Watch Video: Dozens of Dead Partridges under Wind Turbine

From the videographer:
“In this video, a swarm (dozen) was pressed partridge on a plateau by a tailwind against the foot (base) of a wind turbine (I stood in the middle). The birds, it was impossible to avoid the wind turbine! Result were various neck fractures and other fractures. These wind turbines standing in a bird sanctuary!”

8 thoughts on “Watch Video: Dozens of Dead Partridges under Wind Turbine

  1. I can’t watch this anymore Wynne get real and STOP this insanity and mental ideas you have for the good of Ontario. Not one thing you have done will help Ontario you are a hindrence and destroying the partridges and all the other birds effected by your killing machines. WAKE UP and seek professional help for you inabilities to make positive changes for Ontario. RESIGN, RESIGN, RESIGN.

  2. Our innocent bird / animal / soil life has always been taken for granted . God bless us all .. as .. humans are so sinful for the greed that consumes anything that gets in the way of our consumption of satisfaction .
    What a sin .

  3. So, so sad. When will this stop. This is a crime, plain and simple.
    I don’t understand German, but, it seems to be the “F” word still translates quite well. Correct me if I’m wrong on that.

  4. Germany has a very large political constituency supporting renewables. As long as the cheques keep coming in those involved will only consider an incident such as this to be just collateral damage.

  5. Those damned birds!

    “Parrot Detained By Police For Verbally Abusing 85-Year-Old Woman”
    by Eve Hartley | Huffington Post UK

    ‘[excerpt] A parrot has been detained after abusing an 85-year-old woman with ‘offensive slurs.’

    The bird, which has been named as Hariyal, was reportedly trained for two years by its owner, Suresh Sakharkar, to abuse his stepmother, Janabai.

    This lead to the animal apparently insulting Janabai every time she walked past Suresh’s home in Rajura, Maharashtra.

    All three were taken to a local police station so that officers could confirm the reports though whilst there, the parrot did not utter a word.

    Janabai told Zee News: “I am being harassed for the last two years. On seeing me, the parrot uses bad language and foul words.

    “That is why I have complained thrice in the last two years. Police called me, Suresh and the parrot to the police station. Police should investigate and seize the parrot.”

    The bird was later released, as there is no law to imprison a parrot, and was handed over to the forest department officials.

    This is not the first time that the species have been involved in mischief, and in May, a parrot was caught on camera laughing like an evil super-villain.’

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