Fixing a bad law: Green Energy Act

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The Green Energy Act (GEA) is the target of a proposed judicial review to be launched this fall. CCSAGE Naturally Green, a not-for-profit public interest corporation led by its directors Anne Dumbrille, Alison Walker and Garth Manning, believe the GEA is a fundamentally flawed piece of legislation. They argue the GEA tramples rights and freedoms, punishes rural Ontarians, contravenes statutes and conventions the province is bound to uphold, and, at its core, is fundamentally unjust.

One example: Currently, wind developer wpd Canada is appealing a decision, made under the provisions of the GEA, permitting it to build 27 of 29 industrial wind turbines it proposes in South Marysburgh. In making this appeal, the developer is allowed to make a wide range of arguments and present evidence in its favour. It will certainly argue that the decision will impair its ability to make money from the project. It may argue that the heritage value of the nearby properties has been overstated. It is likely to argue many things. Because it can.

Meanwhile, opponents of the project are permitted only to object on the basis that the project will cause serious harm to humans or serious and irreversible harm to plant life, animal life or the natural environment.

The developer is granted unlimited scope to argue in favour of its profit, while residents are restricted to just two near-impossible tests. The province designed the GEA this way.

Alan Whiteley, a lawyer acting for CCSAGE, considers the GEA a fundamental assault on the rights, freedoms and statutes that have been constructed to protect citizens and the environment from this kind of overreach by government. It is something, he argues, we must all resist. Read article

10 thoughts on “Fixing a bad law: Green Energy Act

  1. This is such good news!

    When I think about the conversation that is currently happening regarding a RICO lawsuit against all who have been key players in the man made global warming/climate change alarmism based on the computer modelled data used by the IPCC that has been proven wrong by scientists who are being attacked for asking crucially important questions:

    -and I reflect on Senator Bob Runciman’s call for a through reexamination of the Green Energy Act, I am encouraged.
    We also have 3 MPs and a persistent body of courageous Municipal leaders pushing for enforcement of the REDA.
    We will get to the bottom of this violation of human rights in rural Ontario!

  2. #NAMEGATE : The Universal Political Scandal.

    The result of which is that all previously perceived authority is now NULL & VOID.


    Each VOTER Registration is FRAUDULENT as the Legal Name/I.D. is used in order to register to vote. Therefore, as it is true that any/all use of a Legal Name is FRAUD, which is ILLEGAL, it follows that ALL registered voters’ papers are FRAUDULENT! Which means ALL their VOTES were/will be FRAUDULENT too!
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    There is NO legitimate government, president, prime minister, politician, mayor, etc. All public offices which heretofore claimed a position of ‘authority’ are no longer able to make such claims. There is NO legitimate authority anywhere. The Legal Name Fraud Scandal, what is known as #Namegate, is PROOF positive the whole construct of the control system/government, political influence and decision-making is now at an end. NULL & VOID!
    Read ‘Babylon Is Fallen’ for more on the legal name fraud trap and how the control system was set-up to enslave and

  3. Finally! Some young and educated lawyers will tackle this tyranny that has totally gutted all we know about our rights and freedoms. Under our Charter “we have the right to peaceable enjoyment of our home” The Green Energy and Economy Act stripped us of that right. The families in Rural Ontario have become “expendable” !

    Our voices to small to be heard by the Province of Toronto ! .

    I say …Secede !

    I see it written in stone: Before the next election in 2018, these Liberal thugs will be forced to step down in a non confidence vote by the people.

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