Niagara region wind turbine tower plan shuts down

Chinese wind tower manufacturer TSP Canada Towers has closed its doors in Ontario. TSP invested C$25m in a 450,000-square-foot facility in Thorold in the Niagara Region, which opened in June 2012. The plant employed about 120 people, Thorold chief administrative officer Frank Fabiano told reNEWS. “It’s a tremendous loss for the community,” he said.

The company was a joint venture between Shanghai Taisheng Wind Power Equipment and British Columbia-based Top Renergy however the partnership dissolved about six months ago, said Fabiano. The most recent production run ended at the turn of the year and the staff have now been let go.

TSP has established its own team to look at options for restructuring the business. It is not known if the factory will reopen. Read article

11 thoughts on “Niagara region wind turbine tower plan shuts down

  1. How much did they get in subsidies, grants and tax breaks before they took the money then ran, after only being in business for less than 3 years?

  2. Maybe the cost of manufacturing in Ontario got so high the company had to close down?

    Initial investment was said to be $25 million to start up.

  3. As obvious as it is to those, sadly, very few of us, who know exactly why this occurred & who’s 100% responsible, the lying Lib/Left will successfully for the most part, blame this on Harper, like the fools in Windsor, who protested against Harper at a recent rally, alleging that Harper is responsible for the auto industry jobs, leaving Ontario in droves, because they can no longer feasibly produce vehicles & such in Ontario, c/w the highest energy rates in North America.
    It’s totally nonsensical for unions to support anyone but Harper, if it’s more & better jobs they truly care about, because he’s the only option to grow our economy, as he’s well proven now.
    People with a brain (that’s us of course) need to be loud & aggressive, in speaking out about the obvious, dire consequences of not re-electing the Harper Conservatives. They’re our last & only hope for Canada’s (& our childrens’) future prosperity. Don’t sit back thinking others will do it, stand strong & speak out now! Please everyone, this is way too important an election to lose to our & Canadas’ #1enemies, the lying looney Lib/Left.

    • Now look what’s happened at V W in Germany. Greenpeace has been after this company in Germany for quite sometime to force fuel economy on vehicles.
      Now it’s time to pay the piper over environmental issues. If and when people lose their jobs over environmental issues, there will be action taken.

      • POLITICO, Sept.24, 2015

        ‘Merkel’s car nightmare’

        “For years, Merkel, like her predecessors, has pushed to protect Germany’s car industry from regulation. Since Germany’s car makers specialize in heavy limousines, that has meant trying to prevent onerous limits on emissions.”

        There is much more information about this situation on the internet.

        While the U.S. failed to protect its auto industry with resultant job losses, Germany protected its auto industry even if questionable means were used.

        So many people fail to understand the relationships of one activity to other activities.

  4. Never fear, that ‘champion’ of wind energy Rankin has picked up the slack! His corporate welfare funded ‘private’ company is already building concrete sections for the 74 Industrial Wind Machine towers being inflicted on Haldiman, West Lincoln and Wainfleet.
    When Harper was dumb enough to waste our tax dollars on the Stimulation Package after the recession Rankin was more than happy to collect his share and had no problem in stating publicly that he had no intention of paying for any new jobs with his share. I would guess if this present build has required any additional workers they will be minimal if any at all.
    Whatever the reason behind this Chinese owned factory being closed you can bet the owners will walk away with a tidy profit provided by the Ontario tax payer. The only ones to suffer will be the 200(?)workers now without a job.
    Anyone think that Rankin is going to employ them….???
    This and the two stories above are indicative of the corruption throughout this entire Green Energy Act scam introduced by the most corrupt provincial government Ontario has seen and supported by a growing army of corporate welfare ‘scammers’ who have no interest in Ontario or Ontarians.
    Andrew Watts

    • The jobs were supposed to be created manufacturing renewable energy components. This did not happen due to the WTO and the fact that components can be made elsewhere at lower manufacturing costs.

      This leaves only the routine maintenance jobs which are few in number. Something like 1 job /10 IWTs installed.

      People just can’t put information together or don’t want to.

    • The Green Energy Act in Ontario is the biggest scam going on in the world and all households in Ontario are paying for it. Like I said the moment I learned the liberals had a Majority, By the time the next election in Ontario rolls around, you will not be able to live in this province unless you make over 300,000 dollars a year. So it is best if you get your ass off the couch and pack up and get the hell out of Ontario while you still can afford to.

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