Ministry expert admits he advised not to allow initial ‘kill, harm and harass’ permit for Ostrander Point Wind Project

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Admission by an MNR senior manager that his initial advice was not to allow a permit to “kill, harm and harass” the Whip-poor-will and Blanding’s turtle at Ostrander Point halted the third day of Environmental Review Tribunal proceedings Friday in Demorestville.

Witness Joe Crowley, a species at risk expert herpetologist with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, was on the stand Friday to provide a statement and answer questions about the effectiveness of various mitigation measures proposed by industrial wind turbine developer Gilead Power to protect the endangered species Blanding’s turtle.

Cheryl Anderson, of the Prince Edward County Field Naturalists, said this unexpected turn came at the end of the day when Crowley was asked about his role in the granting of the Endangered Species Act permit for the project on the south shore of Prince Edward County.

“Mr. Crowley stated his advice at the time was not to allow the permit because the project roads would prove a risk to the site’s indigenous Blanding’s Turtles,” said Anderson. Read article

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5 thoughts on “Ministry expert admits he advised not to allow initial ‘kill, harm and harass’ permit for Ostrander Point Wind Project

  1. Universal law is do no harm!
    Yet public servants have disregarded this law against creators sons and daughters to be harmed.
    Although we appointed and voted our souls away to these addicted power hungry public servants that are controlled by unseen demonic group of people which are Zionist Black clothed jews.
    We are human animals to them,allowed to be slaves for them
    They control just about every countries leadership.
    Yes turtles are important and we are the stewards to these creatures that our creator has created.
    But it is time to keep our power and not to give these people power in our own affairs.
    Stop voting!
    You are giving power to the unwanted behind the curtain creeps
    Plus your legal name is not yours to use. Copyright infringements. Parents gave it away without full disclosure.

    • In all due respect ‘real eyes’, if we don’t vote, how do you suggest we take back control & fix this mess we’re in? Armed conflict? War? An armed, violent & bloody coup? Or play their game until we win power their way, by voting? If you have a plan that will work, please share it with us, so we can get on with it, before there are no plants, animals & people to save.

      • This issue seems to me to be beyond partisan politics.
        It’s too bad that political leaders get to make such hugely important decisions.
        Are any of them really capable?

  2. Nothing seems to mattet anymore .. we are being pitted against each other through manipulation , mainstrem media , and greed !
    We Are Living In Dangerous Times.

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