NextEra wind turbine blade near Grand Bend snaps

1297732952397_ORIGINALBy Tyler Kula, Sarnia Observer
Lightning is the likely culprit after a wind turbine blade snapped amid a storm late Sunday into early Monday, near Grand Bend, a NextEra spokesperson says. One of the towering turbine’s three 50-meter-long blades was dangling Tuesday as the energy company worked to get a crane to safely take it down and uncover exactly what happened, said Josie Bird, of NextEra.

The $2-million turbine is one of 63 in the company’s 102-megawatt Goshen Wind Energy Centre — along Kirkton Road, between Blackbush and Shipka lines – in Huron County. “It’s so rare,” Bird said about the snapped blade. Only twice have NextEra turbines been similarly damaged, she said, including once at the company’s Mt. Millar Wind Farm in Quebec.

Lightning is the presumed cause there too, she said. “Obviously lightning is No. 1 on everybody’s mind,” she said about this weekend’s damage, noting turbines are designed to weather strong winds and it doesn’t appear gusts caused the blade to break. No one was injured, but the extent of falling debris on the property from the 80-metre-tall turbine isn’t clear yet, she said.

Officials haven’t been able to get close enough while the blade is hanging. “Safety is our No. 1 concern,” she said, noting the area has been secured. A damage estimate and exact cause could take a few days to a week, she said, noting NextEra will cover any property damage caused by falling debris. “These turbines are sited in a way that they’re not near any major infrastructure: any homes, any major roads,” she said. Read article

[Ed note: as most of you know bolded statement by Josie above is a blatant lie. NextEra turbines are within blade throw, ice throw, and topple distance of roadways ranging from dirt roads that school buses travel, to Highway 402.]

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  1. Nextera needs to watch that video or see pictures of that turbine blade that came off in the states and landed on the day care centre. thank god none was injured. those ones on 21 are way too close to road .its a miracle no one has been hurt with the ice throw.

  2. Huron Daily Tribune, Aug. 8, 2015

    ‘Lightning strikes again: DTE wind turbines damaged by ‘Mother Nature’

    The Michigan Thumb area has had a number of IWT lightning strikes.

    Or Google the article title and also a link on right sidebar of this page.

    The same storm systems that roll through Michigan’s Thumb area also roll right on east into Ontario.

    Storms roll east right across Lake Huron. And at times from the North/Northwest right down /across Lake Huron.

    • Assuming the DTE owned IWT damages and cleanups will have to be paid for by all DTE customers, that instead the damage related costs should be sent to all the Michigan ENGOs and others who have and are pushing for IWTs in Michigan?

  3. O ya!
    Same $h!t in Michigan…

    Wind perps attemping
    “to smuggle in a default position.”

    “The county’s being extorted!”

    “You’re interfering with my right to smoke!”
    & other absurdities….

    But– there is no urgency about climate change
    that warrants reckless development of industrial wind energy projects.

    [The noise standards are garbage / the legal liabilities are growing.]

    & now the county lawyer advises a basis of “reason”
    instead of “opinion”…..

    [It’s so bad! It’s gruesome!]


    “County still concerned about wind power suits”
    By Chris Aldridge, Tribune Staff Writer | Huron Daily Tribune | August 11, 2015

    ‘[excerpt] BAD AXE — As officials further debate the chapters of a new rule book for wind projects, the threat of litigation against the county is becoming a recurring concern.

    In July, the attorney for the board of commissioners, Stephen Allen, cautioned that new wind energy regulations should be based on reason, rather than opinion, if the county is taken to court due to a restrictive ordinance.

    The 22-page draft wind ordinance is almost triple the length of the 2010 version. It would increase wind turbine setbacks from property, public roads and power lines; limit turbine height; sets lengthy methodology for sound regulations; regulate shadow flicker; and prevent turbines from being sited within three miles of the Lake Huron and Saginaw Bay shorelines.’

    ‘[excerpt] But, with the final decision resting in the hands of local leaders, weeding out political motives to focus on fact is something Bernie Creguer, vice-chair of the county planning commission, has emphasized.

    “To have these setbacks, or any changes in this, there has to be facts to prove that it has to be done,” Creguer said. “And I’m not so sure we met that.”

    Creguer was allotted time on the August planning commission agenda to discuss proposed regulations and questions from landowners.

    “You have to go into this by cause and effect; everything you do, you have to be able to verify why you did it,” he said. “In the event that we are into litigation, can we defend this strong enough that we would win?”

    Creguer said his concern derives mainly from the proposed setback increases lengthened by more than a football field compared to 2010 regulations.

    Officials also are aware that Huron County’s future with wind energy could diminish if they pass the new rules.’

    ‘[excerpt] Whichever path officials choose, the county’s attorney has made public his advice.

    “I don’t think we should deviate … when we’ve got (wind developers) who are paying big money for their experts out there and who are saying that our proposals are exclusionary,” Allen said in July. “Whether that expert’s right or wrong, at least we’re basing our decision on reason and not because we didn’t like the number that was selected by either the special committee or the planning commission. I want it to be as defensible as possible.”

    However, at least one thing will be clear after it all: the county’s building and zoning department will be able to “get back to the basics of planning and zoning instead of wind all the time,” said Jeff Smith, department head.

    That means clearing items that have sat on the agenda for a year or more — including working on a hazard mitigation plan, important to have for when disaster strikes (Think: tornado that touched down in Owendale on Aug. 2.), and an overhaul of the county’s master plan, which carves the framework for land use, zoning, economic development, public transportation and human services, last updated in 1993.

    “It’s not that bad,” Peruski said.

    “It is that bad,” Smith countered.

    “We have items on our agenda that we need to get off,” Brock said.’

    • If Michigan was not on a state mandated requirement for the use of renewable energy none of this would be happening.

      Michigan utilities are forced to purchase renewable energy whether it works or not. And rate payers stuck with the costs.

      The tourist industry in the Saginaw Bay area will probably be ruined.

      • Barb “”If Michigan was not on a state mandated requirement for the use of renewable energy none of this would be happening””

        PartlyTrue, BUT, If these greedy farmers had not signed gagging contracts, this might not happening either, regardless of any mandate.

        The farmers thought they were being as sly as the wind developers, but not sly enough to realize the wind developers are much slyer, than they.

        The tourist industry is about dead already in the thumb since turbines have taken over the landscape, even the urbanites are choosing not to drive through the IWT conglomerations to camp next to the “IWT vistas”.

        Huron County Caseville annual Cheeseburger Festival,,,,,,,,,,, dead.
        Tuscola County Fairgrove annual Bean Festival………… dead.

        I just talked to someone (urbanite) last week about fishing on the Saginaw Bay. They were totally dismayed at the ‘vista’ of turbines while fishing and couldn’t believe the sheer size of turbines.

        people moving out, no one moving in.

      • Were you able to pickup the written trail of ownership of Caisse de depot (Quebec) + Invenergy + Munich Re + Warren Buffett?

        Something to show non-believers.

      • RE News, Feb.18, 2015

        ‘Invenergy eyes 200 MW in Michigan; Sanilac Co., Michigan’s Thumb


        June 2012, 133 turbine wind project became operational in Michigan’s Gratiot Co.
        Invenergy owns 69 of the turbines and DTE 64 turbines.

      • Center for Rural Affairs

        ‘Michigan Thumb Loop Transmission Line’

        “The Thumb Loop project provides a much-needed high capacity transmission line designed to meet the maximum wind potential of the Thumb Loop region.”

        Capable of supporting ~ 2800 turbines and 5,000 MW of renewable energy.

        Operational May 13/14, 2015

        An ITC project.

        Additional news items about this project are at the bottom of this webpage.Page also has a project map.

      • greentechmedia, July 6, 2015

        Sun Edison’s YieldCo acquires $2 Billion of Wind Projects From Invenergy

        Includes the 78 MW Raleigh wind project.


        RE News, May 5, 2015

        TerraForm buys Invenergy PV duo

        13 MW Sandringham
        12 MW Woodville

        Both in Ontario.

        TerraForm owned by SunEdison.

      • “””Were you able to pickup the written trail of ownership of Caisse de depot (Quebec) + Invenergy + Munich Re + Warren Buffett?

        Something to show non-believers. ”””’

        I don’t think the County would even look at those facts. They just believe when some guy walks in with a suit on, he is telling the truth.

        Barb, I do what I can to inform people. Some listen with open minds and curiosity, some not so much. All depends where you live, what your personal circumstances are financially, AND if the destruction is in your face.
        I try to guide people to videos, sites about IWT’s, anything I think they would read or explore. If they listen, great ! if not, backing off can be the only option.

        It’s like the old saying: You can lead the horse to water but you can’t make him drink.
        Plain water is bland, turbine water is sweet.
        You know how it is, some people use that brain, some people don’t.

        Same game everywhere, persuade the urbanites. if you want to charge that I-phone, you need turbines. They believe this.

        I could walk into a meeting at the County level, but they don’t care, it’s all about the money. Our only savior was our township residents having a glance at this nonsense before it happened to us. And still, the friendship and neighbor cohesion is gone here. Most of our farmers in my township are really glad they “lost” their contracts. They now realize when they look outside, that view of IWT’s, from the north, isn’t so darn pretty.

      • oh, and, that “Thumb Loop” by ITC, was put in WAY WAY before one turbine was speared into the ground, very well executed destruction plan.

      • Some of the wind and solar developers later sell their financial interests in their projects.

        YieldCos are one way to get the money out of the projects so they can use the money to build more projects.

        YieldCos are something like stock shares with some added “goodies”.
        Bonds can also be used/sold to get the money out of these projects.

        With private companies it is often necessary to purchase financial reports on them.


        PrivoCo, Private Company Financial Intelligence, if anyone in your area is interested.


        Use U.S. SEC information for public companies which is free and available to all.

        Most people probably don’t even know that some companies don’t pay income taxes because of all of the tax credits they have accumulated.

      • Michael Polsky

        met him, he told us we needed to get the facts… ha ha ha

      • What’s being viewed here with this information is WEALTH TRANSFER and this can be shown to people.

        The chain is clear here!

      • Leaf Clean Energy Co., Cayman Islands

        Interim Report
        For the half year ended 31 December 2014

        P.4, Biographies of the Directors:

        Mark David Lerdal, also Director of Terra Form Power Inc.
        Peter O’keefe, an original member of the Clinton Global Initiative

        P.5, Portfolio Overview incldes:
        Invenergy Wind, LLc

        P.6, More information on Invenergy.


        Or Google:’ Leaf Clean Energy Interim Report 2014′

        Terra Form Power is the company that acquired Invenergy’s wind and solar assets/projects.

        Leaf Clean Energy has a stake/investment in Invenergy.

        The Leaf Clean Energy Annual Report is also available online.

      • Crain’s Detroit, Jan.18, 2015

        ‘Lights will stay on in UP, with help from Chicagoan – Crain’s…’

        UP coal power plant which supplies mining operation will close and be replaced with gas-fired power generation.

        Close down a power plant owned by one company and replace it with a power plant owned by another company that happens to be in a politically/socially correct business.


        Prepared by Invenergy:

        Northern States Power Company
        Hampton Energy Center, April 15, 2013

        Section 3.1, P.6:

        “Invenergy founder, president, and CEO Michael Polsky is a recognized and respected industry leader, and is the majority owner of Invenergy and its affiliated companies.”

        Section 3.2, P.7:

        Mentions the St.Clair Energy Center, St.Clair Twp. ON. A 584 MW project – two 1×1 combined cycle.

        Google : Hampton eDockets [PDF] or Hampton Energy Center

        A State of Minnesota Filing.

      • US SEC Form 10-Q, filed 2015-08-06

        TerraForm Power Inc. Bethesda, Maryland


        On June 30, 2015, the Company acquired 2 utility scale ground mounted solar generators from Invenergy Solar LLC (“Northern Lights”) with the nameplate capacity of 25.7 MW.

        The cash price, net of cash acquired, was CAD $125.4 million in cash including the repayment of project-level debt and breakage fees for the termination of interest rate swaps.

        Enter: TerraForm Power Inc.

      • Invenergy information:

        Google: Leaf Clean Energy Company – Edison Investment Research, [PDF], Oct.28,2013

        P.11, Current Portfolio:

        Invenergy, 30.0/December 2008, Convertible debt, Minority stake, Observer seat on Board.

        For more Invenergy information

      • MODEL D Media, Detroit, Nov.4, 2014

        ‘Powering the Mitten: As coal plants shut down, where will our electricity come from?’

        Article on what will replace Michigan coal fired power plants.

        Mentioned in this article:
        Energy Justice Network @

        James Clift is with the Michigan Environmental Council, Lansing, MI


        Ontario is furnishing electricity to Michigan. What’s taking place there is of interest to Ontarians.

    • As long as victims in Norfolk County, Ontario, Canada are abused by industrial wind energy projects that are operating recklessly too close to homes, (350 metres), Warren Buffett is proving that he’s a person of low morals & ethics?

      • you got that right S/and/D

        LOL, Bill Gates doesn’t have to worry about anything.

        He’s counting on being forgiven at the “Pearly Gates”….but , but Jesus, I was giving my money to the less fortunate ! really ! I’m wiping out disease, really! I didn’t have time to deal with corporate diseases! Measles, chicken pox, all those nasty diseases were my top priority!!

    • “Did anyone bother to tell Bill Gates?”

      Bob and Boohoo spoke at the same time, “Yes!”

    • “UN victory grandmother attacks Alex Salmond over wind farms”
      by Simon Johnson

      “A Scottish grandmother who this week won a landmark victory at the United Nations that could slow the spread of wind farms has delivered an outspoken attack on Alex Salmond.”

      ‘[excerpt] Christine Metcalfe, from Argyll, accused the First Minister of attempting to “bludgeon” local opposition to turbines and driving a pro-wind farm agenda like an “express train”.

      The 69-year-old said she was “relieved” a UN committee ruled in her favour this week that the UK Government acted illegally by denying the public decision-making powers over the approval of wind farms.

      The United Nations Economic Commission Europe declared that the UK flouted Article 7 of the Aarhus Convention, which states that citizens must be allowed to fully participate in environmental issues.

      It also criticised the UK’s failure to give people the “necessary information” about the benefits or negative impacts of turbines in a ruling that could call into question the legal validity of future wind farms unless Government policy is changed.

      Although energy policy is reserved to Westminster, Mr Salmond has introduced planning policies in Scotland that encourage the rapid spread of wind farms to meet his ambitious renewable energy targets.

      Mrs Metcalfe took her case to the UN in Geneva, Switzerland after committee after becoming increasingly frustrated when trying to access information about a wind farm built near her Taynuilt home.

      The community councillor argued that the UK’s renewables policies had been drawn up in such a way that it denied the public the right to be informed.
      She claimed this prevented people from learning of the negative effects that wind power can have on health, the environment and the economy.

      Speaking about her victory, Mrs Metcalfe said: “Alex Salmond is driving an aggressive green agenda like an express train across Scotland, bludgeoning anyone who gets in the way as being a Luddite and anti-green.”

      “It was very gratifying to find that such an important point was upheld. The ramifications will become clearer in time. There will be resistance from various quarters.

      “No wind farm developer has ever had to explain the benefits of wind. Evidence tells us that wind power performance shows not only no reduction in carbon dioxide and other harmful emissions, but also the very reverse.”

      The Carraig Gheal wind farm near Mrs Metcalfe’s home has 20 turbines, which stand at up to 262ft tall (80m) and have blades with a diameter of up to 410ft (125m).

      Mr Salmond has set a target of generating the equivalent of all Scotland’s electricity from renewable sources by 2020, with the vast majority of the increase expected to come from onshore wind farms.

      The Daily Telegraph disclosed earlier this year how Scottish Government officials have written to local authority planning departments across the country ordering them to set aside more land for wind farms.

      Despite expert warnings otherwise, Renewables UK, which represents wind farm companies, said the UN ruling would not affect existing developments.

      A Scottish Government spokesman said the committee had backed its “consultative approach when considering wind farm applications” and it was “committed to applying strict environment assessment procedures.”’

      • date of article:
        30 August 2013

        (nearly 2 years ago)

      • What was the original mandate of the United Nations?
        And what are they up to today – like ahh – 2015?

    • CEED

      Matt Fedors biography:

      Principal at Leaf Clean Energy. Serves as an advisor to the U.S. Department of Commerce on their Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Committee.

      On Leadership Council of ACORE.


      ACORE: Matthew Fedors


      One company can be used to invest in another company such as Leaf Clean Energy has an investment in Invenergy.

      • GAO, July 2008

        Cayman Islands

        Ugland House, George Town
        Grand Cayman Island

        18,857 registered entities at this Ugland House address.


        Address information from the London Stock Exchange:

        Leaf Clean Energy
        PO Box 309 GT, Ugland House
        South George St., Georgetown
        Cayman Island


        Ugland House is a world famous address.

    — from Australia

    ‘[excerpt] “It is abundantly clear from the evidence of regulators, the community, local councils and wind farm operators that the status quo is untenable,” Senator Leyonhjelm said.

    “Only the wind industry and its cheer squad disagree. There are glaring planning and compliance deficiencies plus growing evidence, domestic and international, that infrasound and low frequency sound from wind turbines is having an adverse health impact on some people who live in the vicinity of wind farms. This is not something a responsible government can ignore.”

    The report is critical of the work previously undertaken by the National Health and Medical Research Council on wind farm noise emissions, which many have relied upon to declare wind farms have no adverse health effects.

    The committee is also concerned about “the lack of rigour” behind the position statement of the Australian Medical Association on wind turbine operations. The inquiry report criticised the AMA for refusing to give evidence before the inquiry, describing their position statement as “irresponsible and harmful”.’


    ‘[excerpt] Independent Senator for Victoria John Madigan has warned Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews the Victorian Government’s unshakeable commitment to wind energy is putting the health of Victorians at risk, while potentially exposing the state to future legal liabilities.

    “There is growing evidence living near wind turbines can be detrimental to health,” Senator Madigan said.

    “While for a long time this evidence mainly came from the reports of affected individuals, more recently a number of studies have lent scientific weight to their concerns, such as the German and Japanese studies recently reported on,” Senator Madigan said.

    “Yet, in the face of this, we have the Premier telling us his government is ‘unashamedly pro-wind power’ and indicating plans to boost investment in the sector.

    “Beyond the detrimental health impacts, this could leave the state liable to future claims by those who suffer ill-health as a result. Where there is a reasonably foreseeable risk of harm the law requires us to act prudently to avoid that harm. If we fail to do so we are expected to compensate those impacted. The Andrew’s government is confronted with just this type of situation.”

    Senator Madigan said the Premier had been aware of the potential health impacts of wind turbines since at least June 2010 when, as Health Minister, he attended a community cabinet meeting in Bendigo and was handed a file containing approximately twenty statutory declarations made by people living near Waubra wind farm. Each statutory declaration detailed negative health impacts residents attributed to noise from the wind turbines.

    Senator Madigan said: “Given the Premier has known about this for some time, it is completely irresponsible for him to be promoting the construction of more wind farms around the state.

    “With peoples’ health at risk, the state government should exercise the precautionary principle and delay the approval of any further wind farms until their health impacts are properly understood. This is the only responsible position under the circumstances.”’

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