Ontario Teachers’ Pension Expands Ownership Of BluEarth Renewables

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Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan has acquired all of the outstanding shares of BluEarth Renewables. The pension plan, through its Teachers’ Private Capital group, has been a lead investor in BluEarth since the developer was established in 2010. Terms of the transaction are not being disclosed. Closing is expected by the end of July.

Calgary-based BluEarth is a private independent renewable power producer focused on the acquisition, development, construction and operation of wind, hydro and solar projects. BluEarth’s portfolio currently includes interests in 18 projects across Canada totaling 174 MW, with a pipeline of earlier-stage development projects. BluEarth will continue to focus on growth through the acquisition and development of renewable energy projects in Canada and other markets globally.

The Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan – with $154.5 billion in net assets – is the largest single-profession pension plan in Canada. It has earned a 10.2% annualized rate of return since its founding in 1990. Read article

20 thoughts on “Ontario Teachers’ Pension Expands Ownership Of BluEarth Renewables

  1. isnt that cozy! hey teachers keep voting liberal to secure your jobs but they hooked you to keep voting in the crooks or you will never see your pension.what a farce.

    • OP IWT project has a union pension fund involved. Not good politics to have pension funds lose money financing wind and solar projects.

      • As a retired teacher dependant on my pension I am ashamed and disappointed that the OTPP invests in wind projects as those who have bothered to educated themselves will realize that wind energy is inefficient isn’t and ANY THINGS BUT GREEN. There are surely more worthwhile and Noble ways to earn money for our fund. Jennifer

    • Object to those who govern the OTPP.

      As an OTPP member you have the right to the information about the purchase of BluEarth Renewables. The same as you would be entitled to information on any of OTPP’s holdings.

    • Teachers need to teach truth and stand in truth. All these investments are all going to fall apart just as our worthless paper notes back up by nothing.
      Teachers should start teaching the truth about all this fraud with the legal names and this phoney climate change that humans have created.
      Start by teaching this truth!
      It is illegal to use a legal name. Until and only when this is disproved it stands true.
      The single most important point that many completely ucking miss.
      NULL & VOID all contracts!

    • I hope you will find out who to object to and do so loudly and clearly. Please tell other teachers that their investments are ruining rural communities. Tell them that real people are experiencing serious distress because of industrial wind turbines.
      I would guess that most teachers don’t even know what the OTPP invests in. Help spread the word.

    • The Keatings also built Melancthon/ Amaranth 133 project. The Alberta Teachers Pension funded them back then and when they asked for their money back, Keatings sold to TrasnAlta to pay them back. They then reincarnated as Blu Earth.
      Maybe they will pony up the funds to help those still suffering!

      • The money is made by building these projects and then selling them.

        Partnering with OTPP may have been an advantage for borrowing money and getting a contract?

  2. Re: “secret” “bribe” money

    Who cares?

    Was it declared as income?
    Were taxes evaded?
    Canada Revenue Agency would like to know.

    But did you know — grant money may be non-taxable…

    Is the “Wind Power Production Incentive” of the federal government a grant? Or income?

    Have granting agency documents been doctored?

    Did you know the Criminal Code of Canada was amended in 2007….
    That was at least two (2) years after Mike Crawley was awarded federal government contracts for his Norfolk County, Ontario, Canada wind energy projects…

    What business does a wind energy developer have contributing to a local, supportive councilor’s re-election campaign anyway?

  3. The chances of being indicted and/or tried for corruption are slim to none.

    Maybe the reason rural Ontarians are made fun of about wind and solar projects?

  4. Alberta Farmer,
    We fought BluEarth Renewables at the Municipal Level and our Council ruled that the Bull Creek Wind Project was not in the best interest of the community. Alberta Energy Regulator over ruled. We are no better off than ON rural folk who have the GEA. There where alot of conditions attached to this project. But they will not help because the govt does not recognize that dBA is not sufficient to measure infrasound and low frequency noise. Lease roads are done and cement pilings and foundations done. Turbines are arriving now. I have been dreading this since 2010. Will we be able to live in our home? I have a pre existing medical condition and a neighbour has a child with epilepsy. Will our health be damaged? Will our livestock have fertility problems, sickness, still births and deformities? Rural guinea pigs us all! Thank you to all that volunteer with the Society for Wind Vigilence and the Scientists who continue to work to be heard. Yes, Bluearth are the same people that operated Canadian Hydro Developers. I have wrote to the ON Teachers Pension and I got no reply. I don’t know if any teachers got my message or not.

    uncertain future.

    • The Dogs in your area will be tormented by these sounds and will bark all day and night in distress from the high pitched sounds. The birds will be culled by the whirling blades and the power generated will be unreliable as usual as not every day is there enough wind to turn these blades. I would keep track of increases in your child’s seizures and if any increases in medication are necessitated by these windmills, send a request for compensation to the company of these windfarms. However suing them would be a waste of money, it is unlikely you would win. Your livestock may suffer health problems if they are very tall but in general their health should be no more adversely affected than living under regular power lines. The mega hydro transmission lines however carry millions of volts of power and in fact do cause major health problems to people/animals living in close proximity to them. I would have suggested selling right away but this would do you no good as between oil companies and hydro etc you will always be affected by someone or something. There are antianxiety medications that should help keep things in perspective, these help many people that I know and are legal.

      • In Ontario it has been reported, but not confirmed, that all new borns are left handed .

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