This Blows- Ontario’s Wind Energy Fallacy

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  2. When this scam falls, a lot of people will try to claim “but no one told us”. The truth is that they just did not listen and if that means they end up in court and possibly jail for the harm they’ve done – then that is their look out.

    Personally there has to be a “windfall tax” to take back as much of the ill gotten gains of these wind companies.

  3. I’m grateful for this effort.

    I was so emotionally involved as I listened to this man tell the story of the attempts made to stop this madness. I could see and feel his grief and dismay.
    The work done by so many people in rural Ontario to stop these wind companies and all complicit players in the government has been/ is exhausting. People who are directly experiencing the adverse health affects and the financial losses are unable to fight. It’s all they can do to figure out how to keep their families and animals safe and struggle with the financial ramifications and the total disruption.

    It absolutely stuns me to think that there are still people in this province who don’t realize what has happened/is happening…people who actually think this industrial wind turbine development is necessary and effective…people who think it’s okay to do this to their fellow citizens in rural Ontario…people who completely lack compassion.

    The mainstream media has been complicit in covering up the IPCC alarmism that was used to frighten people into believing that these turbines would be the solution to prevent catastrophic climate change.

    I look forward to the day when every complicit player is fully exposed and brought to justice.

    For now, keep all records of every effort we’ve made to stop this from happening to our homes.

  4. Bob said it “you hit a wall” and that wall can be broken
    Even Bob knows this important fact but nobody can see the enormity of this great fraud which is root cause of why we have no help from your servants
    Your name is the door to that wall that stops all of us in stopping all this fraud.
    You cannot have dead fictions asking your servants to help and these court cases again are in favour of currency generated by big corporations
    The BC is and states if you claim joiner to that name is saying your a dead fiction and it is a bank note.
    All these legal contracts are indeed all illegal Therefor not legal .
    But of course nobody will even go this far to see this fraud as it is to great
    We are allowing all this,we have ourselves top blame if we continue this practice.
    Lawyers are no help you are the ticket

    • Not sure if we’re talking about the same thing re: ‘Hit the Wall’.
      It’s burnout. You just run out of energy – the fight consumes you. You have to step back, take a break, walk in the woods – whatever helps to revive your spirits – and then look for another approach.
      You have to know when you’ve taken that path as far as it will go. Can the wall be broken? or does it mark a dead end?

      I have to follow my heart. I don’t know what will work, Everyone has different ideas. We went to open houses and asked questions – and got lied to. We made signs and protested. Sometimes we pushed to the point of – ‘NO! We won’t leave unless you arrest us.
      We put hundreds of hours into legal challenges and got beaten with legal technical details – because THEY make the rules of engagement and fairness and justice are not part of the equation. Smoke and mirrors and the illusion of fairness are as close as it comes.

      So we jumped through their hoops and we played within the system – and sometimes we pushed the boundaries. What we learned was that the system is not designed for our benefit. The gov’t is not on our side and doesn’t care about us.

      Some of us come to the conclusion that the gov’t has no real legitimacy. We didn’t sign the social contract. We’ve never even seen it – but we grew up accepting the consensus – that we live in a democracy, that we are all free and equal, and it’s really hard to break through that illusion.

      The gov’t has no real legitimacy – there is no divine right of kings. But they do have the reigns of power, they have the guns and the courts and the enforcers – the police and the military.

      Since the late 60s there has been a growing resistance to the growing abuses of the powerful. Various resistance movements around the world have been protesting, signing petitions, going to court, running in elections, breaking windows, looting, bombing, and so on.

      Bill C-51 is the gov’t’s response. C-51 is nothing to do with Islamic terrorists – it’s to deal with you and me.

      They’ll give us a few more crumbs – medical marijuana, gay marriage, stuff that doesn’t really matter too much to them, but if we won’t buckle under, they will pretend we’re terrorists, they will suspend habeus corpus and we will be ‘disappeared’ – to protect the freedom that they have taken away – in the name of a security that doesn’t exist.
      (it’s really about ‘their’ freedom, and ‘their’ security, now ours. We don’t count.)

      You might think I’m over-reacting, but C-51 has a lot of similarities to laws passed in Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy.

      Nobody EVER learns from history.

      • People think events won’t have the same outcome as they did last time around.

        The loss of the citizens grand jury in Canada was huge blow to freedom as corruption badly damages freedom.

        Ordinary people don’t have the money to protect their freedom and under the grand jury system the people didn’t need money to enforce laws.

      • Simply put,if you think you are a CANADIAN citizen (dead fiction)the BILL C 51 applies to you.
        But if you are a WO(MAN) standing in your dominion you have a door out of the dead fiction world and none of these ACTS,BILLS, Or STATUEs ETC. applies to the living.
        So Bob let me ask you do you carry the mark of the beast in your pocket?
        Drivers license,BC card,or any other form of fake ID?
        If so you hit your wall and so many others.
        They need your ID joiner to the copyright name to make any contract,and those contracts signed are indeed fraud.
        Now go tell that to all your LIARS (LAWYERS}
        I am sure they will loose there words or skip out of the room.
        Ask them to stand in truth,ask them to hold a King James bible while they answer your question about this fraud,I can guarantee you they will find an excuse not to properly answer. Put it to the test.
        Prove I am wrong

      • Hey Sylvan Bob and farmer,

        Re: ‘Bill C-51’
        Since you brought up the topic ]Sylvan Bob]
        It’s weird…..
        Greenpeace expressed – nervousness [good word]
        – towards the bill……too!

        Not even the liberals could deny Stephen Harper – was right
        – and stood down…..and Trudeau can’t fully explain why.

        …and this is weird!
        The green movement
        – with a climate change agenda
        [and their propaganda] – is suddenly nervous?

        Full Definition of PROPAGANDA

        Election Year Canada!
        October 19, 2015
        Vote Conservative!

  5. Some do see “the enormity of this great fraud’. The momentum is steadily building to expose all of it and turn things around.
    Some see such things as the alarmist build up to the U.N Climate Change Conference in Paris in November as ‘a last ditch attempt’ and yes, the MSM will remain complicit.
    Thank goodness for alternative media and the internet.

    • Then you have the “food-chain” that has developed from the climate change agenda and those involved will push hard for an agreement to be made at COP 21.

  6. GAO/U.S. Government Accountability Office, June 5, 2015

    Renewable Energy

    BLM Has Limited Assurance That Wind and Solar Projects Are Adequately Bonded

    Could leave the federal government at financial risk if developers do not complete reclamation.

    A 46 page PDF report with 1 page of highlights.

    Not much known in Ontario about renewable energy project bonding.

    Maybe this report can be used as a source for comparable information. Renewable projects can be on crown land.

    • The video was entirely the work, creation, idea, of my friend Emily Monchamp. She wanted to make a video about activism and she knew I’d been involved with the fight against the wind turbines. I took her on a tour, answered her questions and just talked (something I’m good at! lol).
      Emily is 19 and has a really impressive mind.

      • I thank you for doing this Bob,it is still very educational and a great look at the fraud on both fronts

      • Thank you Emily for taking an interest in this subject, it’s nice to see
        Some of the younger generation not all brain washed by the green koolaide shoved down their throats.

        I think many can certainly relate to Bobs frustrations of this whole
        Process. I hope Emily continues to make many more videos on documenting Important issues like this one.

  7. For what it is worth, I’m in a conversation with a founding member of this recent international development.

    I’m telling our story and how it is directly connected to an agenda that the founding members of the ITNJ are well aware of.

    Some might be interested to know about this.

    The goal is to address the collective experience globally of ‘hitting the wall’ and where we go from here?

    • World Resources Institute/ WRI, Washington, D.C.

      Board Includes:

      Caio Koch-Weser, Chair. European Climate Foundation and Vice. Chair at Deutsche Bank
      Bill Richardson, Fmr. UN Ambassador
      Michael Polsky, Invenergy

      John McCall MacBain, a founder & Board Member of European Climate Foundation is also Chair. Trudeau Foundation.

      These networks should be known to the public.

  8. A video that should go viral.. We have to find a way to name and shame. Our province is stealing from us and its just not money.

  9. History will look incredulously at this era where, in so many countries, the health and wellbeing of so many were ignored by the few; where the many paid for this to be done to them by the few. And it will ask ‘Who tried to stop this?’ Your video, Bob, will form part of the evidence that we tried…and eventually we won but not without huge cost.

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