Wind Turbine Blade Breaks (Shipka, Ontario)

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11 thoughts on “Wind Turbine Blade Breaks (Shipka, Ontario)

  1. Nearby at Grand Bend last night during the storm, the straight line winds were reported at 110 km/hr. How far would the toxic particles’ debris from this blade have been scattered and, in so doing, contaminating nearby properties?

  2. What if it had been in a more populated area and where more of these things are located? Serious damage could have been done. Wynn needs to take ownership for this.

  3. How well did the new storm radar developed to accommodate a wind developer in this region work?

    An F2 did occur in Ontario and there have been F2s happen in Ontario prior to this one.

    U.S. radar showed this storm system extended from north of Chicago well into southern Ontario with a west to east storm motion along a cold front.

  4. Some tornado examples:

    F4, June 17, 1946, Windsor, ON
    F3s, April 1996 & Aug.22, 2011, Goderich, ON

    Many more of these strong Ontario tornadoes, F1s-F3s, can be identified from an internet search.

      • LFP, Aug.4, 2015

        “Lessons of the Lake”

        Sixteen year old boy lost off Lake Huron pier prior to Sunday’s storm.

        Article mentions: “Clouds like anvils growl”

        Anvil clouds are dangerous storm clouds that appear over the Great Lakes and the pier should have been closed and cleared of people.

  5. Remember the radar computer system has to be redone to cave to the wind turbine companies, plaster first- think later it’s the liberal way!

    • True! Was the radar system that covers this Ontario region operating last Sunday and when, and if so which system the old or the new experimental system was being used?

      Were the weather warnings issued by EC sufficient to cover a storm system of that magnitude?

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