Wind turbine noise

8 thoughts on “Wind turbine noise

  1. totally unacceptable!
    your government you gave consent to rule over you is allowing this
    Are you looking for help from them?
    Are you willing to terminate there consent to rule over you?
    Then stop voting to give your consent to have them take your freedom
    These are retards that only please the money makers
    They do not serve you so stop it for me you,your family,your communities.
    You are doing harm by allowing yourself to be ruled by idiots
    They have not given full disclosure to all things legal,its all fiction land.
    Relearn and rearm-yourselves with truth! You are aiding and embedding in fraud by claiming joiner to the legal name and that it what is causing all the harm
    You cannot blame anyone but yourself for this mess.
    Have a nice day!!1

  2. Thanks to whoever made this video. This morning the Siemens turbines from K2 Wind in Huron County are blaring and after 6 months of appealing to the MOECC to come and measure these sounds when they occur, there has been no relief from this situation.
    Residents who knew the value of ‘deep silence’ now dread certain atmospheric conditions. Farmers who are in the middle of their peak harvest are being kept awake at night because of the noisy turbines and yet these turbines are deemed ‘in compliance’.
    Requests to have the turbines turned off during certain atmospheric conditions has been refused.
    The Farm Safety Board has also refused to take action on behalf of farmers because their funding comes from the province.
    This is absolutely wrong!

  3. Until the IWT main environmental impact is publicly recognized as ‘barometric pollution’, the selective facts and blatant misrepresentations of the industry and its supporters will continue to rule the day.

    As long as a natural and healthy barometric environment is not recognized and protected, the industry and its supporting politicians will be able to negatively impact it for their monetary and political gain.

    As with so many issues, only education can defeat ignorance!

  4. Barry, this is a very interesting comment. Would you please say more about it?

    It has been clearly noticed that certain atmospheric conditions cause horrible sounds to be emitted from turbines. As of yet we don’t know what the infrasound radiation levels are under these circumstances.
    Prior to the turbines operating, one could identify physiological and even psychological effects of barometric pressure rising and falling. With the turbines operating, these barometric pressure changes can cause much more dramatic and deleterious effects than those caused by simple barometric fluctuations.

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