The Day Ontario Died

So true. Every word. Enough to break some of us down.
Full set of Lyrics here on Quixotes Last Stand.

10 thoughts on “The Day Ontario Died

  1. Kathleen Wynne is a real Trudeau supporter/proponent. Trudeau says “vote for change”. We’ve seen McGuinty/Wynne’s idea of changes.Trudeau never says what all his ideas for change would be, except change away from Harperism. Scary, isn’t it! With the same Lieberal backroom agenda for Prov. and Fed. branches, a Wynne-Trudeau duo would accelerate our descent to poverty if you’re not in the “elete” class.

    The song words are so true, and thanks to the artist for vocalism them in song. Well done!

  2. Take a look at this straight forward presentation at a Senate hearing in the U.S in 2013 and you’ll realize the full extent of the racketeering that Ontario has been involved in, with this wind fiasco.

    No wonder the issue of a RICO lawsuit is being seriously considered against the people behind the AGW/climate change alarmism that led people in this province to believe that we simply had to accept industrial wind turbines without cost/benefit analysis or health studies.

    • The RICO legal action would be taken against those who “deny”/question climate change/global warming.

      • Barbara, read the article and comments in wattsupwiththat.

        The action against ‘deniers’ would back fire. There is far too much evidence.

        Initiating a RICO lawsuit against the scientists behind the IPCC computer modelled data that has been proven wrong and all who used catastrophic predictions to initiate green business ventures is being discussed.

      • More than just RICO threats going on against those who ask questions about climate science.

        This kind of thing is happening in other countries as well.

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