Amherst Island wind project approved

Amherst Is3By Elliot Ferguson, Kingston Whig-Standard
STELLA – A controversial wind energy project for Amherst Island has received conditional approval from the Ontario government. The Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change announced Monday the project received a renewable energy approval with more than two dozen conditions.

Windlectric Inc.’s Amherst Island Wind Energy Project is to include up to 26 wind turbine generators and one substation transformer. The project has been ferociously opposed by many island residents, who argue the project is bad for their health, the environment and the heritage of the island.

The Association to Protect Amherst Island said the project proposal, which the government deemed complete in January 2014, is not finished and leaves too many unanswered questions.

“The Association to Protect Amherst Island deplores today’s decision by the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change to approve a Renewable Energy Application by Windlectric Inc. for the construction of turbines on Amherst Island, the jewel of Lake Ontario,” association member Michele Le Lay said in an email Monday evening. “The APAI team is ready to continue its commitment to preserve the cultural and natural heritage of the Island with a strong legal position and fact-based evidence.” Read article

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  1. “implement a post construction natural heritage monitoring program, which includes bird and bat monitoring and complete any remaining archaeological fieldwork.”
    Great. Two more green jobs. Two guys sitting in a truck on the side of a road, counting the birds and bats that fly over.
    What idiots they must believe we are.
    Then again, some of us must be. She was voted in again.

  2. We feel your pain.
    I live north of Grand Bend and what the LIBERAL Government has done building these monuments of stupidity is despicable.
    Why are they not popping up in the GTA area?

    • If you don’t live in Bill Mauro’s riding aren’t the cards stacked against all of us? That’s the only project that has been rejected I believe.

  3. Sorry for your situation – Some day people and the government will wake up and wonder where are all the birds/bats.

  4. Sorry only helps when we the living real eyes we been duped by the legal name fraud and only then things will turn around.
    Government will not wake up it is you me and others that need to wake up to there fraud.
    Nothing will happen we are the silver bullet not government’
    Ask your or any damed lawyer about the legal name fraud,go in there at meetings and ask that all these contracts signed by a legal name is fraud and have it removed. If a bunch of informed awakened living people demand that see what happens.
    Once fraud is revealed all contracts are null and void.
    Any of you in this forum that are lawyers or part of the BAR society speak up but I ask you to stand in honour in truth.
    I do know that BAR members are exempt to legally use the legal name but for the rest we are not

  5. It’s too bad Amherst Island has been hit, a real loss, but there must be 26 , or so, island residents who signed the leases for the island to put them on. Who signed those and what are the rest of the residents going to do about it?

    • Weren’t the Amherst Island options signed about the same time as the Wolfe Island options were signed?

      • Don’t know, but what difference would it make. Some one still signed land leases

      • In the end it doesn’t make any difference but would show just how long options can last. Maybe the options have changed hands more than once?

      • And a nice day to you “farmer”, what ever your name is. I didn’t know there was a fraudulent use of a name in here. A simple explanatrion would have done without the cheek. By the way, why not use your proper name like some of the rrest of us do. If you’re going to speak out have the courage to use your own name.

    • I think it started with 17 signers for the original 36 turbines, one of whom died. Now down to 27 turbines and maybe 14 signers. Plus an equal number of wannabees. Any way you cut it, a small minority of the total population of the Island who just happen to own most of the interior lots. Barb is correct, the AI leases were signed shortly after WI’s, certainly before the GEA. We’ve been fighting this thing for a long time.

      What are we going to do about it? There’s a fair amount of shunning going on, which I’m guessing will increase now. Not that they care. What else can we do?

      • Thanks for the explanation. I agree, you’re pretty well stuck. i wouldn’t want to be one of those who signed and have to live with the neighbours. I’ll bet you chances are good, most will move on and leave the towering results in your collective back yards.
        For what it’s worth, you certainly have my sympathies.

      • With the IWTs and solar panels this could end up destroying the Upper Canada history and heritage. This is a major tourist attraction for this area. People visit this region for that very reason.

        Once the public learns about the money interests involved in this situation as well as in other places in Ontario it might become a concern for them.

  6. aiding and abetting the living into committing fraud via any/all deceptions assumptions presumptions that the living are a legal name and all that entails etc. such as

    any/all actions which harm/interfere with/prevent the living as they go about their daily lives in their customary/chosen way of living whether by the ignorant (ignorance is no defence) or wilful trespasses upon and false applications to the living via any/all assumptions presumptions fear-tactics stressors demands threats kidnappings incarcerations rapes poisonings etc. et al which cause the living to suffer any form of mental emotional physical discomfort any deterioration of/total loss of peace health overall wellbeing creating atmospheres/situations inducing panic fear duress deprivation suffering actual bodily harm death of the flesh body, etc. et al,

    where the living have already removed the assumed and presumed association to the contract made by others after the birth (Birth Certificate) whereby it is illegal to act as a 3rd party interloper into any contract and where all association with the legal matrix control system is known in their hearts and minds to have been broken and the spiritual and all other literal fraudulent contracts are instantly made


    upon knowing, accepting, acting within this simple yet profound truth:


    which is a false idol/graven image construct at the root of the murder-death-kill worldwide legal matrix control system….

  7. International flavour – ‘its’

    Ontario’s [its] ‘international obligations’;
    biodiversity – if you buy it!

    ‘[excerpt] It is time that Ontario’s green energy policy is balanced with its international obligations to protect biodiversity and that decision makers demonstrate genuine respect for the wishes of the overwhelming majority of community members.’

    Pic a flavour;
    tax receipts – and property ownership
    You get it – don’t you?

    p.s. imagine Liberals/NDP @ the federal level of government;
    and all their – ‘international obligations’………..

    Election Year Canada
    October 19, 2015
    Vote Conservative!

    Definitely a brutal election.

    • Ontario – A Theme Park;
      emerging ‘megaregions’……….playground for the rich!

      ‘[excerpt] The foun­da­tions, struc­ture and ‘must haves’ of a Hunger Games soci­ety are detailed in a plan being imposed through the United Nations called Agenda 21, which encom­passes two related themes of ‘sus­tain­able devel­op­ment’ and ‘bio­di­ver­sity’. Sus­tain­able devel­op­ment – as in don’t use more than can be replaced – sounds sen­si­ble enough at first until you real­ize what this and bio­di­ver­sity really mean in the con­text of this conspiracy.’

      The power of the mayor – in Ontario;

      Election Year Canada
      October 19, 2015
      Vote Conservative!

      I really love Canada!

    • Erie TV News, Aug.26, 2015, Erie, PA

      ‘Erie Leads The Way In Offshore Wind Turbine Project’

      “Erie county decided to participate with LEEDCo in the project in April.”

      Every community along the north shore of Lake Erie should be made aware of these developments. Target date for completion of this project is said to be 2018.

      And the Nanticoke underwater HVDC cable is to run from Nanticoke, ON to Erie County, PA.

    • Sandusky Register, Dec.21, 2010

      ‘Army to search for explosives along Lake Erie shoreline’

      Area west of Sandusky, OH near Port Clinton.

      There is a link in the comments section to a Toledo Blade article on this.


      Also Google: “Munitions.-Google News” article from the Toledo Blade,Nov.22, 2002.

      “In northwest Ohio, an uncounted number of shells, not all of them exploded – litter the bottom of Lake Erie, the result of Camp Perry target practice from World War ll.”

      Also other internet information on this issue.

      Toledo Blade , Aug 9, 2006

      “US funds to Clear Amo from Lake Erie”, but no direct link as this is an old news story.

      But the Canadian side of Lake Erie in this region is clear of amo as far as I know?

      • In addition, U.S. Navy planes used the western end of Lake Erie as a practice area.

        Google: Grosse Isle Naval Air Station for information.

        British pilots also trained at Grosse Isle which base was located in the Detroit River near the mouth of Lake Erie.

      • NASGI/ Naval Air Station Grosse Ile, Michigan

        Here are the names and dates of the British Pilots killed at NASGI during WW 2 and buried near-by.

        Canadian Pilots also trained there and there is a link to the partial lists of British and Canadian pilots who trained at NASGI.

        Lest we forget!

      • Seems that unexploded WW2 ordinance might have to be cleaned out of the western end of Lake Erie so that IWTs can be installed there? Shells and bombs? The duds that didn’t explode back then.

      • An internet search revealed that about 1% and maybe even 2% of U.S. WW2 made shells and bombs did not explode on impact and are called “duds”. But no one knows for sure how many didn’t explode on impact.

        When dealing with thousands of rounds fired in the western end of Lake Erie during WW2, this could be quite a few “duds”.

    • What’s in it for Ontario citizens?
      Then – and now!

      May 1982

      Final Environmental Impact Statement
      300-KV International Submarine Transmission Line-Erie,
      Pennsylvania to Nanticoke, Ontario, Canada General Public Utilities Corporation

      U.S. Department of Energy
      pdf. 186 pages


      Sep. 12, 2013
      Underwater power line to cross Lake Erie
      ‘[excerpt] Canadian entrepreneur John Douglas, known for proposing huge and innovative power projects, is now planning a $1-billion underwater transmission line to take electricity from Ontario to the U.S. northeast.

      The cable, to run across Lake Erie, would carry surplus electricity from Ontario to Pennsylvania and on to 13 U.S. states and the District of Columbia, where there is increasing demand for power, particularly from “clean” sources.

      The project, called the Lake Erie CleanPower Connector, would deliver Canadian-generated electricity to the grid that supplies power to 60 million Americans. This would involve laying two six-inch high-voltage direct current cables from Nanticoke, Ont., to Erie county, about 100 kilometres across Lake Erie.

      Mr. Douglas acknowledges that the project, organized by his Lake Erie Power Corp., is in its early stages and still requires many levels of regulatory approval, but he hopes to have construction begin in 2015, and the project complete by 2017. It would be entirely financed by the private sector, and the company would make money by charging a fee to have the power transmitted across the Lake.’

      • Update: Power-line to cross Lake Erie
        May 31, 2015

        ‘[excerpt] A bold plan to build a billion-dollar underwater electrical transmission line across Lake Erie has reached a crucial milestone with filings to key regulators in Canada and the United States.’

        ‘[excerpt] Mr. Douglas, who made a fortune selling his wind farm developer Ventus Energy Inc. to French energy giant Suez SA in 2007, is still working for the Lake Erie project as a consultant. He is also developing other long-range transmission ventures, including an underwater line down the Hudson River from Montreal to New York, and another that would connect Peru to Chile.

        Mr. Douglas said that when he was looking for a “project sponsor” for the Lake Erie project, ITC was a better fit than financial investors because of its “deep transmission expertise, understanding and experience.”

        ‘[excerpt] In late May, the project’s owner, U.S.-based transmission company ITC Holdings Corp. filed a permit application with Canada’s National Energy Board.

        In the next few days, it will do the same with the U.S. Department of Energy, which would also have to give permission for the project to go ahead.

        Several other regulators on both sides of the border must also give the nod before construction can start.

        The project, called the Lake Erie Connector, would deliver Canadian-generated electricity to the grid that supplies power to 60 million Americans in a dozen states in the U.S. Northeast.’

      • And all the while – Putin basting his ‘Turkey’

      • Secret transparency – but not scandalous!

        Stop the Hydro Fire Sale
        The Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario believes that the fire sale of Hydro One is wrong. This secret deal shows that Kathleen Wynne and the Liberal Party are desperate for money and are not looking out for your interests.

        The sale has three major problems:

        1. Secret Process
        The decision to sell was made without public input and the sale will be done in complete secrecy. The Liberals are selling Ontario’s largest utility behind closed doors.

        2. Loss of Majority Ownership
        If we lose majority ownership of Hydro One, ratepayers will be forced to accept whatever changes the new owners decide, such as higher rates.

        3. Loss of Independent Consumer Protection
        We will never again have independent investigations of consumer complaints, such as the Ombudsman’s damning report on failed billing.

        You would never let your real estate agent sell your home without knowing the price, the number of offers, or what the conditions are. Why are we letting the Liberals do the same with Hydro One?

        Join us in opposing this majority sale by pledging your support today!

      • Liberals destroy Ontario’s economy –
        – now want to save Canada;
        ………ready or not!
        I actually want to see Justin Trudeau – ride a horse – bareback
        – shirtless – and his hair blowing in the wind;
        [4 speed fan – who would know];
        ………just make it blow!

        And wouldn’t it be exciting –
        Trudeau – shirtless with – a tiger?

        Finally – love Putin’s white T-shirt!
        – wonder if it comes in Trudeau’s size?

        Oh well – we’ll have to settle – for what we get;
        nothing serious!

        Sit back – relax – and enjoy the show!
        Trudeau’s new escalator-themed ad raises eyebrows online

        ‘I am ready’: Trudeau responds to Tories in new ad
        Election Year Canada
        October 19, 2015
        Vote Conservative!

        Liberal/NDP – Ugh!

      • New developments!
        – but not with NextEra’s
        ‘One Hundred Year’ lawsuit;
        and the enjoyment – of the – quality of life.

        Illinois city agrees to pay $125G to settle lawsuit over parody Twitter account

        ‘[excerpt] An Illinois city agreed Wednesday to pay $125,000 to settle a lawsuit filed by a man whose home was raided by police over a Twitter account he created depicting the city’s mayor as a fan of drugs and alcohol.

        The deal calls for the city of Peoria to send its police department a directive emphasizing that parody doesn’t fall under an Illinois statute of regulating false personation of a public official, which was used to obtain warrants to arrest Jon Daniel. The deal does not include an admission of wrongdoing by the city.

        The City Council still needs to approve the deal, but an attorney for the city told the Associated Press the settlement made financial sense.

        Daniel’s attorneys called the deal “a civics lesson” for governments around Illinois that parody isn’t a cause for a police investigation.’

        You can talk about it!

  8. What is a NIMBY?

    ‘[excerpt] “We agree we need more renewable energy projects, but just not in THIS location,” Nature Canada’s Ted Cheskey…..’

    • NIMBY = Not In My Back Yard.
      Do we agree we need mroe renewable energy projects? I think not.

  9. With an approval process that must approach 95%, the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (note Orwellian title), must be one of the most redundant Ont ministries. It would save a lot of time and money simply to skip the hearing process; this regime has a set mind on industrial wind plants, which nothing can change.


    Demand this agreement in writing. We all must do this.
    In Huron County victims are being dismissed/invalidated and the money that municipalities will receive from the wind companies will no doubt go to Municipal leaders pet projects rather than to the victims to help them find new homes and deal with the expenses they’re incurring.
    This is absolutely wrong!

  11. Algonquin Power & Utilities, Oakville, ON, founded 1996

    Board includes:
    Masheed Saidi, Niagara Mohawk Power Corp., V.Pres.

    Also serves as Executive Consultant, Energy Initiatives Group, LLC, Sutton, MA

    Niagara Mohawk Corp. owns a 230 kV power tie to Ontario at Devil’s Hole, New York with PP/Presidential Permit 190


    EIG/Energy Inititavies Group, LLC

    Masheed Saidi, CV at:

    Executive Consultant

    Connect the dots.

  12. Hon. David Robert Peterson, P.C., Q.C., O. Ont., C. St. J., L. d’H, is a Senior Partner and Chairman of Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP. Hon. Peterson serves as an Adjunct Professor at York University. He became the Leader of the Ontario Liberal party in 1982. Hon. Peterson served as Premier of Ontario from 1985 to 1990. Prior to serving in the Ontario legislature, he served as the President and Chief Executive Officer at C.M. Peterson. Hon. Peterson served as Vice President of Enterprise Products Group at BroadLogic Network Technologies Inc. He serves as Chairman of the Board of Transmission Developers Inc and Cassels, Pouliot & Noriega. Hon. Peterson has been the Chairman of Riverbank Power Corporation, since April 28, 2008 and also serves as its Director. He serves as a Director of Jones Brown Inc. Hon. Peterson has been an Independent Director of Rogers Communications Inc., since April 1991. He serves as a Director of Ventus Energy Inc. and Direct Energy Marketing. He is a Member of the Board of Directors of Ivanhoé Cambridge. He serves as a Trustee of Direct Energy Income Fund. Hon. Peterson serves as a Member of Advisory Board of Difference Capital Financial Inc., since June 13, 2013. Hon. Peterson serves as a Director of Rogers AT&T Wireless, National Life Assurance Co., Rogers Media Inc. BNP Paribas (Canada),….

    • “Honouring David Peterson”
      2015 Global Citizens Dinner
      United Nations Association in Canada

      UNA-Canada is pleased to announce its 2015 Global Citizen laureate. The Honourable David Peterson, Chair of Cassels Brock, Chair of the Board of the Pan and Parapan American Games and former Premier of Ontario, is being recognized for his contributions, commitment and achievements as an outstanding global citizen and as a political and corporate leader committed to creating opportunities for the next generation to achieve their full potential..

      This special evening will recognize David Peterson for his dedication to public service and giving back through his active involvement with a number of charitable, educational and environmental organizations, and through governance leadership, is a model of global citizenship. Through his international and national work, he has been actively engaged with issues such as environmental protection, health care, governance and francophone rights.

      We hope that you will join us for an unforgettable evening in celebrating The Honourable David Peterson, along with other global citizens, leaders, friends, and colleagues.

    • In his legal practice he provides international advice to a wide range of clients about public policy issues and government affairs in Canada.

      In 1999, Peterson found himself at the centre of controversy due to his membership on the board of YBM Magnex, a firm which was discovered to have links to the Russian mafia. Peterson maintained that he was unaware of illegal activities at the company, and referred to the accusations against him as “guilt by association”. A subsequent investigation by the Ontario Securities Commission found that Peterson’s actions met “the legal test of due diligence”, but expressed disappointment that he had not shown more leadership on the board.[34] A 2004 report from the Globe and Mail newspaper noted that Peterson was chastened by this experience, and had become “a cautious and more conscientious director” since that time.

      Department of Justice
      Office of Public Affairs

      Monday, June 30, 2014

      “BNP Paribas Agrees to Plead Guilty and to Pay $8.9 Billion for Illegally Processing Financial Transactions for Countries Subject to U.S. Economic Sanctions”

      According to court documents submitted today, BNP Paribas S.A. (BNPP), a global financial institution headquartered in Paris, agreed to enter a guilty plea to conspiring to violate the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA) and the Trading with the Enemy Act (TWEA) by processing billions of dollars of transactions through the U.S. financial system on behalf of Sudanese, Iranian, and Cuban entities subject to U.S. economic sanctions. The agreement by the French bank to plead guilty is the first time a global bank has agreed to plead guilty to large-scale, systematic violations of U.S. economic sanctions. […]

      “BNP Paribas went to elaborate lengths to conceal prohibited transactions, cover its tracks, and deceive U.S. authorities.” […] Attorney General Holder said. “Sanctions are a key tool in protecting U.S. national security interests, but they only work if they are strictly enforced. If sanctions are to have teeth, violations must be punished. […]

      “BNP ignored US sanctions laws and concealed its tracks. And when contacted by law enforcement it chose not to fully cooperate,” Deputy Attorney General Cole said. “This failure to cooperate had a real effect — it significantly impacted the government’s ability to bring charges against responsible individuals, sanctioned entities and satellite banks. This failure together with BNP’s prolonged misconduct mandated the criminal plea and the nearly $9 billion penalty that we are announcing today.”

      “By providing dollar clearing services to individuals and entities associated with Sudan, Iran, and Cuba – in clear violation of U.S. law – BNPP helped them gain illegal access to the U.S. financial system,” said Assistant Attorney General Caldwell. “In doing so, BNPP deliberately disregarded U.S. law of which it was well aware, and placed its financial network at the services of rogue nations, all to improve its bottom line. Remarkably, BNPP continued to engage in this criminal conduct even after being told by its own lawyers that what it was doing was illegal.”’

      […] said IRS-CI Chief Weber. “BNP Paribas will forfeit the historic figure of almost $8.9 Billion representing the proceeds of criminal activity. BNPP had many opportunities to take corrective action and abide by the law, and yet, despite warnings from American regulators and other banks, consciously chose to ignore those warnings and commit literally thousands of flagrant violations. IRS-CI, and our domestic and international law enforcement partners, will continue to pursue these cases and follow the money trail – wherever it may lead.” […]

      “The most important values in the international community – respect for human rights, peaceful coexistence, and a world free of terror – significantly depend upon the effectiveness of international sanctions,” said District Attorney Vance.

  13. Excerpt from Land titles records for Mike Crawley & Co’s industrial wind energy projects in Norfolk County, Ontario, Canada:

    NK14467 2008/06/26 CHARGE PARTNERSHIP $500,000,000

    NK15603 2008/07/30 DISCHARGE INTEREST
    REMARKS: NK7614

    NK42121 2011/04/08 APL CH NAME INST
    REMARKS: NK14467

    NK42122 2011/04/08 TRANSFER OF CHARGE
    REMARKS: NK14467 & NR610590 NK14467

  14. Deborah Drake Matthews (born c. 1953) is a politician in Ontario, Canada. She is a Liberal member of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario who was elected in 2003. She represents the riding of London North Centre. She has served as a cabinet minister in the government of Dalton McGuinty and is a cabinet minister and Deputy Premier of Ontario in the new government of Kathleen Wynne. […]

    Matthews was born in London, Ontario. She is the third of nine children born to Donald Jeune Matthews, former president of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada. Her mother is Joyce Eleanor Matthews, and her sister is Shelley Peterson, the wife of former Ontario Premier David Peterson. […]

    On October 7, 2009, Matthews was named Minister of Health and Long-Term Care to replace David Caplan.

    In the 2011 election, Matthews defeated Progressive Conservative Nancy Branscombe by over 6,000 votes.[6] She was reappointed as Minister of Health and Long-Term Care on October 20, 2011.[7]

    In 2012, Matthews came under pressure because of revelations at Ornge, Ontario’s air ambulance service. Members of the opposition Progressive Conservative and New Democratic parties called for her to resign. In response to the revelations at Ornge, Matthews announced an OPP investigation.[8][9]

    During the Liberal Party leadership race in 2013, she was an early supporter of Kathleen Wynne’s candidacy to lead the party.

    Following the 2014 election, Matthews was shuffled from Health to a revamped role as President of the Treasury Board

    • “Group plans to ‘dupe’ public….
      Toronto Star
      November 9, 2010

      TORONTO—A special interest group is planning to launch a campaign to “dupe” the public about the true cost of the government’s push for green energy, Ontario Opposition Leader Tim Hudak charged Tuesday.

      A confidential document obtained by the Tories advises a group of unnamed green energy developers on how to promote the governing Liberals’ policy and expedite lucrative government contracts for renewable energy.

      The Oct. 18 document, drafted by consulting firm Sussex Strategy Group., lays out a plan — complete with a $300,000 initial budget — to change the channel on the current green energy debate, which is largely focused on cost.

      Sussex notes that green energy is likely to be a “wedge issue” in the upcoming election, with the Conservatives supporting a move away from renewable energy.

      It also advises that it will be “critical to ‘confuse’ the issue” of renewable energy, for the public and media, in an attempt to shift the focus away from price to include things like jobs and clean air.

      The document provides details for a media campaign to “talk past ‘noisy activists’ ” and target areas where there’s opposition to renewable energy projects, which includes spending $150,000 on ads. […]

      Sussex confirmed it pitched the proposal to a “broad group” — not just its clients — that included people involved in health and the environment to expand the debate about green energy. But it wouldn’t name names.

      Advising that group to “confuse” the green energy issue was a mistake, said Sussex spokesman Brett James.

      “I think it was a poor choice of words, because the effort is actually to provide clarity to the debate that right now is only about price, and to make sure that the benefits of clean energy are reflected in the debate as well,” he said.

      Key dates for government approvals of its yet-to-be released energy plan that were contained in the document were “pure speculation,” James added.

      • cont…….cute ending!
        Toronto Star
        November 9, 2010

        ‘[excerpt] Energy Minister Brad Duguid flatly dismissed Opposition suggestions that Sussex may have had an inside track on the government’s energy plan.

        The government had nothing to do with the proposal and wasn’t even aware that it existed until the Tories distributed it to reporters, he said.

        “But I think it’s important for Ontarians to know what’s at stake here,” Duguid added.

        “I’m not surprised that you would have those that are involved in building the green energy hub that we’re building here in Ontario concerned about where Tim Hudak wants to take it.”

        Sussex, which has offices in Toronto and Ottawa, has seven active lobbyists on the Ontario registry. Its client list includes the Electricity Distributors Association of Ontario and several renewable energy companies, such as FarmTech Energy, Recurrent Energy and Interwind Corp.’

        Election Year Canada!
        October 19, 2015
        Vote Conservative!

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