Tensions form over Falconbridge wind turbines

DSC_0713Mary Katherine Keown, The Sudbury Star
The debate around a proposed wind farm in Falconbridge is heating up. Ward 7 Coun. Mike Jakubo attended the meeting of the planning committee on Monday and told members that he and his colleague, Deb McIntosh of Ward 9, ardently support the project, which would include 30 to 50 wind turbines generating as much as 150 megawatts of hydro power annually (enough to power as many as 50,000 typical American homes, according to online research).

The farm would bisect the Garson-Coniston road and spread northeast, split almost evenly between wards seven and nine. In addition to the turbines, it would include a transformer substation, low-voltage electrical collector lines, access roads, a high-voltage line, as well as work areas.

Jakubo laid out the benefits of the project and referred to the mountainous lands as ideal. “This development wouldn’t hinder any of the recreational users, such as ATVers or snowmachiners,” he said. He admitted there would be disruptions to wildlife corridors and habitats during construction, but added studies have shown those disturbances are temporary. “By about six months following construction, all wildlife returns,” Jakubo added. “They’ve seen antler scratchings at the base of these turbines.”

Chris Dougherty sees things differently. The Thunder Bay-based resource and industrial engineer has long opposed wind farms and was actually involved in stopping a project near his Lake Superior base. His family has lived on the Garson-Coniston road for nearly a century and he does not want to see the Falconbridge farm established. Read article

4 thoughts on “Tensions form over Falconbridge wind turbines

  1. If they have elected Councilors who ‘..ardently support the project..’ I would suggest someone at least investigate any potential financial connection between those two supporters and host landowners or even the wind company itself over and above the ‘bribrancy’ fund.
    As for supporting the project because a councillor thinks the turbines are beautiful? I can only wonder what planet she is living on. She has obviously done absolutely no serious research into wind energy as is being imposed in Ontario and is a perfect example of the voters deserving just what they get! Have none of her constituents picked up a ‘phone and educated her a bit?
    This scam has been growing since 2009, how can any elected representative anywhere in Ontario still show unqualified support for such a scam?
    Andrew Watts

      • Thank you Andrew. I was just searching google to see if the Falconbridge wind farm project has been approved when I came across your comment. I attended that meeting and I was appalled by Councillor Lynn Reynolds comment about the ‘beautiful windmills’. My sister and I are landowners adjacent to the proposed project. Incidentally there was no invitation by the planning committee for comments from the attendees for this issue, but presentations were allowed for all of the other presentations for other planning matters.

  2. Right on Andrew! Just look at this The Roads to Wind Turbine Hell in the Algoma Region and see the destruction. Where are the FN people that opposed the development around North Bay?

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