What I needed to say to the Anti-SLAPP Bill committee

Bill 52 was finally sent to committee last week and today was the first day of the hearing. I called in my appeal to reinstate the retroactive clause that the Liberals removed last December. The Liberals seem to be the only ones saying ‘no’ to this. Here’s what I said, (or what I wanted to say, I had to quickly cut a paragraph or two out to make it 5 minutes on the mark – I hate those hammers that tell you to stop speaking!)

As well, here’s a new video by another group that explains anti-SLAPP in Ontario quite well.

If you’d like to comment on the Bill you can still file a written statement – deadline  6 p.m. on October 1, 2015.

8 thoughts on “What I needed to say to the Anti-SLAPP Bill committee

  1. K.I.S.S
    u don’t go to there church (court) If it has the legal name on the letter or summons it is not you.
    once you do go you admitted to fraud claiming to be that legal fiction name and your in there mouse trap.
    No need for a liar9oops lawyer) and pay any ridiculous money to all these rats that want you to play there legal game entrapment.
    To all of you that think this is all lies well stay in your fraudulent legal fiction and get your punishment by these criminals that deceives you and never want to give you full disclosure.
    The more you give them the more you steal from your children living in this misery that you are allowing.
    So stop it and stop this madness,stop fighting with these pricks that are stealing your life creation and your children and communities. Wake t f u

    • With all due respect.
      You rant .. And not sure what this fraudulent legal name stuff is about .
      We all are born with a birth certificate .. So u are saying this is not legal.
      What the heck has got to do with what Wind Reistance is trying to educate ,inform , .
      Please let me understand ?

      • Just let him vent his anger as he has already suffered a great loss in this IWT fiasco.

  2. Thanks again Esther for your brave stand!

    If and when this should ever come to court, this case must be tried before a jury and not just a judge. Citizens do have the right to jury trials and juries are free to make decisions that judges can’t make.

      • Even if a lawyer thinks he/she has an air-tight case, a jury still decides the issue. Juries can consider both the facts and the law and the circumstances.

  3. Question: Can you request documents from the Wind company, Esther?
    The process is called “discovery”, but I don’t know how it works (time line, who has to pay, etc).

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