in Kincardine Twp. Leader Resources Services Inc. is planning a 200MW project between Saugeen Shores and the Municipality of Kincardine, while International Power Inc.’s 125MW wind power project is planned near the lake shore in the Township of Huron-Kinloss.’

  15. Acciona to re-market homes near Ripley, says Austin
    By Liz Dadson | Huron-Kinloss News
    [article includes photo of “Paul Austin”, Acciona Energy]

    ‘[excerpt] Acciona Wind Energy Canada plans to re-market the homes it purchased near Ripley, says community relations manager Paul Austin.

    He was responding to an article in the Kincardine Times last week, stating that the Huron-Kinloss Against Lakeside Turbines (HALT) group had discovered the sale of four of the five homes owned by people who had been fighting Acciona and Suncor (co-owners of the Ripley Wind Power Project).
    The residents said they could no longer live in their homes because of health concerns due to the wind turbines.

    The article quoted HALT president Mac Serra as asking why, if there are no health concerns, is the wind company purchasing the homes of the victims?

    Serra also noted the purchase was by 2270573 Ontario Inc. One director of this company, listed on the transfer, is Alejandro Salvador Armendariz, manager of Acciona Solar Energy LLC, and the other is Christina Ellerbeck, manager, marketing and business development, renewable energy, Suncor Energy Services Inc.

    Austin says there is nothing unusual about Acciona and Suncor operating as a “numbered” company to complete the transaction. “That’s normal practice,” he says. “There is nothing secret about this. It happened six weeks ago and we called all the key stakeholders (including local councils) to let them know.”

    In fact, he said the decision to purchase the homes stemmed from feedback the company received from the community.

    “We have done extensive studies and tests,” says Austin. “We’ve had independent experts in, and officials from the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and the Grey Bruce Health Unit. There is no link between wind farms and these health concerns.”

    After discussions with leadership people, community members and landowners, the company decided the only way to resolve the dispute with the neighbours was to purchase and re-market their homes.

    “This is an example of the company standing up to be a good corporate citizen,” says Austin. “It’s a way to show leadership. Even though there is no link between the wind farms and health problems, the residents were persistent with their concerns and they weren’t going away.”

    The company plans to sell the houses at market value. “It’s the best resolution we could think of, given the discussions over the past two years,” says Austin.

    He says the company has had an independent real estate appraiser in to evaluate the properties and will now work with local realtors to sell them. “We’ve already had expressions of interest.”

    Austin says the entire problem centres on people’s inability to deal with change.

    “If you’ve lived somewhere for years and then somebody comes along and builds a structure beside your home so you can’t see your favourite apple tree, you get upset,” says Austin. “But the next person coming in to buy your home, doesn’t care about that view. He’s more concerned about the house and the property.

    “It’s the same with wind turbines. We have a high level of confidence that we can sell these houses.”
    And once sold, that would address one more concern, regarding property values, says Austin. “We see that as a positive.”’

    • Now that two news items have been located which deal with the business corruption, the public just might begin to believe what has and is now being experienced by rural Ontarians.

      This was/is what the business networks also revealed.

    • There are no wind turbines anywhere near Paul Austin’s favourite apple tree, or anything else he owns, for that matter.

      This guy sounds like an Class A knob.

  16. Ontario has an – ‘appointment’ – Jack of all;
    ready or not – it’s gonna be a long hot summer.

    The privateers have waited so long;
    and it’s so quiet;
    but only some
    – get to – ‘pay to play’.

    Oh yeah: Hydro One is a Holding company……..and Dalton McGuinty
    said he would not go down this road;
    but looks like – he lied.

    Kathleen Wynne has apologized – and looks like
    with her liberal majority – she can do whatever she wants;
    you do not mess – with a ‘community organizer’;
    perceived corruption is a long process…..

    ‘[excerpt] “Mr. Vels’ appointment represents an important next step in the process to sell a portion of Ontario’s interest in Hydro One through an Initial Public Offering (IPO),” said Denison. “As a seasoned financial executive, Michael Vels brings the requisite skills, talents and experiences to the role and is well-positioned to help lead the Company at this critical point in its evolution.”

    Hydro One Inc. is a holding company that operates through its subsidiaries in electricity transmission and distribution and telecom businesses. One of its subsidiaries, Hydro One Networks Inc., operates one of the largest transmission and distribution systems in North America. Hydro One Inc. is wholly owned by the Province of Ontario.’

    BRAMPTON – Premier Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals will sell off 60 per cent of the province’s $16-billion Hydro One transmission utility to bankroll new transit infrastructure, the Toronto Star has learned.

    Queen’s Park will retain a 40 per cent stake and minority shareholders will be limited to a 10-per-cent ownership, sources say.

    At the same time, Hydro One Brampton and Hydro One Networks’ distribution arm will be spun off into a separate company and sold outright for up to $3 billion.

    Four of Ontario’s largest and most successful local electricity distribution companies are working together to form the new utility that would serve almost a million customers in Peel region, York region, Simcoe County, Hamilton and St. Catharines.

    A proposed merger between Enersource Corp. (Mississauga), Horizon Utilities Corporation, Hydro One Brampton Inc. and PowerStream Inc. would allow this larger company to use its collective resources to deliver a favourable impact on distribution rates, more efficient services and innovative technologies for customers.

    Or so it is hoped.


  17. Went to an open house suncor hosted last night. Goes to show how dubious they can be.
    A room of map displays : God Bless a couple of farmers who pointed out their maps were incorrect,, that towns , conservation areas were not where their supposed to be . They had to turn them around.
    Oops another mistake…. NOT , this was to deceive ..

    • Jess, we went to over 20 open houses (I lost count, probably many more) in the Lambton-Middlesex area from 2009-2014. This is what happened for the Zephyr project, the Bornish, the Suncor Adelaide, the NextEra Adelaide, the Sydenham, the Napier, the Jericho, the Cedar Point, the Bluewater and the Goshen. We showed up, we pointed out errors – it didn’t make a damn difference. At these meetings they could have posters for trips to Disney Land spread around the room, and that would satisfy the Ministry of Environment. I’m not exaggerating. These maps don’t have to say where a town is, or a school is, a sensitive wildlife habitat, or your home is. In short, they really don’t care because the people (the Liberals) who are handing out the permits don’t care – after all, it’s not as if it’s happening in Toronto…

      • True! And you are witnesses to these dog-and-pony shows. Thanks for the report.

      • …..corruption from Beijing’s dirty money; sooooooooo
        Ontario Liberals welcome it – it’s so obvious!

        The Canadian Press:
        ‘[excerpt] Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne has wrapped up a weeklong trade trip to China, and her office is trumpeting what it says are deals for nearly $1 billion in new investment in the province.

        It says on the final day of the mission on Saturday the premier inked an agreement with Chinese telecom giant Huawei to create up to 325 new jobs in the next five years.

        Wynne’s office says the trade journey to the Asian economic powerhouse will add 1,800 jobs in Ontario.

        Along for the ride were about 60 Ontario firms, including companies focused on companies focused on science and technology and energy efficiency.

        Wynne met with government and business leaders in Nanjing and Shanghai, along with state and municipal politicians.

        She also joined the premiers of Prince Edward Island and Quebec for a summit meeting in Beijing with Chinese government officials.’

        August 6, 2014
        ‘[excerpt] In Calgary, the energy markets are all in a whirl now that Beijing’s Communist Party overlords are retaliating against Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s December 2012 decision to slow the pace of Beijing’s overseas acquisitions arms, which were steamrolling through the oilsands industry at the time. Chinese state-owned enterprises are making Alberta’s oilpatch squeal.

        At the close of 2012, Chinese investment in Canada totalled $21.5 billion for the year. Most of that money had gone into oilsands acquisitions. By the end of 2013, Chinese investment had come to a screeching halt, totalling a mere $220 million for the year. Even already-done deals are in limbo. Athabasca Oil’s share prices have taken a bruising over the prospect of the company being stiffed of $1.32 billion it’s owed from Brion Energy Corp., a PetroChina outfit.

        It hasn’t helped that Brion Energy boss Li Zhiming disappeared down the corridors of China’s security apparatus in June. He hasn’t been heard from since.

        Li is caught up in a corruption investigation (a euphemism for what used to be called a “purge”) that has swept up several key PetroChina and China National Petroleum officials. Until recently, Li was the CNP’s representative on the board of a CNP joint venture with the Alberta government called the CNPC-Alberta Petroleum Centre, but his photograph has been scrubbed from the centre’s website (this used to be called “airbrushing”).

        Although she hasn’t been taken into custody, Margaret Jia, a long-time fixture on the Calgary oilpatch circuit, has also been recalled to Beijing. Best known in Vancouver for having attempted to arrange permission to drive her Mercedes onto the runway at Vancouver International Airport to collect visiting Beijing strongmen, Jia has been deposed from her sinecure as general manager of Calgary’s CNPC International (Canada) in Calgary.

        It should be a safe wager that no mere coincidence is to be construed from Jia’s brother-in-law being China’s former chief torturer and national security boss, Yongkang Zhou, the biggest piece of senior-party detritus just now spinning in the eye of Beijing’s “corruption investigation” tornado.’

        The world is watching – Canada’s election year!
        October 19, 2015
        @ least we know Kathleen Wynne went to Beijing; and
        Beijing’s Communist Party despises Stephen Harper.

        You can think whatever you want to think.

    • Potsdam Institute For Climate Impact Research

      Externally funded projects RD 2 – Completed

      CAT, CAT 1,5

      “Climate Action Tracker”, January 2012-December 2013
      Funded by: European Climate Foundation

      Potsdam Institute in the world news lately due to its connection to the Vatican.

  18. Nation Municipality, east of Ottawa, is the latest area with a huge problem. A project of 50 Industrial Wind Turbines is planned for our small community. We need help to fight them off. We are demonstrating tomorrow (August 10) at our town hall. Any other suggestions as we begin our fight?

    • Have all the information at hand to show people what is taking place. Use reliable information to answer any questions raised about IWT issues.

      There are many aspects to this IWT situation which will be of concern to different people.

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