Alberta raptor expert warns wind turbine developments may hurt birds of prey

Mia Sosiak, Global News

eagle nestCALGARY – John Campbell has worked with falcons, eagles and hawks in the wild for decades, all over Western Canada. He has monitored nests near Pincher Creek since the 1970s, and banded thousands of baby raptors, long before the area became the birthplace of wind power in Canada.

Campbell has been finding more and more empty nests in the area. “Currently there are 10 sites that could be occupied; only five are producing young right now,” Campbell said. In Alberta, several species of raptors are considered sensitive, or at risk.

The birds aren’t dying from turbine strikes, Campbell said. They are abandoning high-quality nests because of the pressure of turbine development. Wind turbines mess up the birds’ lives, much in the same way drivers would be stressed if a busy freeway suddenly closed. The raptors move to lower quality sites, where fewer chicks survive. Read article

49 thoughts on “Alberta raptor expert warns wind turbine developments may hurt birds of prey

  1. Sheesh, and now Tim Weis is with CanWea??
    Remember when he was the host of the Heidi Show for Pembina iInstitute in Grand Bend, London and Chatham?

    This is surreal to watch, as the question this man asks is the same one we asked at our ERT’s – what are the cumulative impacts of these projects on raptors? But the tribunal didn’t care, they were satisfied that there would be eagles elsewhere in the world, even if the local population was wiped clear out. Sometimes this feels like I’m watching a horror show unfold in slow motion…

  2. Yes, Weis has moved on.

    ENGOs, farm organizations, foundations and now faith-based organizations are backing this fiasco.

  3. Bala Falls News, June 30, 2015

    “Proponent says they will have people attending MROPA’s free annual Canada Day event arrested by the OPP”

    This is a Canada Day free cake, ice cream and music day at Margaret Burgess Park which is Crown land.

    Event was planned for July 4 or a Saturday weekend event this year?

    Lead tweet was from Tom Adams.

    • This just in……
      Jane Fonda will apologize later!

      L.A. labor leaders seek minimum wage exemption for firms with union workers

      Wisconsin Teachers Choosing to Pull Out of Unions

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      Urgent: Rate Obama on His Job Performance. Vote Here Now!


      Canada passes Bill C-377;
      so who’s pissed off?

      Election Year Canada
      October 19, 2015
      Vote Conservative!

    • Jane said we have to stop sleeping with the big oil .. I wonder if she knows that Suzuki owns part of an island of BC with an oil company the other owner.
      Sickening … Smoke and mirrors

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      So are you up for seeing more than a million bats feeding, then this tour’s for you.

    • You are so right: rent the celebrities and the GTA will show up .. Just to say I got a glimpse, touched the gods..
      Jobs, justice, and climate change .. All smoke and mirrors … They came for their cheque, made their brief appearance and then jumped into their fossil fuelled mode of transpiration .
      Al Gore is still popular .. And why .. I just don’t get it .. What a crook ..

    • National Observer, July 6, 2015

      ‘McKibben and Klein lead thousands at Toronto’s March for Jobs, Justice and Climate’

      Sometimes more information can be had from news outlets outside of Ontario.

      These issues are much closer to home than most think they are.

      Did Klein get to the Vatican via or CIDSE/Development & Peace or influence from both? Both are active in Canada.

      Get religious/faith-based organizations behind climate change.

      Then watch for the actions of environmental groups in the up-coming federal election.

    • People choose to ignore .. So they don’t have to get involved. Because they have been “dumbed down.. ”

      One day the canary will sing on them.

  4. One more thing on this .. Global warming / climate change claiming more storms, ice melt , etc: is man- made by the technology of weather modifications.
    Just look at HAARP . Wish we had some of their lasers to knock out the IWT’s and Gore, and Suzuki, and Justin , and Wynne.. On and on and on .
    So sick of the lies and the blindness

      • Can anyone think of a quicker way to bust the unions than this is?

      • Hello Ontario!
        Meet Team Soros – Marching in Toronto!

        Election Year Canada
        October 19, 2015
        Vote Conservative!
        Investigative reporting……….Team Soros!

        Center for American Progress Helped Craft EPA Press Strategy
        Emails reveal liberal think tank’s climate strategy director advised top EPA officials on dealing with skeptical reporter

        ‘[excerpt] The Environment & Energy (E&E) Legal Institute obtained the emails through a Freedom of Information Act request. Chris Horner, a senior legal fellow at E&E, said they show extensive behind-the-scenes collaboration between EPA and third-party groups that support the regulations.

        “The chief lawyer tasked with making the global warming agenda happen cuts and pastes Team Soros arguments and strategies into emails and sends them to colleagues as his own,” Horner said in an email.

        Weiss, who is now the senior vice president for campaigns at the League of Conservation Voters, another influential green group, did not respond to a request for comment.’

        Team Soros = 350 crowding Toronto;
        just for laughs!

        Amazingly – Canada’s Federal Election –
        October 19, 2015
        and Team Soros
        is here to help!

        N.B. I think David Suzuki –
        – wants to be Prime Minister – deep down.

        MEDIA ADVISORY – Thousands to march in Toronto for Jobs, Justice and the Climate

        March comes on the eve of the Pan American Climate and Economic Summits

        TORONTO, July 3, 2015 /CNW/ – On July 5th thousands of people will gather in Toronto for the March for Jobs, Justice and the Climate. The march will tell the story of a new economy that works for people and the planet. It starts with justice, creates good work, clean jobs and healthy communities, recognizes that we have solutions and shows we know who is responsible for causing the climate crisis.

        What: The March for Jobs, Justice and the Climate
        When: Sunday, July 5. 11:30AM-6:30PM (schedule below).
        Where: Events begin in front of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario at 111 Wellesley Street West, events end in Allan Gardens at 19 Horticultural Ave, Toronto.
        Who: A diverse and powerful coalition of groups from across Toronto and Canada, from unions representing Alberta oil workers, First Nations on the frontlines of extraction projects, racialized communities from climate-impacted regions, environmental groups, faith groups, scientists, students, migrant justice groups, and many others. A full list of groups can be found at

        Election Year Canada
        October 19, 2015
        Vote Conservative!
        Go Team – Stephen Harper!

        Oh yeah!
        Go Donald Trump!

        You’re paying attention – I hope!
        It’s wild!

  5. Gee –

    @ the local – ‘regional’ – level of government
    – still get a pass
    while all eyes are on -‘stupid people’ – marching
    for their cause.

    Regional councils – should join the parade;
    so we can see them!

    Welcome to liberal bankrupt Ontario;
    always on parade!

      • They are the wolves!
        Without the wolves – McGuinty’s vision
        would have collapsed.

        All politics – are Local Politics!

        Welcome – get involved – buy local – volunteer!

  6. 2015 – Climate Change Propaganda
    turns into ‘Vision’;
    and it’s all – amazingly historical – [I really meant hysterical]
    with two 80 year old hustlers –
    – trying to meet – their social needs.
    Go Dave!
    Go Jane!



    ‘[excerpt]Sixteen years later, under enormous pressure after Ronald Reagan had restored the honorable social standing of military service, Fonda admitted to former American POWs and their families that she regretted the pain she caused them. Few accepted her apology.’

    [excerpt] Fonda Power

    In a 2005 interview with CBS, Fonda reiterated that she had no regrets about her trip to North Vietnam in 1972. “There are hundreds of American delegations that had met with the POWs. Both sides were using the POWs for propaganda… It’s not something that I will apologize for.’

    Traitor Jane Fonda

      • Like media mainstream … Controlled information. Celebrity is The new audience.

      • And this summit put on by Ontario will be controlled information and paid for by Ontarians. After looking over all of the speakers list what else can this be but controlled information?

    • Ontario News Release, July 8, 2015, Ministry of Environment and Climate Change

      ‘Ontario Kicks Off Climate Summit of the Americas’

      Reveals this Summit as a step to COP 21, Paris.

      Calderone here to show his appreciation for businesses moving to Mexico?

      The others came to show their appreciation for Ontario making IWT and solar projects worth more money?

  7. The Corporation of Norfolk County, Ontario uses creative accounting.
    And how!

    Did you know: there are $13 million worth of trees along the streets in the villages of Norfolk County? Up until now, the trees had a value of $0! Amazing!


    “But it’s not like you can sell the trees and get $13 million,” the taxpayer said.

    “Oh, but yes we can!” the Norfolk County fiduciary shot back.

    “And how’s that?”

    “The people in the city are gunna buy carbon credits.”

    “O ya? Then how come the Long Point Region Conservation Authority gave hundreds of acres of mature forests in the Backus Woods to the Nature Conservancy of Canada for the measly interest earned on a paltry $5 million valuation? Why didn’t we, the people, keep the forest, and sell the alleged carbon credits ourselves?”

    “Well that was a few years ago. I don’t have any interest in answering questions about that.”

    “I see. Well tell me more about these $13 million of trees.”

    “Really, it’s just super. And the good folks in the city are even offering us an investment opportunity where we can put the $13 million to good use, making above average ROI’s. We just gotta sign this contract and take out a bit of a loan — we gotta leverage our $13 million, y’ see — and pretty soon we’ll all get raises!”

    It took this taxpayer no time at all respond. “Well it sounds like fraud to me.”

    “And how’s that?”

    “Well– what you’re selling is…”

    “It’s what the people want!”

    “Did you ever hear of the Dutch Tulip Craze?”

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