Trying to live with wind turbines: Co. Wexford, Ireland

13 thoughts on “Trying to live with wind turbines: Co. Wexford, Ireland

  1. How much more truthful could these people possibly be? I fully appreciate how calmly and clearly these people have explained precisely what they’re experiencing.
    Their environment has been ruined…ruined in order to supposedly ‘save the planet.’
    This is precisely what has happened to real people in Huron County in Ontario, Canada.
    Having reported the distress to all who are responsible for placement of these turbines, especially the Ministry of the Environment policy makers who did not do thorough health studies…to no avail…. the distress levels in fact intensify. Our environment has changed because of these unnatural sounds to such an extent that it no longer feels as though we are living on the earth. It is utterly disorienting.
    If this is not a human rights violation, then what is it?

  2. Just look up Trocaire Ireland which has connections to the RC Church. This website should enlighten viewers on IWTs and climate change issues in Ireland that this organization is involved in there.

    This is/Co.Wexford in the Republic of Ireland and not Northern Ireland/NI.

    • Trocaire Ireland, Co. Kildare, Est.1973

      View: Climate Justice Section

      Also can Google: Trocaire + Mary Robinson and/or Bill McKibben, 350Org. Mary Robinson was at Vatican meeting in July 2015 which also included Naomi Klein.

      Bill McKibben was at a Trocaire Ireland conference in late June 2015 and then in Toronto in early July 2015.

      • On the Trocaire website it states:

        “Climate change is the biggest threat facing humanity today.”

        I swear to God.

      • Sometimes knowing something makes us uncomfortable and some go into denial mode.

      • The National Journal, Sept.15, 2015

        “A coalition of House Republicans is going to make waves by calling for action to fight climate change on the eve of Pope Francis’s visit to Capitol Hill.”

        The activities leading up to COP 21 are going to begin next week in New York and Washington. It’s a good bet that a lot of this will spill over into Canada at least as news coverage.

      • It’s called ‘cognitive dissonance’ when information shatters one’s long held world view. The new information, even if it’s the truth, feels like a threat. It demands a reorganization of thought and action going forward. This is not easy to do when a person has invested their heart and soul in a paradigm that has been based on false information.
        I’ve been following the discussion about people like Bill McKibben and Naomi Klein on wattsupwiththat. Both are intelligent people, so it is confounding that they refuse to get with reality.

  3. Mary Robinson is on the Board of the European Climate Foundation. Then the European Climate Foundation is linked to the Trudeau Foundation, Canada, through its Board Chairman.

    • The Chair. of the Trudeau Foundation, John McCall MacBain, is also the ex- brother-in-law of Helene Desmarias.

      • Yale University

        Environmental Performance Index 2014
        Ranks countries with Canada No.24

        Support includes:
        McCall MacBain Foundation, Geneva, Switzerland
        Samuel Family Foundation. Ontario, which also partners with the Clinton Global Initiative/CGI

        This webpage has links to follow for more information.

    • Trocaire

      ‘Meting the Challenge of Climate Justice: From Evidence to Action’, June 22-23,2015 Maynooth University, Co.Kildare, Ireland

      Website has the Conference Program @

      Short biography of Mary Robinson includes: Received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from Pres. Obama.

      Bill McKibben also included.

      • Trocaire,

        June 2015, Conference at above website:

        Scroll down to Blogs:

        Dr. Lorna, Gold’s Blog
        People Planet First – hosted by CIDSE and Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, Rome, 2-3 July 2015

        Both Lorna Gold and Naomi Kline participated in this Rome event.

        Appears to be quite a bit of funding for Trocaire from the Irish government.

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